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  1. BFT 206 is LIVE

    1) Some interesting stuff, very exotic…Middle Eastern? Decent trumpet solo. Now some cello. It’s got the elements of Yusef Lateef, and maybe that’s him now on tenor. But maybe not, with the trumpet taking the spotlight near the end. 2) Decent solo on vibes and tenor, but just doesn’t sound very distinctive to my ears. 3) Sounds like a couple of guys who have studied Classical. I suppose it could be one guitarist with overdubbing. 4) That opening sounds similar to “So What.” Then it shifts to a hard bop feel with a good guitar solo by someone in the Wes and Kenny B. mode (but not at their level). I don’t know…seems like guys with fine jazz chops but no originality. 5) Bird-inspired, for sure. 6) More respectable stuff, with the trumpeter recalling Art Farmer and Miles. But I don’t think I have any guesses. 7) This sounds like 70’s stuff…maybe Al DiMeola. This would be a good soundtrack piece, and I mean that as a compliment. 9) I know this tune quite’s a bop standard really…ah “Walkin.” Sounds like a big band, and plenty of fine solos. There must be some distinguished players on this one. It doesn’t really have the creative touch of Gil Evans. I am thinking this is from the late 50s or early 60s. The alto reminds me of Cannonball, if not quite as extroverted. Nice track. 9) This has the touch of Bill Evans—certainly not Evans, but indebted to him. The pianist has his/her own thing going on. The tune might be “Emily.” That’s a really nice touch. This is someone I need to know, if I don’t already.
  2. Blindfold Test Master Signup Thread

    OK, no problem.
  3. Blindfold Test Master Signup Thread

    Is there no BFT for May 2021?
  4. Native American Jazz

    Yes, the Silver album cover would be called cultural appropriation at its worst.
  5. Randy Weston favorites

    I seem to recall hearing 4 tracks from Destry. They were kind of fun, but this stuff is definitely a mere sidelight in Weston's career.
  6. Great/Amazing Debut Recordings

    The debut records of Abercrombie and Metheny were released at almost the same time.
  7. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I had my first shot on April 5 and my wife had her first shot on April 12. Bring on the second!
  8. Randy Weston favorites

    Out of this lot, I favor With These Hands and The Modern Art of Jazz (How High the Moon in the version I own). I agree that the Mosaic offers the best of Weston's early work.
  9. Roy Hargrove/Mulgrew Miller IN HARMONY, out in June

    So these are duet performances?
  10. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Seems like Nash recorded barely a thing before 1990. That's a late start for a drummer. It's interesting that several of the all-time greats are pretty much clustered together: Elvin, Roy Haynes, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Jimmy Cobb.
  11. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Lewis Nash is already 60-years-old?
  12. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Too Long in Exile, Down the Road, You're Driving Me Crazy, and possibly Roll With the Punches. Among the live albums, A Night in San Francisco.
  13. BFT 205 Download and discuss

    Maybe that's Joe Chambers on drums on #6?
  14. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I enjoyed You're Driving Me Crazy (w. Joey DeFrancesco), which was just three years ago. Actually, I think there are records by Van from every decade that are good and sometimes great--a lot of fine material when most artists his age are considered decades past their prime.