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  1. Hello


    I'm interested in the Miles Davis - The Last Word that you have up for sale




  2. I have the following sets for sale. Prices include shipping to the US. Inquire for shipping costs internationally. PayPal only, PM if interested! Louis Armstrong -- The Columbia and Victor Live Recordings of Louis Armstrong and HIs All-Stars (Mosaic 9 Disc Set in Like New Condition) $135 Louis Armstrong -- Columbia and RCA Victor Studio Sessions, 1946-66 (Mosaic 7 Disc Set still Fully Sealed, never opened) $110 Bunny Berigan -- Selected Sides, 1931-1937 (JSP 4 Disc Set in Like New Condition) $15 Chuck Berry -- The Great Twenty-Eight Super Deluxe Edition (4-LP Set, Still Sealed, never opened) $90 Miles Davis -- The Last Word: The Warner Brothers Years (8 Disc Set in Like New Condition) $55 **ON HOLD** Charles Mingus -- At Bremen 1964 and 1975 (4 Disc Set, Lightly Used, Discs Play Perfectly) $25 Various Artists -- The Savory Collection, 1935-1940 (Mosaic 6 Disc Set, Like New Condition, Discs 3-6 Still Sealed) $90 Thanks!
  3. New Jazz Festival Balver Hohle 11-CD Set

    Thanks! I'm kind of surprised that no one has mentioned it here. People on this board, including myself, generally are obsessive when it comes to tracking down box sets!
  4. I was wondering if anyone has heard this Bear Family box set of the Balver Hole New Jazz Festival from 1974-1975. Apologies if this has been discussed, but when I did a search nothing came up. Would like to know if this is worth tracking down. Thanks!
  5. New World Records

    The Cecil Taylor albums on New World Records, Cecil Taylor Unit and 3 Phasis, were absolutely instrumental in helping me fall in love with jazz when I first started listening back in 2003 and 2004.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    I got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on February 6, due to being a schoolteacher. I had a lot of arm soreness from it, but that's it as far as side effects. I should be getting my second dose in about 10 days or so.
  7. For completists only....

    Oh no, that's deserted island material. That's not going anywhere!
  8. For completists only....

    I came close to having every Paul Chambers session that's been released, but as I got near the end, I got to some real dreck and made it me doubt the whole enterprise.
  9. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    Yeah, that's actually why I made it specific to the 21st century. Most of the time when people list their favorite ECM records, there's a lot of stuff from back in the 1970s. Given how much music ECM puts out, I figured there's probably some good stuff that I've missed.
  10. Please name your favorite ECM Records of the 21st century, (2000-2020). Thanks!
  11. Update with listings for the Charlie Parker Benedetti box and a sealed Chuck Berry vinyl box. Thanks for looking!
  12. I have the following box sets for sale. Prices include shipping to the US, will ship internationally at cost. Art Ensemble -- 1967/68 Box Set (There is no outer case, but the jewel cases, booklet, and CDs are all in like new condition.) $70 Bunny Berigan -- Selected Sides, 1931-1937 (like new condition) $15 Chuck Berry -- Great 28 Super Deluxe Edition (Vinyl Box set, still sealed) $100 Miles Davis -- The Last Word (Discs, Booklet, and case all in like new condition.) $50 Joe Harriott -- The Joe Harriott Story (Discs, booklet, and case all in like new condition.) $15 Joe Henderson -- The Milestone Years (Discs and booklet in like new condition. There is significant shelf wear to the outer box, with a tear about the size of a quarter on the front cover.) $80 Billie Holiday -- The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve (This is the Euro cube release of the box set. Like new condition.) $60 Thelonious Monk -- 18 Avril 1961: Live in Paris (like new condition) $25 Charlie Parker -- The Complete Dean Benedetti Recordings (Mosaic, like new condition) $150 Wayne Shorter -- The Complete Columbia Album Collection (like new condition) $25 Nate Wooley -- The Complete Syllables Music $20 Lester Young -- The Complete Lester Young Studio Sessions on Verve (like new condition) $75 Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks for looking!
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Thanks! This is helpful. The only ones of these I've heard are the Leandre and the Dixon. I will check these out.
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I used to be heavily into this scene about 10-15 years ago but lost track of it since about 2010 or so. I unfortunately don't live near where these performers can be seen live (when there are live performances, that is). What are the best avant-free jazz recordings of the last 5-10 years? I want to get back into it.
  15. Bump. These are still available.