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  1. In May of 2020 I contacted Ab Baars directly to ask about the box set. He informed me that it was sold out and he did not have any copies. Gawky Stride is only available digitally.
  2. Who did Larry Young play with...

    Does anyone know the title of the 1997 tribute recording referenced in the article?
  3. Good afternoon.


    Will there be a Monday Series in Bushnell this summer?



  4. Shades of Black has not been recorded to my knowledge. I have heard them live 4- 5 times, including the Stone performance Steve mentioned. I believe the yet to be released recording on Giant Step Arts is a trio.
  5. He has been fairly active over the years. I have grown into a big fan over the years and have had the pleasure of hearing him live at least five times, including once when I brought him to Hartford for a show. Love his group Shades of Black with Sam Newsome, Cooper-Moore on organ and Chad Taylor on drums. It is kind of a Sun Ra meets Larry Young organ quartet. I had a conversation one of the last times I saw him about the lack of recent recordings. I got the sense that he just had not been ready to record anything yet and he was working some musical things out. Anyway, I believe he has a recording on Giant Step Arts that will be coming out hopefully some time this year.
  6. Must have it. It is from a 1985 concert in Los Angeles.
  7. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP

    This one hit me more than most. Probably because he was someone I got to know a little bit. I was involved with presenting him in concert a couple of times and we were members of the same fraternity. I have also been a fan of his music since his Fo'tet recordings, Out of the Blue and his time with David Murray. Whenever I caught him in concert he always greeting me enthusiastically and I never felt like it was only because he wanted another gig. I think that is just how he was about everything he did. He will be missed.
  8. Eddie Harris Corner

    This is a good one recorded in 1994.
  9. I have not read the entire book yet, but I have enjoyed the chapters I have read. All though they are chronological, the chapters themselves are not connected to each other so it is easy to select chapters to read. If you are familiar with Shoemaker's online magazine, Point Of Departure, much of the writing is similar to essays he has written there.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc One: Fast Last! (with Julius Hemphill)
  11. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Just finished my first listen through the entire box. Great investment in some fabulous music. While going through the discs I also listened to Dogon A.D. and now I am moving onto the the CAM box to relisten to the Black Saint Recordings. Decided tonight I will read the chapter on Hemphill in Bill Shoemaker's Jazz in the 1970s. Going for a complete Hemphill immersion experience.
  12. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    FYI, if you contact New World when you order they can probably send you a link to download the entire set at once.
  13. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Ordered yesterday. Looking forward to spending time immersing myself in the experience.
  14. PM sent re: B0000603-02 Al Grey Snap Your Fingers digipak/lp repro $10 521 445-2 Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery Jimmy & Wes - The Dynamic Duo $6 B0010797-02 The Amazing Jimmy Smith Trio* Live At The Village Gate ‎(CD, Digipak) $6 314 543 831-2 The Incredible Jimmy Smith* Featuring Kenny Burrell And Grady Tate Organ Grinder Swing ‎(CD, Digipak) $10 837 032-2 Sphere (16) Bird Songs no rear insert $12