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  1. Blonde Medical Terminology =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Anally -- occurring yearly Artery -- study of paintings Bacteria -- back door of cafeteria Barium -- what doctors do when treatment fails Bowel -- letter like A.E.I.O.U Caesarian section -- district in Rome Cat scan -- searching for kitty Cauterize -- Made eye contact with her Colic -- sheep dog Coma -- a punctuation mark Congenital -- friendly D&C -- where Washington is Diarrhea -- journal of daily events Dilate -- to live long Enema -- not a friend Fester -- quicker Fibula -- a small lie Genital -- non-Jewish G.I. Series -- soldiers' ball game Grippe -- suitcase Hangnail -- coathook Impotent -- distinguished, well known Intense pain -- torture in a teepee Labour pain -- got hurt at work Medical staff -- doctor's cane Morbid -- higher offer Nitrate -- cheaper than day rate Node -- was aware of Outpatient -- person who had fainted Pap smear -- fatherhood test Pelvis -- cousin of Elvis Post operative -- letter carrier Protein -- favouring young people Rectum -- damn near killed 'em Recovery room -- place to do upholstery Rheumatic -- amorous Scar -- rolled tobacco leaf Secretion -- hiding anything Seizure -- Roman emperor Serology -- study of knighthood Tablet -- small table Terminal illness -- sickness at airport Tibia -- country in North Africa Tumour -- an extra pair Urine -- opposite of you're out Varicose -- located nearby Vein -- conceited =============================================== Four Jewish brothers left home for college, and they became successful doctors and lawyers and prospered. Some years later, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the gifts that they were able to give to their elderly mother who lived far away in another city. The first said, "I had a big house built for Mama." The second said, "I had a hundred thousand dollar theater built in the house." The third said, "I had my Mercedes dealer deliver her an S600 with a chauffeur." The fourth said, "Listen to this. You know how Mama loved reading the Torah and you know she can't read it anymore because she can't see very well. I met this Rabbi who told me about a parrot that can recite the entire Torah. It took twenty rabbis 12 years to teach him. I had to pledge to contribute $100,000 a year for twenty years to the temple, but it was worth it. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse and the parrot will recite it." The other brothers were impressed. After the holidays Mom sent out her thank you notes. She wrote: "Milton, the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house. Thanks anyway." "Marvin, I am too old to travel. I stay home, I have my groceries delivered, so I never use the Mercedes...and the driver you hired is a Nazi. The thought was good. Thanks." "Menachim, you give me an expensive theater with Dolby sound, it could hold 50 people, but all my friends are dead, I've lost my hearing and I'm nearly blind. I'll never use it. Thank you for the gesture just the same." "Dearest Melvin, you were the only son to have the good sense to give a little thought to your gift. The chicken was delicious. Thank you."
  2. LOL. i didn't think anyone paid attention to the location. FWIW. the LPs are scuff/scratch free. and the book(lette) that came with the set is in NM condition.
  3. Great Finds

    i just posted on the "what wax are you spinning right now thread", but it was such a great deal... Sun Records-The Rocking Years. 12 LP set, in excellent condition. Rockabilly Heaven. only paid $35 for the set.
  4. Sun Records-The Rocking Years. 12 LP set, in excellent condition. Rockabilly Heaven. and i paid $35.
  5. 2/3 to 3/4 of drop in music sales

    the record companies have been milking the public and ripping off artists for decades now. they have turned a great thing into a muddy mess, and then stand around and point fingers at everyone but themselves. FWIW, when my kids dig a song they've heard on the radio, we generally buy the CD Single. they've been disapointed more often than not when purchasing the full CD.
  6. i quit eating fast food for the most part 2 years ago, but every now and then i'll go to Baja Fresh. there is a take out only place on the other side of town that i like. it's called Chicken Kwik, and they serve Tandoori Chicken and Nan bread. good stuff.
  7. The Bitch is back!

    i think Madonna is the most talented, important artist of the last 100 years. (just kissin @ss, trying to stay on her Christmas card list)
  8. Favorite cartoon DVD box sets?

    yes and yes. The Looney Toons set is great, even tho they left out my personal favorite...Hillbilly Hare. as far as the Bullwinkle and Rocky goes...Jay Ward=genius. can't wait for season 2 to be released. BTW-i picked up the H. R. Puffinstuf set the other day. my kids love it. have they released GUMBY on DVD? i used to smoke some 'erb and watch GUMBY...trippy stuff. <spleling edit>
  9. jeeze, tough break. the one guy who'd give you a pardon... AND YOU KILLED HIM!!!
  10. LGC Wavell Punch 2X Maduro Roth Punch Chateau L Maduro
  11. i was digging through a bunch of "Dixieland" CDs at a local used record store when i found this little gem simply titled, "Baby Dodds". i popped it into my car Cd player and low & behold, it's an instructional recording. from the liner notes i've gleaned this: it was recorded by Bill Russell in the mid 40's, and is a combination of several 10" recordings. Russell issued 3 volumes and this CD is volumes 1,3, and a previous unreleased volume 4. volume 2 was omited because it was, except for one song, repeated in other volumes. it really is a remarkable recording. the music is great, but the lessons and anecdotes are worth their weight in gold (and then some). Baby Dodds-American Music #AMCD-17
  12. here's a few that didn't get mentioned: Leiber & Stoller Jackson Browne James Brown Randy Newman Warren Zevon Ashford & Simpson Norman Whitfield Maurice White
  13. hey kids... can anyone guess what my avatar is, and what it is used for? if so i'll snail-mail you a cool prize. jacman
  14. Janet Jackson showing tit at the halftime show.

    where are all the 'anti-flag desecration' folks? shouldn't they be bitching about Kid Rock's American Flag poncho? i suspect they are busy whining about JJ tit.
  15. Bob Keeshan passes away

    Dude, did you know that Mr. Greenjeans was Frank Zappa's father? (well , that was the rumour when i was about 10). I always dug Dancing Bear. RIP Captain Kangaroo.
  16. Pet Sounds ...

    YES! the Box Set s very cool. but, Pet Sounds is best appreciated in MONO-on LP.
  17. Car Accidents

    got into an ugly one when i was 16, i was an unrestraind passenger that was ejected from the rear window during a roll-over. missed most of my junior year of HS (had a tutor from the school district). i was in a near miss last night. i'm not sure what happened, but all of a sudden there were 4-5 cars slamming into one another (on the freeway). i hit the brakes and swerved into the breakdown lane as glass and metal were flying all around my car. these were the same cars that as a group, passed me like i was standing still (i was driving at 65MPH-cruise control), about a mile previously. i took an hour and a cigar before my hands stopped shaking. glad to hear you're without serious injury Alexander.
  18. i usually crash about 1-2am in front of the tube or with the CD player going. need lots of white noise to override the buzzing (Tinnitits). i wake up about 4a and go to bed; to tired/sleepy to notice the buzzing.
  19. ebay madness re: vinyl

    the original bid was for $350. no takers. so they tried again, but this time the minimum bid is set at $400. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=2589300239
  20. CYE is my favorite show on TV. The Shaq episode cracked me up. LD is such a schmuck.
  21. i stared at your avatar for about 2 hours, it didn't do anything, it just sat there. s'up wit dat?
  22. The Pete Rose Korner

    sorry, my bad. i agree....nothing we can do about guys like Cobb or Landis now though. but i don't feel just because other ass-wipes are in the BHOF, Rose should get a pass on the gambling. Shoeless Joe, too.
  23. The Bronx Zoo-Sparky Lyle Ball 4-Jim Bouton The Boys Of Summer-Roger Kahn
  24. The Pete Rose Korner

    most players and the public didn't want black players in the Majors either. racism was alive and well then, (still is) in America. he didn't bet on baseball.