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  1. We could probably have a separate thread on this particular subject. I got a similar reaction when I bugged him a few years back about a Hodges 60s Verve set.
  2. Fats Navarro would be 99 today

    My avatar speaks for me. Fats was truly fabulous.
  3. Yeah, that happened while I was in Europe. I came home with way too many new things!
  4. Tony Bennett Covered James Moody in 1967

    Yeah, not exactly Tony's favorite album!
  5. "Wave" is a tough song for any singer. Sinatra also struggled with that low note: But he did sing it at a better tempo!
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Dizzy is slightly off mike on this one, but still very fine.
  7. One of the few Bear Family sets I own, and a very good one!
  8. Wow--they sure are getting this one out in record time!
  9. Curtis Fuller

    Recently picked up "Curtis Fuller in New Orleans" on Progressive, which I'd never heard of. Looking forward to listening to it.
  10. Basie at the Crescendo

    I'm smiling at the notion of going right up to the guy and asking "Are you Neal Hefti?" That certainly took a little bit of journalistic chutzpah!! Thanks for the story!
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I agree with you, though there are nonetheless some nice moments on "Magic Touch." I think Tadd was trying to make some money with that one. I have to say Avid does a better job with these multiple album reissues than many other labels do. Meanwhile, some nice sound on this Japanese reissue: