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  1. Name Three People (Vers. 2.0)

    Doctor Robert John Callison
  2. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    Hayes-Porter telling the truth, maybe a bit more than usual
  3. Name Three People...

    Mel Maraney Marcelo Marmelo da Silva The Silva Thins Man
  4. Not as much as the question of where the hell does THIS accordion come from, talking about The Moonglows record of "Blue Velvet".
  5. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    You don't have any for in the Gospel section? Or is the Space Age Bachelor Tomb where those go?
  6. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    I'll tell them that you sent me and ask for the BL Special. Ok, they answered on the first ring! I was a little embarrassed though, I asked for a Rhapsody In Blue with extra cheese, and they graciously informed that the Rhapsody In Blue already comes with ALL the cheese they have. They couldn't find any more even if they tried. It's like, anybody orders one of those, there's no more cheese for anybody's pizza until the next order come on, which it sounds like is going to be after the weekend. So, sorry, everybody else, if you want cheese on you pizza this weekend, don't order it from these guys. I believed them, because...why would they lie about something like that?
  7. Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong!

    This is how you program your kid correctly. Put them down for their nap and lay the Glenn Miller Story OST record with these two at the end of each side. Teach your children that all is not as it seems looking out their front door. It's the right thing to do! oh MY!!!!
  8. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    1954! 1962:
  9. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    Put me down for this one. Truth.
  10. Any love for Lou Rawls?

    Plenty of love here too, going back to the days with Sam Cooke. Not sure if he recorded with the Highway Q.C.s or not, but he did sing with them and they made some records...I know I have some with Johnny Taylor, but not sure about Rawls. He can be heard here, though: He had really deep roots, all the way to the end. Maybe the records were, uh....slick. But if you knew what was in that voice, you could still hear it down in there. And if you didn't know, you could certainly not hear it, But if you did... His gigs hosting the UNCF telethons were usually good for a nice tune or two. So yeah, plenty love here.
  11. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    Get me a pizza for lunch tomorrow, that would be great! You got their number?
  12. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    Apparently. So...the Gershwins like to control the way their Negroes are portrayed? How noble of them.
  13. Porgy and Bess, So Many Jazz Adaptations

    Thank god. Now it can reach its full potential of meaningless.
  14. Tony Scott

    So, do you like his "post-Asian" records? Have you heard them? Those Philology releases in particular are delightful!
  15. Tony Scott

    It's not really picking hairs - if you want to designate "pre-Asian and NOT "post-Asian", you just leave it hanging, like he did that and then did nothing dlse. He did a lot else. There's definitely a "post-Asian" (whatever that really means?) period, I mean, my god he made a record with a trad band, and a buttload full of records just playing standards, so, yea, "post-Asian" is not splitting hairs at all. Have you heard any of these records, or did you just go up to the end of the "pre-Asian" period and just stop? You can think of anything you want, but if you're factually/historically wrong, you're wrong.