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  1. Welcome to BFT #209

    Some good guesses here. I note Frisell's name popping up a couple of times. He is on #5, but another well-known guitarist on #13. The majority of the selections have been previously identified. You took care of the full ID on #9: The Nurturer by Geri Allen (with Garrett on sax).
  2. Welcome to BFT #209

    Chick was certainly fond of Monk, with renditions throughout his career--including in the trio with McBride and Blade.
  3. Welcome to BFT #209

    Yes, sir. You also had Chick Corea and Roy Haynes on #7 (with Vitous on bass). This was a notable trio, and I personally quite enjoy their take on Monk.
  4. Welcome to BFT #209

    Jsngry, Some interesting responses, especially on the tracks that sound like they belong on a soundtrack or would benefit from lyrics. You mentioned Ron Carter on #4. Of course it is him. I'm expecting an ID on the drummer, which should be easy. You correctly named George Benson, though not the title.
  5. Welcome to BFT #209

    On #4, I think that you should NOT say "definitely not Tommy." Track 6 is Gil Evans from 1964--and it is Wayne Shorter and it is Elvin and it is Kenny Burrell (you were confident on him, but not much on the others). You are correctly hearing Kenny Garrett on #9. He is not the leader.
  6. Welcome to BFT #209

    Jimmy Heath is correct! It's a record from the 1990s.
  7. Welcome to BFT #209

    Not Frisell on #3.
  8. Welcome to BFT #209

    BillF did not have the correct tenor player on the J.J. Johnson track (#2). He guessed "Let's Call This" on #7, which mjzee later noted was actually "Think of One." The other guesses are correct.
  9. Welcome to BFT #209

    One can hardly say that Frisell is not adaptable.
  10. Welcome to BFT #209

    Track 4 is "Angel Eyes." The players have not yet been identified.
  11. Welcome to BFT #209

    You did a full ID on Baron and Scofield. The Monk piece is indeed "Think of One," but it is not The Great Jazz Trio (although it is a trio of great players).
  12. Welcome to BFT #209

    Of those responding so far, BillF has been doing quite well. Clearly folks are hearing Art Pepper on track #1.
  13. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    Yes, that's what I remember.
  14. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    Wasn't there a version by Clark Terry late in his career?
  15. Welcome to BFT #209

    Right you are!