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  1. Tony Scott

    This info was on the master release page for this music: Compiles: The Modern Art Of Jazz Modern Jazz Festival (Tony Scott tracks) Free Blown Jazz My Kind Of Jazz
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Don't forget to pick up Live! Vol. 2 and The Last From Lennie's to complete the set. When I was working on the liner notes for the latter CD, the label sent me the remaining unissued music from the date, which will never see the light of day. It included several rehearsals of "King David" and other tracks from the gig.
  3. Uptown Jazz Records

    I was fortunate to be on the label's mailing list for most of the CD era. I did purchase earlier titles, so I think I own most, if not all Uptown CDs. I must have missed some of their LPs that were never reissued on CD.
  4. “The Teacher: Billy Taylor”

    I was on the press mailing ist and also attended Dr. Taylor's IAJE set.
  5. I'll take Swingin' Love.
  6. “The Teacher: Billy Taylor”

    Dr. Taylor was a regular at the IAJE conference every January until he retired. One year his trio gave a performance and it was later issued on CD. He always took time to speak to anyone who approached him. He was very underrated by many folks.
  7. Name Three People (Vers. 2.0)

    Art Tatum O'Neal Spencer Freddy Martin Denny Zeitlin
  8. My retirement wasn't forced but bribed. Those of us who took the university's offer of 6 months pay to retire by June 30 were amply rewarded. They also paid me for two months of unused annual leave, plus I had a total of 9 months of other annual leave and accumulated sick leave that added 9 months credit to calculating my pension. I've been retired for six years and love it!
  9. Sorry to see you have to sell so much stuff because of your forced early retirement. All the best!
  10. Pet peeves

    Generally I think you can credit both the composer and lyricist when the song is initially published with a lyric. Oscar Hammerstein Il wrote the lyric before his collaborators wrote the music. But when an instrumental has a lyric added later, there is no need to credit the lyricist unless there is a vocal on the track. That said, Marian McPartland always introduced her ballad “Afterglow” as “In the Days of Our Love” after Peggy Lee wrote a lyric for it, even when she performed or recorded it as an instrumental. Bill Evans, Carol Hall and Jim Hall are all credited on “The Two Lonely People” on the CD that I mentioned. There are often inconsistencies in the credits to an album, some songs include lyricists, others omit them, even when all songs are instrumentals.
  11. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Japanese collectors pay insane prices for many first edition Blue Note LPs from the 1950s. I don't care what pressing it is as long as it in good shape and relatively clean. I'm not about to invest $2000 in one vintage LP.
  12. Pet peeves

    Graphic designers who not only use a tiny, hard to read font, but also use all lower case for the text. That combination made reading Neil Tesser's liner notes for the Bill Evans Trio: On A Friday Evening an endurance test. Not to mention, who is responsible for crediting Jim Hall as co-writer for "The Two Lonely People" on that CD? Evans wrote the music, though Carol Hall later added a lyric.
  13. 2022 NEA Jazz Masters; Clarke, Harrison, Hart, Wilson

    Bob Brookmeyer stated during the event honoring him as a NEA Jazz Master that he thought about "...not accepting the award, because George W. Bush's name was on it." I always found that to be ironic, since President Bush was the one who appointed Dana Gioia, the man who asked for and got more funding for NEA Jazz Masters during his time in that position... I was present in the auditorium when it happened, so it's not an anecdote I heard from someone else.
  14. Happy 91 Helen Merrill.

    I had a chance encounter with her during a Denny Zeiltin gig at Kitano, probably in 2011. I think that I took a picture of her with another vocalist whose name is escaping me at the moment. I've admired the recordings of hers that I have purchased.