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  1. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    And naming 10 pianists I haven't ruled out just for the heck of it: Kenny Barron, Barry Harris, Hank Jones, George Wallington, Tommy Flanagan, John Hicks, Red Garland, Walter Norris, Mary Lou Williams, Hugh Lawson.
  2. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Known drummers oh identified tracks so far 2. Willie Jones 4. Don Moye 5. Sam Woodyard 6. JC Moses 7. Don Moye 8. Edward Vesala 11. Ben Riley 12. Shadow Wilson 13. Billy Drummond 14. Jon Christiensen 15. Luqman Ali
  3. Miles Dewey Davis

    By the way, who jams in grey?
  4. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Labelmate Ramsey Lewis?
  5. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Wikipedia Says of Ahmad Jamal: His Pittsburgh roots have remained an important part of his identity ("Pittsburgh meant everything to me and it still does," he said in 2001)[4] and it was there that he was immersed in the influence of jazz artists such as Earl Hines, Billy Strayhorn, Mary Lou Williams, and Erroll Garner. Jamal also studied with pianist James Miller and began playing piano professionally at the age of fourteen,[5] at which point he was recognized as a "coming great" by the pianist Art Tatum. Of those names I think Garner and Strayhorn fit the dramatic elements within #9 best. Not aware of Strayhorn doing a live album with a trio. Of course the connection could be sidemen and not influence.
  6. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Ahmad Jamal on 9?
  7. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Hampton Hawes on 9?
  8. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    #8 is Star Flight from Edward Vesala - Satu.
  9. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Edward Vesala, Palle Mikkelborg and Tomas Stanko are possible leaders for #8 Enrico Rava on 14?
  10. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    The hint on 9 suggests Eldar Djangirov.
  11. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    Very enjoyable, seemed like a bunch of things I should know but don't until now. 1. Brawny tenor, Latin percussion and electric bass. Gato Barbieri is usually more outgoing than this, but I haven't got a better guess. 2. Grooving mainstream piano. Sonny Clark or Bud Powell. 3. Reggae tinge and lyric mentioning the West Indes. Reggae does not usually sound this jazzy, so perhaps calypso. (wild guess) Mighty Sparrow? 4. Freebop! Julius Hemphill? or maybe Tim Berne? 5. There's something familiar and Dukish about that coda. and the whole thing. Duke Ellington. 6. Has a Blue Note feel. Hank Mobley? 7. Nice alto feature. I'm guessing the spoken theater bits in the middle relate to the lyric of the standard that I'm not recognizing. Just based on the recorded sound, I'm believing this is a 90s or later recording, so I'l venture Donald Harrison. 8. Strongly reminiscent of Terje Rypdal. But I don't know any Rypdal dates with enough horns to pull off the intro. I started thinking this was Henry Threadgill with Brandon Ross on guitar, but I've swung back to Rypdal. 9. Could be a later Chick Corea acoustic trio. 10. Latin. I don't have enough knowledge to guess. 11. Feels a bit too brawny in tone in some places to be Stan Getz, but it fits stylistically, and I'm not finding any other guesses I like, so Stan. 12. Wonderfully frantic big band tune, big booting baritone at the beginning. Slide Hampton? 13. I used to say that if it's an alto and sounds like a tenor, it's Jackie McLean. Here I think of Jackie because I really can't tell, the nasal tone and ease with whick it goes into the upper register suggest alto to me, but nowhere near conclusively. The Jackie I'm most familiar doesn't have a guitar, so go ahead and tell me it's a tenor. 14. Could be somethjing on ECM, or Cuong Vu with Pat Metheny. 15. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath? (after reading other posts) Enrico Rava on 14?
  12. Amazon showing June 5 ship date for Sacred Ceremonies and Trumpet.
  13. BFT 206 is LIVE

    The buy button on that site doesn't work. If you want to buy without PayPal, there's this little bit of helpfulness: Please send a check to Store Name, Store Street, Store Town, Store State / County, Store Postcode. It's listed for 40 on Amazon, but that's more than I will go for.
  14. BFT 206 is LIVE

    But the tune labeled as Danielle's Waltz on Amazon is actually In a Sentimental Mood from another Mickey Bass album. From the Allmusic.com listing, Danielle's Waltz matches the timing of #2
  15. BFT 206 is LIVE

    It's on Amazon Music.