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  1. Mine is out for delivery today from UPS. Is it possible they are shipping out UPS orders first? Just a thought.
  2. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    The Harold Land CD will be a single disc. No info yet aside from the personnel listed on the cover but I'm sure it will be updated within the next few weeks.
  3. Dusty Groove has a brand new listing up for The Complete Joe Henderson Blue Note Studio Sessions. The Mosaic box is a 5CD set and has a street date of about September 1st.
  4. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    There's also a new Harold Land CD entitled Westward Bound! coming from the same company on the same day. It features Carmell Jones, Buddy Montgomery, Monk Montgomery, Hampton Hawes, and Philly Joe Jones. It's already available to pre-order at Amazon and DeepDiscount.
  5. Target has listed the vinyl version of the new Lee Morgan - Complete Live at The Lighthouse set. It has a street date of 4/30 and is retailing for $289. They are currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale which ends tonight.
  6. I'll take a bunch of the Hank Crawford and Jimmy McGriff titles: McGriff, Jimmy Feelin' It $2 MCD 9313-2 McGriff, Jimmy Jimmy McGriff And Hank Crawford - Right Turn On Blue $3 CD-83366 McGriff, Jimmy McGriff Avenue $3 MCD-9325-2 McGriff, Jimmy Flyin' Time $7 GM-4403 MCD-9201-2 South-Central $3 MCD 9287-2 Hank Crawford / Jimmy McGriff - Crunch Time ‎(CD) $2 MCD-9153-2 Hank Crawford / Jimmy McGriff - Steppin' Up $2 MCD-9272-2 Jimmy McGriff / Hank Crawford - Road Tested $2 MCD-9279-2 After Dark ‎(CD) $3 OJCCD-1048-2 Roadhouse Symphony $2
  7. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    I believe track 7 is Crazy Rhythm.
  8. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    My ears aren't good enough to ID anyone but there are sound clips in the AllMusic link in my first post if someone wants to try.
  9. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    It sounds like a full band and I would guess it was recorded from the audience (or at least on amateur equipment) as the quality is pretty poor.
  10. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    I've already looked through Kelly and Payne's online discographies and didn't find anything (although I could have missed it). Usually I can figure this stuff out with a little work but I had to plead for mercy on this one.
  11. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Can anyone provide any info (dates, personnel) on this session? I can't seem to find anything on it. It's a Collectables CD (COL-5793) and there is no info at all in the packaging. There seems to be a small Charlie Parker Records logo on the tray card but I don't think this session is in the big 30 CD Charlie Parker Records box set. Here's the link to what AllMusic provides: Any help would be appreciated!
  12. New Art Pepper releases from Laurie Pepper

    Now Available!
  13. Bob Havens, anyone?

    According to my search on the website, Bob Havens appears on 16 of their CDs.
  14. has it listed as coming out on CD on December 4th. It's a 2CD set.
  15. I ordered pretty early on the day the set was announced and well before the notice came that the first pressing sold out. I was charged a couple weeks ago but no shipping notice and nothing on my UPS page.