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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Small group sides recorded in 1950 and 1951.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Listening to recordings from Art Pepper's gig at the Maiden Voyage in L.A., 1981:
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    That looks interesting.
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Tito Puente and Buddy Morrow & Their Orchestras - Revolving Bandstand (RCA) Recorded in 1960 but not released until 1974. I wonder why it sat in the can for 14 years.
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I was just reading about the collaborations between Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. I had no idea that they'd made so many records together: - Cuba y Puerto Rico Son... (Tico, 1966) - Quimbo Quimbumbia (Tico, 1969) - Alma con Alma (Tico, 1970) - En EspaƱa (Tico, 1971) - Algo Especial Para Recordar (Tico, 1972) - Homenaje A Beny More, Vol. III (Vaya, 1985) More avenues to explore.
  6. I know and love Evolution. And I dig Blues on Bach too. I will add that I also really enjoy the Swingle Singers on the Stan Getz/Michel Legrand collaboration Communication '72. I'm sure many people would turn up their nose at that record too. That's fine by me. As far as your other comments go, I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  7. Sure, it's a "one off," not representative of Lewis' work. But I still like the record and listen to it occasionally. Just another listener's perspective.
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I've only listened once. (I just bought the LP earlier today.) The sound seemed fine. I don't think you'd be bothered by it. The music is what you'd expect it to be. And it's fun to hear Jaws with Cleanhead. NP:
  9. What music did you buy today?

    Some finds from a record store run this afternoon: How about the Miles Davis Stockholm 1960 set for $7.95 !?!?! I wonder if the shop owner even realized that it's a four-disc set, not two. In any case, I snapped it up.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The way Bowie makes not-so-obvious connections obvious -- and how he synthesizes and reinterprets swathes of musical history in a personal way -- it's brilliant, astounding, magnificent. Or, you could say, I like it a lot.
  11. BBS, I'll echo others who say "Thanks for your contributions!"
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I have that LP too and like it very much. The U.S. release has a different title, This Must Be Love, and different cover image. Same music though. You can hardly go wrong with Sir Roland in the 1970s. He made so many wonderful records.