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  1. Plan to go to both of them, and just eat dinner there inbetween. Since the shows are free with museum admission, I'm assuming I wouldn't have to pay twice. Alan, can you confirm if you see this post?
  2. A few jazz cds for sale

    PM sent on Cohn/Sims and Louiss.
  3. Favorite Trumpet Quartet Albums

    Don't forget "Grand Max" (which isn't on here, unless I'm mistaken). ← Nope........not mistaken. ← Also don't forget 'The Ringer' by Tolliver, the studio session which came before the great 'Live at Slugs' albums. It is up to the same standard. 'Grand Max' was the name stuck on the Black Lion CD reissue of 'Live at Loosdrecht', which came out as a 2LP set on Strata-East in the 70's. Reggie Workman is amazing on that. And don't forget Tolliver's 'Compassion', a quartet with Nathan Page on guitar instead of a pianist. 'Empyrean Isles' is also fabulous, as is 'Outpost'. I've never been a big fan of 'Candy'. For the person who didn't knwo which label 'Empyrean Isles' was on, it was Blue Note.
  4. today's mystery artist

    Anita O'Day?
  5. 60's hardbop trumpeters in 'progressive' contexts

    Eddie Henderson on the Herbie Hancock Sextet stuff with Bennie Maupin, Julian Priester, Buster Williams, and Billy Hart.
  6. I bought each of the three sets when they came out. I'm shocked they would have the need to discount those. Timeless music, certainly mucho collectable in the future, and only 5,000 of each being made. Presentation is stunning.
  7. Hello Wenospeak. Very nice post, thank you. I agree that the Galper is a very nice work, and that the early George Duke stuff was pretty great - a shame that he sold out. There has been much positive buzz on the site about the Priester, and the Arnold is certainly nice to have back in print.
  8. Favorite ALTO player on the scene today

    Watson is 52 years old, ineligible, would be my pick otherwise. He would have been my choice. I like Vincent Herring, Kenny Garrett, and Abraham Burton a lot, and (bracing for criticism from the crowd here), quite enjoyed Christopher Hollyday's J-Macism's 15 years ago. Saw him play a nice set at Penn's landing in that era (Brad Mehldau making the best of a severely out of tune piano, shades of Mal Waldron at the Five Spot), and would be curious to know whatever came of Hollyday. Osby is totally lost on me (and I've tried a half dozen CD's, in and out the door), as is Coleman in his M-base guise.
  9. Blue Note "two-fers".

    If I remember correctly, I think that was also the case with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis in that series. The other series had light brown at first, and then dark brown later on, I think with smaller cover photos than on the light brown ones if I remember.
  10. At least Wilburn doesn't have "My Sharona" on his resume, like the guy who Douglas used on the Hendrix reissues. To further open up a new audience for this release, they could wipe out Gary Bartz, replace his parts with Mindi Abair, and redo the cover. For that matter, Miles himself looked sort of spooky and haggard during this period. Better to wipe him out and replace with Jeremy Davenport. Wipe out Jarrett, and replace with, oh, David Benoit or someone. Get Stanley Clarke to redo the bass parts. And there you have it - "Miles Davis, the Complete Cellar Door Sessions - Remixed". Coming to a smooth jazz station near you.
  11. Kenny Dorham unissued sessions

    Concerned about those who are joining unissued/rejected together in this thread. In the case of classic Blue Note, important to differentiate between "rejected" and "unissued". Very clearly done in the Ruppli Blue Note discography (and I'm sure the Lord, which I've never seen). Some amazing music was "unissued" for various reasons having to do with the marketplace. 'Jacknife' is an awesome album, remained reissued for 10+ years. As explained well by Chuck and others, "rejected" means deemed not worthy of release. One other famous "rejected" session that saw the light of day 35 years later was 'The Kicker' by Bobby Hutcherson, his first as a leader for BN.. Recorded with the same personnel as Grant Green's 'Idle Moments'. Sure, it sounds fine, but does anyone want to try to make the argument that it holds a candle to 'Idle Moments' or to Hutcherson's other releases as a leader from that period?
  12. Blue Note 10" Series

    you mean anyone actually reads the crap I write here cool catch! I didn't mention these just for the heck of it. Drew is really good IMO. ← Not only do I read it, but I have shown my wife the Monk's Music Monkridingonawagon coolness!
  13. PMd for the Bowie, AEC & Ayler ← Someone needs to grab that John Handy Live at Monterey, which is a milestone in jazz history and still underexposed to this day (even with the NPR special!). PM sent on Rumao, Ellis-Tears, and all three Graham Collier's.
  14. Some of it, like the Blue Note Tony Williams, the Antilles Randy Weston, and the Verve Betty Carter will, but I totally agree with your sentiment - there are very few consistent bodies of work on major labels at this point. I wonder if they would consider doing labels like Muse and High Note and Black Saint eventually. Some nice sets could come out of that, but the market is questionable. I'd buy a Carlos Garnett or Billy Harper box set, but are there 2500 other people who would? On the other hand, there is surely a contingent who would buy anything released on Mosaic. I tend to buy more of their sets than I would because in 10 years I can probably double my investment by selling it on ebay if I don't choose to keep it. All that being said, there are still some compelling things they could do - Complete Blue Note/Mainstream/Chess Bobby Hutcherson/Harold Land, Complete Columbia Charles Lloyd/Chico Hamilton, etc. And my dream is Complete Asha/Baobab Lloyd McNeill.
  15. Japanese releases, December 2005 - January 2006

    I'm glad to see Blakey's 'Hard Bop' session there. Collectables and CBS both butchered the domestic releases of the material from it, and it's never been released complete in the USA on CD (to my knowledge).
  16. Philadelphia concerts

    Wow, that's an impressive lineup! My wife and I are definitely planning on Eric Alexander on 11/18, and I'd be up for Wallace Roney/Geri Allen on 12/3, which is out my way at one of my alma maters (MCCC). Either/Orchestra are favorites too, but I can't make the date. Martino and Cowell would be nice, but aren't likely to happen. Hope Phillyissimo will consider including me, even though I'm in the 'burbs!
  17. I could make a pretty good guess, and stayed home!
  18. Your favorite TENOR player on the scene today

    Eric Alexander is the guy for me. I've always enjoyed Joshua Redman live, he brings a joy and a grasp of the tradition, but his recordings are another story for me. LOVE Billy Harper's playing, but he doesn't make the under 50 age cutoff.
  19. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the 2 LP's Simmons coled with Prince Lasha on Contemporary, which are excellent ('The Cry' from '62 nd 'Firebirds'from '67). Rumasuma is one I've been longing for on CD. I like the ESP's and Ancient Ritual. New Newk is definitely the highlight from Burning Spirits, the rest gets a bit noisy, though sometimes I'm in the mood for that. Great waste of talent on there though (Lonnie Liston Smith, Michael White, etc.). Simmons also had a great english horn solo on "Nuttin' Out Jones" on Elvin Jones's 'Illuminations' album on Impulse in, I think, 1963.
  20. Phil Keaggy (great guitar player and Christian artist) at Antioch Church auditorium tonight, Eric Alexander at Philly Art Museum on 11/18.
  21. Hadley Caliman

    Muse and 32jazz never got around to it, and now it's lost in the ether with with the rest of the Muse/Cobblestone catalog, including gems by his brother Jimmy, the Visitors, Carlos Garnett, and Eric Kloss which never made it onto CD.
  22. Please email me at john.felser@verizon.net if interested in any. I'll try to start adding prices on Christmas vacation this year. Prefer to trade, willing to sell. New Additions: CD’s: Adams ,Pepper – The Master (Muse) Altschul ,Barry – You Can’t Name Your Own Tune (Muse/32jazz) Rivers, Abrams Armstrong ,Louis – What A Wonderful World (RCA Bluebird) Baker, Chet - My Funny Valentine (Pcific Jazz) Brackeen ,Joanne – New True Illusion (Timeless) Brecker ,Michael – Now You See It ,Now You Don’t (GRP) Bryson ,Jeanie – Deja Blue (Koch) Burrell ,Kenny – Midnight Blue (Blue Note/Jazz Heritage) Caine ,Elliott – Orientation (EJC) excellent hard bop, messengers-style Carter ,Benny – Central City Sketches (MusicMasters) Cobham ,Billy – Rudiments: The Anthology (Atlantic/Rhino) 2CD’s Dara ,Olu – Neighborhoods (Atlantic) DVD-A Dearie ,Blossom – My Gentleman Friend (Verve) remaster Delmar ,Elaine – S’ Wonderful (Live at Ronnie Scott’s) Denson ,Karl/Tiny Universe – The Bridge (Relaxed) Draper ,Ray – A Tuba Jazz (Jubilee/Fresh Sound) Coltrane Ellington ,Duke – Birthday Sessions, Vol. 4 (Laserlight) Evans, Bill/Bennett ,Tony – The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album (Fantasy/OJC) Farmer ,Art – The Company I Keep (Arabesque) T. Harrell Fasteau, Zussan Kali – Worlds Beyond Words (Flying Note) Fogel ,Marty – Many Bobbing Heads, At Last (CMP) Frisell ,Bill – Gone, Just Like a Train (Nonesuch) Frisell ,Bill – The Intercontinentals (Nonesuch) Garner ,Erroll – Dreamstreet/One World Concert (Telarc) Garner ,Erroll – In Concert (Giants of Jazz) complete ’55 + ‘63/’69 Gillespie ,Dizzy – Playel Jazz Concert 1953 (Vogue/BMG) Goodrick ,Mick – Biorhythms (CMP) Grappelli ,Stephane/Petrucciani – Flamingo (Dreyfus) Gray ,Glen/Casa Loma Orch. – 1939-40 (Hindsight) Hampton ,Lionel – Mostly Blues (Jazz Heritage) Hawkins ,Coleman – And His Confreres (Verve) Eldridge,Webster, O.Peterson Horn ,Shirley – May the Music Never End (Verve) Jackson ,DD – Anthem (BMG) incredible! Jannah ,Denise – I Was Born in Love with You (Blue Note) Drake ,Donna/Kelly, Wynton – Donna Sings Dinah (Luxor/Fresh Sound) Kral ,Irene – Better Than Anything (Ava/Fresh Sound) Jr.Mance trio Lacy ,Steve – The Forest and the Zoo (ESP) E.Rava Laverne ,Andy – Jazz Piano Heritage (DMP) Levy ,Lou – Plays Baby Grand Jazz (Jubilee/Fresh Sound) Malick ,Pete/Jones ,Norah – New York City (Koch) more guts than her solo stuff Marsalis ,Delfeayo – Pontius Pilot’s decision (BMG Novus) McLean ,Jackie – Jackie’s Bag (Blue Note) McRae,Carmen – I’ll Be Seeing You (Decca) 2CD set of 50’s recordings Mendes ,Sergio – In Person/Pele/Favorite Things (Atlantic/Collectables) 2CD Metheny ,Pat – One Quiet Night (Warner Bros.) Metheny ,Pat – Zero Tolerance for Gravity (Geffen) Mobley ,Hank – Complete Jazz Message Sessions w/ K.Clarke (Savoy/Jazz Factory) Monaco ,Tony – Master Chops T (Summit) Montero ,Shawn/Clark Terry – One Special Night (Whaling City) Montgomery ,Wes – ‘Round Midnight (Le Jazz) Paris ‘65 Morgan ,Lee – Candy (Blue Note) Morgan ,Lee/Clifford Jordan – Baltimore ’68 (Fresh Sound) O’Malley ,Tony – Naked Flame (Ronnie Scott’s) Peterson ,Oscar – Night Train (Verve) not the remaster Petrucciani ,Michel – Pianism (Blue Note) Rawls ,Lou – At Last (Blue Note) Reinhardt ,Django – Verve Jazz Masters 38 (Verve) Roach ,Max/Gillespie, Dizzy – Paris 1989 (A&M) 2CD Ruiz ,Hilton – Manhattan Mambo (Telarc) Shearing ,George – Shearing Spell/Velvet Carpet (Capitol/Col Choice) Shepp ,Archie – Steam (ENJA) Silver ,Horace – Silver’s Blue (Columbia) not the remaster Simone ,Nina – In Concert/I Put a Spell on You (Philips) Simone ,Nina – Wild is the Wind/High Priestess of Soul (Philips) Smith ,Jimmy – In Paris 5/28/65 (Europe 1) Southern ,Jeri – Coffee ,Cigarettes, and Memories (Roulette/Fresh Sound) Sutton ,Tierney – Something Cool (Telarc) Tolliver ,Charles – Live at Historic Slugs (Strata-East/Bellaphon) tb Tolliver ,Charles – Live in Tokyo (Strata-East/Bellaphon) tb Weather Report – 8:30 (Columbia) Weather Report – Black Market (Columbia) Still Available : CD’s: Acuna ,Claudia – Rhythm of Life (Verve) Adderley C./Jackson ,M. – Things Are Getting Better (Riverside/OJC) Adderley ,Cannonball – Radio Nights (Night) Adderley ,Cannonball – Presenting (Savoy/Jazz Heritage) Nat, Hank Jones Alexander ,Eric – Nightlife in Tokyo (Milestone) Alexander ,Monty/Brown/Ellis – Triple Scoop (Concord) 3LP on 2CD Alexander ,Monty – My America (Telarc) Alexander Monty./Brown, Ray/Ellis ,Herb – Straight Ahead (Concord) 2 CD’s Allen ,Harry – Blue Skies (John Marks) Anderson, Ray/Harris, C./Lewis G./Valente – Slideride (Hat Art) Andrews ,Ernie – No Regrets (Muse) Anschell ,Bill- Cooler Heads (Summit) good piano trio Armstrong ,Louis – Ken Burns Jazz (Columbia) Baca ,Susana – Espirito Vivo (Luaka Bop) Baker ,Chet – Featuring Van Morrison (Nightbird) Bang ,Billy – Hip Hop Be Bop (ITM) Barber ,Patricia – Verse (Blue Note) Barron ,Kenny – Swamp Sally (Verve) Bartz ,Gary – The Blues Chronicles: Tales of Love (Atlantic) Basie ,Count – Basie’s Beatle Bag (Verve) Basie ,Count Band – Timeless (Savoy) ’86 recordings led by Frank Foster, nice Basie ,Count – Best of the Roulette Years (Roulette) Basie ,Count 3 – For The Second Time (Pablo/OJC) R.Brown, Bellson Basie ,Count – At Newport (Verve) not the remaster Basie ,Count – Story (Proper Box) 4 CD’s Bass ,Mickey – Another Way Out (Early Bird) Carter Jefferson Bates ,Django – Winter Truce (And Homes Ablaze) (JMT) Beirach ,Richie – Some Other Time (Triloka) Beck ,Joe – Relaxin’ (DMP) Bellson ,Louie – 150 MPH (Concord) Bellson ,Louie – Dynamite! (Concord) Bellson ,Louie – Prime Time (Concord) Berg ,Bob – Cycles (Denon) Berg ,Bog – Virtual Reality (Denon) Blackman ,Cindy – Telepathy (Muse) Blakey ,Art – At the Café Bohemia, vol. 2 (Blue Note) not RVG Blakey ,Art – New York Scene (Concord) Blakey ,Art – Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the World (Blue Note RVG) (2 CDs) Blakey ,Art/Roach ,Max – The Hard Drive (Chess/Charly) 1 50’s session by each Blakey ,Art – For Minors Only (Bethlehem/Charly) 50’s Messengers Blanchard ,Terence – Romantic Defiance (Columbia) Bley ,Carla – I Hate To Sing (ECM/Watt) Bley ,Carla – Goes to Church (ECM/Watt) Bloom ,Jane Ira – Art & Aviation (Arabesque) Bobo ,Willie – Finest Hours (Verve) his 60’s hits Bolling/Grappelli - First Class (Milan) Bolling ,Claude Big Band – Cinemadreams Booker ,Walter – Bookie’s Cookbook (Mapleshade) Braden ,Don – The Fire Within (RCA) Braga, Leandro – And Why Not (Arabesque) Braxton ,Anthony & Richard Teitelbaum – Time Zones (Freedom) Breau ,Lenny/Francks Don – At the Purple Onion (Art of Life) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – Love and Peace: Tribute to Horace Silver (Verve) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – Victim of Love (Charly) Bridgewater ,Dee Dee – In Montreux (Polydor) her masterpiece Brisker ,Gordon – The Gift (Naxos) Brookmeyer ,Bob – Small Band (DCC) Brown ,Donald – Cartunes (Muse) Brown ,Ray – Brown’s Bag (Concord) Brown R./Alexander/Most – A Ray Brown 3 (Concord) Brown R./Alexander/Ellis – Overseas Special (Concord) Browne ,Tom – Another Shade of Browne (HipBop) J.Jackson, Goldings, R. Carter Brubeck ,Dave – Time Out (Columbia) not the remaster Brubeck ,Dave – Young Lions & Old Tigers (Concord) Brubeck ,Dave – At Carnegie Hall (Columbia) 2 CD’s Bryant ,Ray/Thompson ,Sir Charles – Key One Up (Vanguard) 50’s recordings Byrd ,Donald – At the Half Note Café (Blue Note) 2 CD’s, not RVG Bryant ,Rusty – Legends of Acid Jazz, Vol. 2 (Prestige) Burrell ,Kenny – Blue Muse (Concord) G. Wiggins Byrd,C./Ellis/Kessell – Great Guitars Live (Concord) 2CD Byrd ,Donald – Byrd in Paris (Verve) Byron ,Don – Bug Music (Nonesuch) Cain ,Jackie & Roy Kral – Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Black Lion) Caine ,Uri – Sphere Music (Verve) Calderazzo ,Joey – Joey Calderazzo (Columbia) excellent piano Cameron ,Jay/Third Herdsmen – The Vogue Sessions (Vogue/RCA) Camilo ,Michel – Why Not? (King/Evidence) Campbell ,Roy – It’s Krunch Time (Thirsty Ear) Khan Jamal Carter ,Benny – Central City Sketches (MusicMasters) Carter ,Betty – It’s Not About the Melody(Verve) Carter ,James – The Real Quietstorm (Atlantic) Carter ,James – Layin’ In the Cut (Atlantic) Carter ,James – Conversin’ With the Elders (Atlantic) Carter ,James – Jurassic Classics (DIW) trade bait his best Carter ,Regina – Motor City Moments (Verve) Carter ,Regina – Rhythms of the Heart (Verve) Cartwright ,George – Dot (cuneiform) Cary ,Mark – The Antidote (Arabesque) excellent Cary ,Mark – Listen (Arabesque) excellent Chambers ,Paul – Whims of Chambers Blue Note0 Chapin ,Thomas – You Don’t Know Me (Arabesque) Cheatham/Payton – Doc Cheatham and Nicholas Payton (Verve) Cherry ,Ed – First Take (Groovin’ High) Kenny Barron Childs ,Billy – I’ve Known Rivers (GRP) Childs ,Billy – His April touch (Windham Hill) Clarke/Boland Big Band – Live in Paris 1969 (RTE) 2 CD’s Cline ,Nels – Angelica (ENJA) Cole ,Richie – Pure Imagination (Concord) Coleman ,Ornette – Sound Museum Three Women (Verve) Coleman ,Ornette – Tomorrow is the Question (Contemporary/OJC) Coleman ,Steve – A Tale of 3 Cities (Novus) Coleman ,Steve – The Sign and the Seal (Novus) Collins ,Albert – Cold Snap (Alligator) Coltrane ,John – Coltrane’s Sound (Atlantic/Rhino) remaster, bonus tracks Coltrane ,John – Soultrane (Prestige) 20 bit remaster Coltrane ,John – A Love Supreme live (Castle) Coltrane ,Ravi – Mad 6 (Columbia) Condon ,Eddie – Chicago Style (ASV) Cooper ,Jerome/Buckner ,Thomas – Alone, Together, Apart (Mutablemusic) Corea ,Chick/RTF – No Mystery (Polydor) a little nicked, plays fine Corea ,Chick New Trio – Past, Present, Futures (Stretch) excellent Corea ,Chick – Expressions (GRP) good solo piano set Corea ,Chick - Sundance (Pilz) Corea, Chick – Elektric Band (GRP) Coryell ,Larry – Fallen Angel (CTI) Coryell ,Larry – Comin’ Home (Muse) Cowell Costa ,Gal – My Name is Gal (best of) (Verve) Crawford ,Hank – South-Central (Milestone) Curlew – Fabulous Drop (Cuneiform) Curlew – Paradise (Cuneiform) Curlew – Live in Berlin (Cuneiform) Davis ,Anthony/Newton ,James/Wadud ,Abdul – Trio 2 (Gramavision) Davis ,Miles – Relaxin’ With Miles (Prestige/OJC) Davis ,Miles – Steamin’ With Miles (Prestige/OJC) Davis ,Miles/Jones ,Quincy – Live at Montreux (Warner Bros.) Davis ,Miles – Kind of Blue (Columbia) remaster, bonus material Davis ,Miles – Nefertiti (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Kind of Blue (Columbia) not the remaster Davis ,Miles – Highlights from the Plugged Nickel (Columbia) Shorter, Hancock Davis ,Miles – Cookin’ (Prestige/Jazz Heritage) Coltrane, Garland Davis ,Miles – Circle in the Round (Columbia) 2 CD’s Davis ,Miles – Panthalassa (Columbia) Davis ,Miles – Tutu (Warner Bros.) Richard Davis - Forest Flowers (32 Jazz) Dean ,James L. – Mood Swings (Cexton) Dedrick ,Rusty – Salute to Bunny Berigan (DCC) ’57 session, John La Porta Dolphy ,Eric – 1958-1961 (Giants of Jazz) Prestige collection Dolphy ,Eric – Out To Lunch (Blue Note) not RVG Drummond ,Ray – (Arabesque) Drummond ,Ray – Vignettes (Arabesque) Drummond ,Ray – Excursion (Arabesque) Earland ,Charles – Live (Cannonball) Earland ,Charles – I Ain’t Jivin’, I’m Jammin’ (Muse) 8 Bold Souls – Sideshow (Arabesque) Either/Orchestra – Afro-Cubism (Accurate) wonderful Either/Orchestra – More Beautiful Than Death (Accurate) wonderful Elias ,Eliane – Paulistana (Blue Note) Elias ,Eliane – Best of on Denon (Denon) Ellington ,Duke – Best of: Centennial Collection (RCA) great mastering Duke Ellington – Money Jungle (Blue Note) not RVG Ellington ,Duke – Birthday Sessions, Vol. 4 (Laserlight) Ellis ,Herb/Brown ,Ray – In the Pocket (Concord) 2CD Ellis ,Herb/Mitchell ,Red – Doggin’ Around (Concord) Eubanks ,Kevin – Spirit Talk 2 (Blue Note) Eubanks ,Kevin – Live at Bradley’s (Blue Note) Evans ,Bill – Jazz Masters (Folio) good 70’s live set, so so sound Evans ,Bill/Bennett ,Tony – The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album (Fantasy/OJC) Evans ,Bill – At the Village Vanguard (Riverside) Farmer ,Art – The Meaning of Art (Arabesque) Farmer ,Art – A Work of Art (Concord) Ferguson ,Maynard – Footpath Café (Avion) Finnerty ,Barry – Straight Ahead (Arabesque) Fitzgerald ,Ella – Ella Abraca Jobim (Pablo) Fortune ,Sonny – From Now On (Blue Note) Freeman ,Chico/Blythe ,Arthur – Focus (Contemporary) Freeman ,Chico/Barnstorm – The Mystical Dreamer (In + Out) Friesen ,Dave/Terry ,Clark/Shank ,Bud – Three to Get Ready (Summit) Galper ,Hal – Redux ’78 (Concord) Garrett ,Kenny – Songbook (Atlantic) Garrett ,Kenny – Trilogy (Atlantic) Getz ,Stan – Jazz Masters (Mandarim) Getz ,Stan – Café Montmartre (Verve) Kenny Barron Getz ,Stan – What the World Needs Now (Verve) Getz ,Stan – and the Oscar Peterson Trio (Verve) Getz ,Stan – Complete Savoy Recordings (Savoy) Gilberto ,Joao – In Tokyo (Verve) Gillespie ,Dizzy Allstar Alumni Band – Things to Come (Telarc) Gillespie ,Dizzy – Hall of Fame collection (euro reissue of 40’s-early 50’s) 5 CD’s Dizzy Gillespie – And Mitchell-Ruff Duo (Mainstream) Dizzy Gillespie – at Paris Olympia 11/24/65 (RTE) J. Moody, K. Barron Gillespie ,Dizzy – Ken Burns Jazz (Columbia) Gillespie ,Dizzy – Big Band (GNP) Griffin ,Della – I’ll Get By (Muse) Goldstein ,Gil – City of Dreams (Blue Note) Golson ,Benny – Quintet Live (Dreyfus) M. Miller Golson ,Benny – That’s Funky (Arkadia) N. Adderley, M. Alexander Gonzalez ,Dennis – Stefan (Silkheart) Goodfellas – 2 (Evidence) Herring, S.Scott, P.Harper Goodman ,Benny – Trio/Quintet Sessions: After You’ve Gone (RCA) Goodman ,Benny – Yale Archives (Jazz Masters) 2 CD Goodman ,Benny – Weber and Nielsen Clarinet Concertos (RCA) Gordon ,Dexter – Timeless (Savoy) late 40’s sides Grappelli ,Stephane – Timeless (Savoy) Grappelli ,Stephane – Live in Dublin (TKO Magnum) Phil Woods, Bellson Grappelli ,Stephane – Improvisations (Verve) Grappelli ,Stephane – Stephanova (Concord) Grappelli ,Stephane – At the Winery (Concord) Grolnick ,Don – Weaver of Dreams (Blue Note) Habian ,Cliff – Somewhere in Time (Goblin Bee) Haden/Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky (Verve) Haden ,Charlie Quartet West – The Art of the Song (Verve) Hagans ,Tim – Animation:Imagination (Blue Note) Hall ,Jim/Metheny ,Pat – Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (Telarc) Hampton ,Lionel – Live at the Blue Note (Telarc) C. Terry, Edison, Moody Hancock/Brecker/Hargrove – Directions in Music (Verve) Hancock/Roney/Shorter/Carter/Williams – Tribute to Miles (Qwest) scuffed, plays fine Hancock ,Herbie – HeadHunters (Columbia Legacy) remaster Hancock/Henderson, etc. – One Night With Blue Note, vol. 1 (Blue Note/Jazz Heritage) Handy ,John – Excursion in Blue (Quartet) Hargrove ,Roy – Of Kindred Souls (Novus) Harper ,Philip – The Thirteenth Moon (Muse) Harper Brothers - Remembrance: Live at Village Vanguard (Verve) Winard Harper - Be Yourself (Epicure) Harrell ,Tom – Time’s Mirror (RCA) Harris ,Beaver – Blue Humans: NYC 1980 Harris ,Gene – Big Band Soul (Concord) 2CD set Harris ,Gene – Philip Morris All-Stars Live (Concord) Harris ,Gene – Big Band Soul (Concord) 2CD Hartman ,Johnny – I Just Dropped In to Say Hello (Impulse) Hawkins ,Coleman – The Bebop Years (Proper Box) 4 CD’s Hays ,Kevin – Seventh Sense (Blue Note) Hays,Kevin – Andalucia (Blue Note) Headhunters – Evolution Revolution (Basin Street) Hedman ,Norman – One Step Closer (Arabesque) Henderson ,Joe – In ‘n Out (Blue Note) not the RVG Henderson ,Joe – Inner Urge (Blue Note) not the RVG Hendricks ,Barbara – ’94 Montreux Ellington Tribute (Angel) M. Alexander Hendricks ,John – Freddie Freeloader (Denon) Hendricks, John & Co. – Love (Muse) Herman ,Woody – The Thundering Herds 1945-47 (Columbia) Herman ,Woody – Featuring Stan Getz (RCA) excellent 70’s material Herring ,Vincent – Secret Love (Music Masters) Herring ,Vince – Evidence (Landmark) Roney, M.Miller Hersch ,Fred – Trio Plays… (Chesky) Hession/Wharf/Fell – Improvability (Bruce’s Fingers) Hicks ,John – Friends Old and New (Novus) Hicks ,John – In the Mix (Landmark) Hi Lo’s – And All That Jazz (Columbia) 50’s west coast jazz greats like Geller, Shank Hines ,Earl – Plays Classics (Jazz Life) good 1977 solo set Hodges, Johnny/Stewart/Bigard – The Great Ellington Units Hoggard ,Jay – Love is the Answer (Muse) minor nicks don’t affect play Hoggard ,Jay – In The Spirit (Muse) James Newton coupla nicks, plays fine Hoggard ,Jay – Overview (Muse) few minor scuffs don’t affect play Holloway ,Ron – Scorcher (Milestone) Hollyday ,Christopher – On Course (Novus) Goldings Hollyday, Christopher – The Natural Moment (Novus) Mehldau, excellent! 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(Solid State/LRC) Williams ,Rod – Hanging in the Balance (Muse) M.Ehrlich Williams ,Tony – Young at Heart (Columbia) Willis ,Larry – A Tribute to Someone (Audioquest) (coupla scratches) Wilson ,Cassandra – New Moon Daughter (Blue Note) Wilson ,Cassandra – Blue Skies (JMT) her best ever by far Woods ,Phil – Bouquet (Concord) Woods ,Phil - Song for Sisyphus (DCC) Woods ,Phil – I Remember (DCC) Woods ,Phil – Full House (Milestone) Woods ,Phil/Swanson ,Chris – Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Ryko) Woods ,Phil – All Bird’s Children (Concord) Yamanaka ,Yoshiyuki – Great Time (Origin) J.Mance/B.Riley Young ,George – Burgandy (ProJazz) Zilber ,Michael – Stranger in Brooklyn (Owl) Zimmerli ,Patrick – 12 Sacred Dances (Arabesque) Various – Yule Struttin’ (Blue Note) The Jazz Life (Candid) legendary collection with Roach, Mingus, etc. The First Esquire Concert (Laserlight) Tatum, Hampton, Eldridge, etc Various – Jazz Loft Sessions (Douglas) Weston, Murray, etc. Various – A Great Night in Harlem (Concord-Playboy) 2CD
  23. Thumbs up on 'For Losers'. Thumbs even higher up for "The Magic of Juju'. 'Village of the Pharoahs' is pretty good if you like Sanders' rhythmic stuff with Joe Bonner and aren't worried about there not being much sax on it.
  24. Donald Byrd "KOFI"

    That would be due to the dreaded Larry Mizell. 'Black Byrd' was the biggest selling album in Blue Note history for a long time (Norah Jones certainly has wiped THAT fact off the books), but is, as noted, dreadful. And due to the success of it, the follow-ups were equally commercial. It could have been worse - Mizell originally pitched the idea to Lee Morgan before settling in with Byrd. There was a lot of this in the 70's, heartbreaking sell-out's. I remember seeing Gary Bartz live at the Tower Theatre in Philly, blowing stock funk phrases on electric alto, with some chick singer cooing "Ma-ca-ro-o-ni". Azar Lawrence ruined his career with some monstrosity called 'People Moving'. Joe Henderson remained listenable, but tarnished a little of his dignity with 'Black Miracle'. The most grotesque of all was 'Monuments', a funk/disco album on RCA by the (otherwise) great Jackie McLean. Contains the unfortunate track "Dr. Jackle and Mr. Funk".
  25. Curtis Mayfield - what should I get next??

    Backing up my friend Colin, Curtis/Live is well worthwhile, great sound on the Rhino reissue, and definitely go for the Impressions collections. "I'm So Proud" is the theme song of my marriage, and "Choice of Colors" is THE great racial reconciliation song. I never found Mayfield's post-Superfly material to be worthwhile.