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  1. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I'm curious how folks are processing the delta wave that's surging through most of the places where we live. The "good news" is that for vaccinated this is much less dangerous than previous waves. (But more terrifying than before for those who are not.) The bad news is that COVID risk *is* going up for everyone... it is probably safer to be an unvaccinated person in a very low case area than a vaccinated person in a very high case area. (Of course, it's even worse to be an unvaccinated person in a very high case area... yikes.) I'm also feeling the challenge of psychological adjustment from "this is an extremely serious illness and I have to take an immense amount of precautions" to "vaccination provides powerful protection against the worst risks so I can do more than before". This was very easy when cases were super-low around here, but harder now.
  2. Dennis Gonzalez

    So after a long time of being aware of this guy, I finally checked him out on NY Midnight Suite (Clean Feed, 2004). Really good, enjoyable music in the post-Ornette vein. I have a few of his other Clean Feeds lined up and am excited to dig in.
  3. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Not yet, but in prior cycles we would have seen the surge in hospitalizations and deaths happening by this point. Not something I would have said pre-vaccine but... we're sort of reaching the point where COVID really is comparable to the flu in places where vaccines are widely available. I think vaccine passports coupled with a differential restriction regime are a good idea (especially when/where there is a lot of community restriction), but the odds on this gamble are much more favorable than they were in the past. What are vaccination rates in the Netherlands?
  4. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    For example Britain has seen a huge surge in cases but, unlike prior COVID waves, no meaningful pickup in deaths.
  5. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Cases seem to be rising across much of the country due to the Delta variant. Seems to be worse in relative low vaccination states though seasonal effects may also be playing a role. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, it’s a good idea to do it ASAP. The good news is in high vaccination areas caseloads should be lower and less dangerous.
  6. Rick Laird, R.I.P.

    IMHO the presence of relatively low key band members like Laird and Jerry Goodman is part of what made the 1st MO lineup the best one
  7. Oregon - 1974

    Music from Another Present Era is solid, but I like Distant Hills and Winter Light better. Towner’s 1st album on ECM also features his Oregon band mates and is very good.
  8. Neptunian Maximalism, EONS

    These guys have a new "single" - a 53 minute track titled "Solar Drone Ceremony". Enjoyable.
  9. Jon Hassell RIP

    I didn’t realize he was 84!!!! Really interesting musician who creatively developed an important & previously undervalued strand in Miles Davis’s electric music.
  10. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Yup I think there are politicians trying to lever this question toward their agenda, unfortunately, and to some degree it is also feeding into anti-Asian-American racism here ni the US
  11. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    There is a big difference between “it is possible that” and “almost certain”. (Worth reading this NYT article) Not unique… pre-COVID vaccine skepticism in the US was lower than in many continental European countries. Maybe it’s different this time, maybe not.
  12. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I’d worry less about that small Petri dish and more about the massive Petri dish of billions of unvaccinated people in developed countries that couldn’t afford to line up vaccine supplies early. Getting them jabbed is essential to reducing future mutations
  13. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    My understanding based on Israeli data is that vaccine-based immunity is lasting longer than anticipated - ie at least a year. But that doesn’t take into account the possibility of increasingly evasive variants.
  14. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    I think that's probably part of it - looking at vaccination rates only without considering prevalence of prior infection leads to underestimates of immunity in the population. This is true even if vaccination provides better immunity than prior infection. (Which I believe there is evidence of.) *However* - I'd be careful about drawing really strong inferences from the current decline in cases until more time passes. We have positive weather effects (maybe finally winding down as folks crowd into air-conditioned indoor spaces in the South). There has been a lot of unexplained variation in the ebb and flow of COVID that has defied explanation. Two more comments: 1) If you look at the states with relatively high and rising caseloads, they are mostly states with low vaccination rates (MO, NV, UT, AR, AZ). And if you look at the states where very low and falling caseloads, they are mostly states with high vaccination rates (VT, MA, MD, CT, DC). 2) The combination of vaccine and infection immunity is a partial "equalizer" in the near term. But over time, some areas of the country look set for very low caseloads (due to repeated vaccination) and others look set for endemic infection (due to immunity fading over time).
  15. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    The music on the box really clarified the link between Hemphill and some of Tim Berne’s music (especially Bloodcount) in a way that I didn’t appreciate before.