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  1. Raul de Souza, R.I.P.

    I also think of (and like and own) that album, plus his work with Flora Purim on Milestone.
  2. Any thoughts on this one? I bought a cheap remainder copy of it years ago, but it sits on my selves unread:
  3. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    Speaks highly of Knepper as a man.
  4. Charles Lloyd Columbia 45 (Beatles Cover)

    Also a totally unambitious, uninspiring Beatles tune to select. Something like "Every Little Thing" or "I'll Follow The Sun" would have held a lot more potential.
  5. Billy Harper scare.

    Even if his playing days are over, I hope he is well enough to continue a fulfilling life. He has much to offer even beyond his magnificent performing.
  6. Chick Corea Japanese reissue series

    That was a bonus cut on the Song of Singing CD issue. The new mastering on these CD's sounds great to me!
  7. Billy Harper scare.

    Thankful for the news!
  8. PM sent on ENJA 2098 2 Jeremy Steig & Eddie Gomez Outlaws (rear insert trimmed) $4
  9. Billy Harper scare.

    Lifting up prayers now, please keep us informed of any updates. Harper is 78, but still a musical giant with a glorious personal presence.
  10. Joni Mitchell and the growing canon of "new standards"

    Lots of good jazz covers from the great Innervisions album.
  11. Thanks. Both are sitting on some gems.
  12. Where is the Cobblestone/Muse catalog? Languishing with Denon? So much that could be done with it.
  13. Laid off today - now what?

    For me, it would be limited-duration contract work in IT (I have 40+ years solid experience), through an agency which does those placements. A few have contacted me already. Good thoughts, thanks. Will look into unemployment and file as soon as I am officially off the books.. I registered for Medicare A at 65, had not registered for Social Security since I was not going to draw on it (and still won't for a good while). A well-qualified fellow board member has volunteered to give me a crash course on Medicare B and the other Medicares, which I need. Have always done a good bit of volunteering, which I will continue and even increase, and I am also helping raise my 3-year-old grandson, who lives with us, which takes a huge chunk of time/energy already. I do have a lot of books/music I'd love to get to, and a lot of work around the house which has gone neglected for years. And a wife who I love and look forward to spending more time with. Keeping myself occupied has never been an issue for me, I never get bored. I expect that not many of us in the Organissimo community do - there's always an old pleasure or a new discovery right around the corner.