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  1. What passes for jazz vocals these days is pitiful

    This lady sings jazz standards and many other types of songs. She is an excellent swing big band singer but is mostly doing other things these days.
  2. Curtis Fuller

    I think he is a fine section player and trombonist and is often an effective soloist on simple chord progressions.
  3. Bob Cranshaw - RIP

    His strength, endurance, intuition, flexibility, time, swing, chops, taste were vital elements in making Sonny Rollins - Our Man In Jazz the success it was. R.I.P. Bob Cranshaw.
  4. https://www.gofundme.com/bobcranshaw?amp
  5. Pete Fountain, RIP

    He was my hero when I was 13 and studying jazz clarinet. By 14 I had most of his Coral records. I had a paper route. I've never lost my love of his jazz playing and consider 'Pete Fountain Day' a great jazz album. For him, Jack Sperling, and the others. I never saw/heard him live. BTW, there is much more music from that concert. I think Coral does not have the rights to it. It was on a university campus. Maybe someday it will be released.
  6. Lalo Schifrin

    I second "Gillespiana" written for Dizzy...
  7. Jackie McLean meets Tony Williams

    I also like Jackie's 1950s records. Great feel and phrasing.
  8. Harvey Robb - sax clarinet - SF bay area - wonderful guy & fine jazz musician/teacher
  9. I have no doubt it is John Coltrane. On both tunes and the Hodges session.
  10. Wilton Felder RIP

    Been waiting for someone to post about this. The Jazz Crusaders got a lot of air play in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. I really enjoyed 'Tough Talk'. I did not know Mr. Felder was a top recording bass guitar player. Had his own sound on tenor. RIP. 185
  11. Terrifying Mike Reed story

    Hope it was a good gig at least. 321
  12. VIDEO - Big Sid, FTW

    You were right.
  13. Great Charles McPherson Interview

    McPherson's a thinker.
  14. Who are you just discovering?

    I had a sax quartet that played the HSQ charts for four years or so. I just heard this:
  15. Who's the bass player?

    That's a clue.