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  1. 2013 Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame nominees announced

    What about TODD RUNDGREN?!?
  2. Bill Brimfield RIP

    The movie star Ann-Margret? I've always liked her. So sexy. She must have been a knock out back in 59'-60'.
  3. John Tchicai, RIP

    I have not been to the board in a while, but I felt compelled to post about John. Mark Oi, the newest member of my group Reptet was in Mr. Tchicai band a few years back and had the honor of getting to know him very well. In fact he considers him his greatest mentor. Reptet came very close to collaborating with him about four years ago. We were trying to get to Europe and he was looking for a subsidy in traveling to the states. We were looking to take advantage of the French American Cultural Exchange program. John was a French resident at the time and enjoyed our music, so we reached out to him. Ultimately we could not find a suitable venue and things never came together. But I had a few long distance telephone conversations with him and he came across as a deeply spiritual man - very calm, kind, open and sincere. Me and Mark were just talking about John at our gig on Friday and Mark was saying that he was afraid he was not going to be able to get to France in time to say his goodbyes in person, but he hoped that John could hang on a little while longer since he was traveling to France to tour with the Gladiators in about a week. I have not talked to Mark, but I know he must be grieving. We talked about how John is one of a dying breed. People who gave their entire being to their music without hesitancy knowing the trappings of their chosen art form. Folks so dedicated to following the true path of "jazz" (even if it led to the end of the earth) that it tore their minds, bodies and souls to the core. And even through the most trying of times they had the fortitude to remain true to themselves when so many easier options were presented to them. There just aren't any musicians like that left. Myself included. We do what we do, and some of my contemporaries are true virtuosos. But it's not done with the same overwhelming fire and bone crushing dedication. Good bye John. And thank you. "There are so many little dyings that it doesn't matter which of them is death." ~Kenneth Patchen
  4. Arcata was sublime. Next up: Weds 14 Dec: San Francisco CA @ Beth Custer & BC Records 8pm 3227 Folsom Street
  5. First gig of the tour (Bellingham, WA) under our belts. Lotsa fun. I can already tell I'm gonna learn a lot from these wise and talented women. Seattle tonight. Hope to see some of you on the road.
  6. That's too bad. I know we will have. Thanks Jeff
  7. WEST COAST FRIENDS!!! I'm very fortunate to be touring the west coast with some of my favorite musicians - The Tiptons! I'm proud to say I will be the oly male musician. These women kick ass in a major way. We're hitting Bellingham, Seattle, Arcata, San Francisco, Berkeley, Ashland, Portland and more. I hope you can make it out to the show near you. Tiptons Sax Quartet tours the US West Coast: 9-18 December, 2011
  8. Hot Stove Thread 2011-2012

    In other looks like the Mariners are going to go hard after Prince Fielder. I'm all in favor of it, no matter what the cost. I'm not sure I can take another season of record breaking offensive anemia.
  9. Former Member bill barton

    *sigh* I can't believe this.
  10. Former Member bill barton

    I feel kinda out of it. As you all know I have not visited the board in a while. Nor have I seen Bill at any shows or events in a while. Last night Sam told me Bill had been arrested for being involved in a child Pornography ring. It was news I wished she hadn't shared. Bill has always been a big Reptet fan. Used to play our music on his radio show all the time, come to most of our shows, reviewed our discs and was a big supporter of creative music in general. He was not a close friend, but he was on the 'scene' a lot and I liked him. Not only did I find out that he was arrested but when I told my wife she looked him up and it appears he was a convicted sex offender. My wife remembers him being at some all age shows of mine where my young son was in attendance. She remembers Bill taking an inordinate amount of pictures of him. I tried to calm her down about it, assuring her that he was fully clothed so no harm was done. But I now find myself getting angry knowing these photos were probably taken for a reason other than the simple joy of the event. Where are these pictures now? I haven't a clue. I will ask around to see if anyone knows anything about Bill's situation and whereabouts. If I learn anything new I will check back with an update. I know most of you have known about this horrible situation for months. But for me, I just found out yesterday and I think I'm in a minor state of shock.
  11. Reptet's U.S. CD Release Tour

    Heard the band for the first time last night, and for those of you in Denver, Boise, Ketchum, Missoula, and Moscow -- do NOT miss this group between now and Sunday. At the risk of hyperbole, "amazing" doesn't even begin to cover it. Kind of like a little more hyper version of the Either/Orchestra, with great writing and arrangements, and even better soloing. Johnny, that's one hell of a band you've got there. Thanks for a great night! Thanks Tom. Your hospitality was amazing. Good luck with the house and move to DC. Tonight we play at Cervante's in Denver. The Skatallites in the ballroom and us in thge lounge. Denver borad members = come on down, I'd love to meet you in the flesh. -johnny
  12. Reptet's U.S. CD Release Tour

    Was anyone from the board at Bell's last night? No one approached me. The show was great. The new room there is awesome. They took care of us and sound was great. If you're in the Toledo area, come check us out tonight at Treo's.
  13. Reptet's U.S. CD Release Tour

    We'll catch you next time peter. Cleveland was hot and cool. Great people and a nice venue. I hope to see some of our michigan friends tonight at Bell's in Kalamazoo. Gots to move. see you soon, -john
  14. Reptet's U.S. CD Release Tour

    Yes, that was brutal. But the show was great and the tour is going swimmingly. If you live in or near Pittsburgh, come on down to the Thunderbird tonight. It's a Pitts debut and need a little love...suggestions on a cheap hotel would be nice as well. BTW, here some Kalamazoo press: See you all soon, -john