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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Went to dinner at the Singapore on Rush St. (great ribs) with Barry Harris and Eddie Jefferson, waited there a good while for Dan, Harriet, and Ira Gitler to arrive; they were delayed by a gas main explosion. Not as illustrious as Chuck's lineup, but IIRC the conversation was freewheeling and choice.
  2. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Problem solved by my audiologist. The receiver in my left hearing aid was on the fritz and will be replaced.
  3. Liner notes to "Harold Land, Westward Bound!"

    It's a new release.
  4. In co-producer Cory Weeds' portion of the liner notes, I found this odd statement: "Although only on two tracks, the inclusion of Hampton Hawes is also important. The much maligned pianist is in incredible form here..." In what ways, by whom, and for what reasons was Hampton Hawes "much maligned"? I'm baffled.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    May have heard it before, but a great story.
  6. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Thanks. I found someone else who has a BT headset. The sound on that cheap crappy headset, once it was hooked up with my I Phone, was kind of muffled, but it didn't break up, so probably the Bluetooth earbuds that are part of my $500 hearing aids is where the problem lies. Talk about your good news/bad news.
  7. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    My solution vanished overnight. Back to the sound breaking up this morning, and re-selecting Bluetooth Headset (as described above) and the sound still break up. I'm at a loss and so is Apple Help; I was on the phone with them for two hours today; their final remedy was to totally restore the I Phone's software and firmware, which we did. Sound still breaks up. At least the guy I was speaking to was fairly sure that t he problem was in the I Phone and not with with my Blue Tooth Signia hearing aids, which work just fine with every other sound source, including Blue Tooth phone calls in the car, TV sound, etc. Help!
  8. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    It is Quill, absolutely, on both takes of "Cimmaron" from "Wide Range." The sheer obliqueness of his phrasing, like he's kicking a suitcase down a flight of stairs. By this point in my arguably ill-spent life, it's hard for me to mistake Gene and Phil.
  9. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Think I solved the problem. Go to Accessibility on your I Phone, tap Touch (i.e. just tap the screen), scroll down and tap Call Routing. You'll then have three choices to make: either Automatic, Bluetooth Headset, or Speaker. Don't know what Automatic does; Speaker gives you good clear sound only from the I Phone's speakers: and Bluetooth Headset gives you good clear sound through your Bluetooth Headset, which is what I was trying to get. Without following the above path to Blue Tooth Headset and making that choice, what you'll hear through your headset is what's on the play list you want to access, but it will break up/sound like garbage. BTW, I somehow found this out all by myself, which is pretty much a first for me in almost any tech-related matter.
  10. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    Gene Quill on alto. He and JR were a volatile combo. Jimmy Cleveland's volatility also tuned in to JR's.
  11. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Breaks up through the hearing aids at all volume levels, though the break up is less annoying, a bit less noticeable, at a lower volume level. Also, when I'm listening only through the I Phone's speakers, there is no break up at any volume level.
  12. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    I've downloaded several CDs from my I Mac onto playlists on my I Phone 11. Listening to them with my Signia Pure 312 7 NX's Bluetooth hearing aids, the sound breaks up badly. I should add 1) that those same Signia Bluetooth hearing aids sound fine otherwise (phone calls in car or elsewhere, normal speech, TV sound, music on my stereo system, etc.) and 2), when I play the music from my I Phone playing lists with the Bluetooth connection disabled -- so that the sound comes through my I Phone's speakers, not through my hearing aids -- things also sound just fine. Any thoughts as to how I get the music on my I Phone 11's playing lists to not break up when I listen to it through my hearing aids? BTW, listening to music that way is supposedly a normal thing to do. I've spoken to Signia's help line -- they have no clue. I have an appointment with my audiologist tomorrow -- she too seems at a loss.
  13. Parking was no problem -- I parked at or near Tribune Tower, where I probably had been working on something else during the day, then strolled to Grant Park and eventually hot footed it back. Didn't have a lap top -- did they exist back then? So many memorable nights e.g. the big band tribute to Dusable H.S.' famous teacher Capt. Walter Dyett, with many of his alumni in the band, fronted by Johnny Griffin. In the midst of the heartfelt set there was a huge downpour; the stage was sheltered by the bandshell but the good-sized audience was drenched. Almost nobody in the crowd left, though, which led Griffin to say, "You people NEED to be here."
  14. On foot -- about five long city blocks, maybe ten or more minutes. Last sets were supposed to end at 10:30 -- my deadline, never missed, for a review of about 800-1,000 words was midnight. Adrenaline, plus the stimulus of the music, plus I was used to it all and found it kind of exciting to know that my thoughts would appear in the morning paper. Also, to be honest, some times I edged away before the last set was over when I felt fairly sure that what I'd heard so far was going to be followed by more of the same -- e.g. Miles in 1990. Finally, I soon learned that for me at least you couldn't /shouldn't write much of anything in your head on the way back to the paper. Maybe a key phrase or two, but I needed to just sit down and type, one thought leading to the next.