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  1. Roy Hargrove in Trouble

    It was beyond frustrating watching Roy's demise over the years. I first saw him at Scullers in Boston in the late 90's when he was tearing it up and followed him ever since. It wasn't until I saw him at the blue note 4 years ago that I realized the toll years of drug use had taken on him. I used to wonder why no one ever threw him in a back of van and took him out to the country to get clean and healthy before his kidneys took a turn for the worse. If you read up enough on Roy you discover some tried to help and that he had been using since high school days. I couldn't understand why he was hanging out after hours at late night jams with local musicians over the past few years instead of getting rest and recuperation. Perhaps he knew his time was up and wanted to go down swinging.I only wish he could have stayed clean and continued on in later years as Wynton has done - would have been a joy to see all Roy could have continued to accomplish with his great talent. R.I.P. Young Lion.