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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I'm listening to the Fuller Mosaic set right now, but T is always a great choice! gregmo
  2. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Me too. Disc 3. gregmo
  3. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    A marvelous trombonist, and by all accounts, a lovely human being. RIP. gregmo
  4. Jimmy Giuffre on Verve: 1959-1961

    A bit of Rosolino I didn't know about. I've added this one to my list! gregmo
  5. Love Wild Bill, especially his albums with Hodges on RCA and Verve from the 60s! gregmo
  6. I mentioned this set to Scott in an email and he said "the Lee Morgan is not a definite." So that would seem to confirm the above. gregmo
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listening the last disc of this set now. Cool version of Satch singing and playing Brubeck's "The Duke." I have mixed emotions about the whole "Real Ambassadors" project, but it did feature some interesting pairings. gregmo
  8. Imaginary Mosaics

    If I was as talented as some here, I might put up one titled "The Complete Recordings of Anyone Who Ever Played the C-Melody Saxophone." grego
  9. ??? Pre-Bop Blue Note CDs

    That's a good question. It does seem to me like I remember reading *somewhere* from Michael that Mosaic had "completed" the pre-bop BNs with its releases, but my memory on that is far from sure. gregmo
  10. ??? Pre-Bop Blue Note CDs

    Mosaic covered pretty much all the pre-bop BNs in its earlier days #103 The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis (2 CDs or 3 LPs) #108 The Complete Recordings of The Port of Harlem Jazzmen (1 LP) #109 The Complete Edmond Hall/James P. Johnson/Sidney De Paris/Vic Dickenson Blue Note Sessions (4 CDs or 6 LPs) #110 The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Sidney Bechet (4 CDs or 6 LPs) #114 The Complete Art Hodes Blue Note Sessions (4 CDs or 5 LPs) #115 The Benny Morton/Jimmy Hamilton Blue Note Swingtets (1 LP) #119 The Pete Johnson/Earl Hines/Teddy Bunn Blue Note Sessions (1 LP) #132 The Complete Blue Note Recordings of George Lewis (3 CDs or 5 LPs) There were also the Ike Quebec and John Hardee sets, but I don't know if those would classify as "pre-Bop" or not! gregmo
  11. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    He didn't say, but my guess is that the fact the release date is that far out might indicate they're still searching. gregmo
  12. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I mentioned this set in an email to Scott, and he answered that they're hoping for a November/December release date. The cynic in me says that means some time in 2022. gregmo
  13. Imaginary Mosaics

    My favorite so far! They'd be rich beyond the dreams of avarice! gregmo