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  1. Laid off today - now what?

    I am, fully on my father's side, but don't really feel much kinship with the community (we were several hundred miles away from where I am now, and my father basically abandoned me following my parent's divorce - my stepfather is the one who has filled the father void for me). Thanks Brad, do have a financial advisor, seeing him next week, also seeing medicare specialist next week. Medicare B and supplemental plans coming up. I have a lot to learn about all of that, and need to learn it very quickly. Company went over nothing with me, just sent me a bunch of papers (well, .pdf files). I have a lot of questions.
  2. Laid off today - now what?

    Thanks all, brief summaryof thoughts at this point (though please keep them coming!) 1 - consulting is a good idea. I've actually had a half dozen contacts about consulting just today. And that might allow me to pick my work schedule better. I'd love to be able to continue from home if possible. 2 - I don't get bored either. I have so much I want to do, music, books, movies, service projects, etc. Also have a 3-year-old grandson in the house, which clearly changes the chemistry. I love him dearly, but he's very three, if you know what I mean. Looking forward to his fourth birthday. 3 - Relaxing sounds wonderful. but I seriously don't very well know how. Would be nice to learn.
  3. Kenny Burrell 90; Verve & BN Japan reissues

    Same with me
  4. I agree that Blue Afternoon is a gem, to me his second best album and last good one. Lorca is half good (literally, one side is really good), Starsailor is unlistenable to me. I think it was Robert Christgau said about that one that it sounded like Buckely was having his liver torn out, slowly. I agree with you on "The Dolphins", hard to do wrong on that song. The live albums discussed are more circa "Happy Sad", "Blue Afternoon", and "Lorca", and are uniformly excellent.
  5. There were 3-4 distinct phases. The late studio albums were horrifyingly bad, yet the live performances from the same era were really good, but those have come to light only in the digital era. Conversely, his second album, "Goodbye and Hello", is one of my desert island discs. But after that, the biggest treasures are the newly released live albums from the late 60's, like the ones discussed here.
  6. That one's also really good.
  7. Roach/Harper/Bridgewater/Workman

    Sure would make a great Mosaic.
  8. Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy reissue, at last

    I was relatively disappointed in both, though they are indeed "interesting time capsules".
  9. +1 - just got it Friday and listened to it yesterday. The bass player adds a lot.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I've bought many hundreds of CD's from them and have been fine.
  11. Dexter Gordon - Willisau 1978

    Dan would prefer Gene Harris . That Swiss Radio Days series is wonderful. Audio tends to be stunning, and the musicians tend to give superior performances. I'm borderline just because I have so very much 70's Dex already. I'm sure it'll be really good.
  12. Importcds has it for $38 + $3 shipping (for a 6 CD set!). They are always much better pricewise than Amazon on anything from the Cherry Red family of labels (which this release is). Everything on those labels is usually beautifully executed and incredibly reasonably priced. And they are all fully licensed, no PD worries.
  13. Airto & Flora - Live at Jazzfest Bremen 1988

    Just finished listening to the Bartz Bremen set. It's wonderful. First off, sound quality is outstanding for a 70's live recording. Musically, it's an extension of what he was doing on the "I've Known Rivers" Montreux set. This is two years later, and Charles Mims and Curtis Robertson have replaced Hubert Eaves and Stafford James. Robertson is outstanding, and very well miked/mixed. It is an active joy to listen to hs bass work here. Mims also does a good job. This set is 50% longer than the Montreux set, equivalent to three LP's, and every cut works ("Rivers" had a couple of throways). Even the Isley Brothers cover is lovely, excellent work by Bartz and Robertson especially. "Rivers" was my previous go-to Bartz album, so this will be my new one, though I love much of his catalog. This is different enough in both content and execution from the Montreux set that if you like that, you'll definitely also want this one. And the success of this release makes me ready to go check out the Airto/Flora release.
  14. 2006 Concord/Fantasy releases

    Me too. Especially given, for instance, the utter obscurities they re-issued from the Debut catalog.
  15. 2006 Concord/Fantasy releases

    Fantasy was doing some really nice box sets (Miles 1st Quintet, the three Trane boxes, Evans VV, Stitt, etc.) when they sold to Concord. Was sorry to see those stop. They did manage to get vast majority of their most desirable catalog titles out on CD.
  16. Harvey Mandel, too. Title track of his first album. And on Charlie Musselwhite's first album.
  17. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    HI Brian, welcome. You a Philly guy? 69th Street Terminal is, of course, one of the big transportation hubs between Philly and the suburbs.
  18. JuJu Live at 131 Prince Street

    For those who dig this sort of thing (like me), this is now newly available on CD and LP. Just ordered CD from Amazon, arrives tomorrow.
  19. It's my understanding that Universal does own Polygram. So there's a big 3, it seems, Universal, BMG, and Warner, correct?
  20. Can't wait to see "Tyrone Washington Plays for Lovers".