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  1. are you sure this picture is of Harold? this picture looks more like an older picture of Houston Person..
  2. curious as to when HH appeared with Steve. it is rumored that Steve wrote more tunes than anyone else on earth!!!
  3. talk about some fabulous genes which have played in all kinds of ways. I love these two women, madly. and am very fond of Papa Mariano who I have missed for too many years, especially since he was in Europe so much of the time.
  4. they were often appearing on '50s and '60s TV, especially panel shows.
  5. I sort of feel greedy and selfish to whine about B.B.'s status. this is a man who has given everything he has and more. spent his entire life on the road. Bless him forever and a day.
  6. you mean it was arson? I hadn't heard that. I used to live a block away at 6th St. & 2nd Avenue. 5th Floor Walk-up, tub in kitchen, $53.50/mo.
  7. a huge loss to Sonny, the jazz community, and jazz education. my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  8. for me, personally, I know I will never see his like again. he was so unique as a JAZZ DJ. it never sounded like he was scripted. he was incredibly knowledgeable and lots of first-hand info/trivia. Mr. Parlocha, you will be missed enormously.
  9. J.J. has an interesting "pedigree". James Earl Jones's father, Robert Earl Jones, was a neighbor of Walter's. during a time Robert Earl had to go out of town, Walter "cat-sat" with J.J. when Robert Earl returned, Walter had fallen in love and Robert Earl let him keep J.J.
  10. he gave to others while being in terrible pain, when his hearing was greatly impaired and he had almost no sight. and he continued giving as long as he could still speak.
  11. I remember when he first came up and I would see him when he would play in Boston in the '50s. I don't think he even spoke much English at that time. glad that he lived a long life.
  12. I am immensely grateful that Orrin Keepnews loved jazz. and that he devoted himself to the "preservation" of jazz. from my perspective, he certainly made the most enormous contributions. the character I "knew" throughout many decades was a brilliant, kind, witty, articulate, knowledgeable curmudgeon. and after so many of our mutual musician friends were gone, I was even more addicted to hearing his wonderful stories about these people. no one could tell stories like Orrin. thanking you with my whole heart, Orrin. please rest in peace and jazz sounds.
  13. loved reading this article that I obviously didn't see the first time-around. talk about the "first time," I first heard this group when they had just gotten together. I was visiting in Wayne's trailer before and after their Monterey Jazz Festival appearance. all I actually remember was that Wayne was excited and Danilo was nervous as hell! after an amazing set, we all celebrated and closed the Grounds down!! (must have been before Wayne stopped drinking, which is quite awhile ago! LOL!) and, as they say, the rest is history. I've been privileged to be an eye-witness to some of their evolvement, personally and professionally, and I love them all, madly. (Disclosure: I've known Wayne and his family since the '60s in NYC.)
  14. The family requests prayers for Clark. I am continuing my prayers for both Clark and Gwen, his amazing wife. They both possess the strongest spirits.
  15. thanks so much for this, Lazaro! I'm a very big Gregory Porter fan. I must admit though that I've been wondering why they keep hooking him up with Cullum. are they trying to lend a "helping hand/voice" to Jamie's?!?
  16. happy that they're finally giving Wayne Shorter a Lifetime Achievement Award!!
  17. I remember Rocky too. he was a character. on the field, he always looked like one of the Dead-End Kids. and was always chewing tobacco. I think I have that card too but mine was from the late '50s.
  18. he's always been a frustrated jazz musician rather than what I think of as a "jazz fan". his forcing himself on stage of a known jazz group just to shake a tambourine has always been embarrassing. by agreeing to MC the Playboy Jazz Festival, they let him have his own group to lead. musicians chosen have always been excellent but his ego has consistently ruined the sets by frantically directing or banging on the drums.
  19. I don't believe his crack use was in the '90s. more like in this century.
  20. hoping to use mine in a few weeks on The Jazz Cruise!!!
  21. and, last but not least, DeFranco seemed to be a lovely, classy man. So glad I was there when he received his NEA Award in NY around 2006.
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