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  1. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Now spinning "Blues-ette" on Savoy. The bass is very high in the mix, the way I like it!
  2. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    I don't think I have a single jazz record from the 1980s, but certainly have flipped past hundreds of them in the dollar bins. That decade's cover art was simply hideous, and not the kind of design that would entice me to want to hear the music inside. Case in point: I I love "Digitally Processed" in the upper right corner. "This original analog recording has been electronically rechanneled to simulate digital."
  3. Japanese Jazz

    We have a very faithful knockoff of a Barcelona, loveseat length. The knockoffs are affordable, but make sure you get one that has the correct leg design.
  4. Japanese Jazz

    Is that your place? TTK approves of the Barcelona chair!
  5. Riddle of the Papawhos - Danny Staton

    This may be one of the greatest records ever made.
  6. Japanese Jazz

    I typically enjoy Old Fashioneds with crime/Mafia/Yakuza films.
  7. Japanese Jazz

    Yes, 1960s Japanese Yakuza films are incredible!
  8. Japanese Jazz

    Yes, the guy who goes crazy over the aroma of rice cooking!
  9. Japanese Jazz

    Let's not forget Naozumi Yamamoto!
  10. Japanese Jazz

    Yes, he was an American, born in California, but he retained throughout his life a strong cultural connection to Japan, which informed much of his music. I read a scholarly article on Shindo several years ago, and his daughter indicated that as Shindo grew older, he became increasingly "Japanese" from a cultural standpoint. Either way, I think there were few Japanese American musicians at that time who aimed to create that sort of east/west fusion, at least few who had record deals and the budgets for ensembles as large as those on the aforementioned albums. So, I thought he was worth mentioning in the context of the conversation for that reason.
  11. Japanese Jazz

    I just found out that Tak Shindo's brilliant Brass and Bamboo and Accent on Bamboo have been reissued as a twofer CD! https://www.amazon.com/Shindo-Exciting-Big-Band-Standards-Oriental/dp/B00O2H8FZO/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=brass+and+bamboo+accent+tak+shindo&qid=1620412696&s=music&sr=1-1 Tak Shindo's masterpiece is Mganga!, which has recently been issued on both vinyl and CD from the original master tapes. For the purposes of this thread, this album is more African than Japanese. Read all about Tak here! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tak_Shindo
  12. Frankly Jazz

    The Sammy segment was interesting from a historical perspective, but I would much rather have heard him sing than pay vibes. It was very cool seeing Victor Feldman.
  13. Frankly Jazz

    No comments on these shows? I am wondering if anyone has the titles of the all the tunes that Gerald Wilson played. One was of course "Perdido" and I believe the Latin tune was called "Latino." I missed the titles of the other two. I think they played four tunes total.
  14. Frankly Jazz

    That was good. The Gerald Wilson episode was the best, IMO. Will more of these become available?