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  1. Good afternoon.


    Will there be a Monday Series in Bushnell this summer?



  2. Sonny Simmons RIP

    Last night on Facebook on one group, it was reported that Sonny died. Under "John Coltrane memorial project" on youtube, yesterday an individual has posted a tribute to Sonny while referring to his passing. A French jazz blog appears to confirm Sonny's death: No details provided.
  3. Andy Fusco RIP

    It is being reported on Facebook that Andy Fusco died.
  4. Wadada Leo Smith "Trumpet"

    3 cd set of 14 new compositions of solo trumpet, which was released on March 31, 2021: The music was allegedly recorded during one week in 2016 in a 15th century stone church on the southern coast of Finland.
  5. This material was recorded at Bill Laswell's studio in New Jersey in 2015 and 2016. This release is part of Tum Records' celebration of Wadada Leo Smith's 80th birthday.
  6. Nick Brignola eats up the changes on "Sister Sadie"

    DeJohnette played on "On a Different Level", which is the only Brignola Reservoir release that I know of with Jack. The other musicians on that recording were Dave Holland and Kenny Barron. I agree with you about the quality of that album, which was well named. Like Nick did, I live in the New York Capital Region (Albany/Troy/Schenectady) and saw him 3-4 times a year. "Sister Sadie" was often included in his sets. "Tenderly" was another favorite of his, which he always played on clarinet. His rendition hits my sweet spot. "Tenderly" appears on "Raincheck".
  7. Nick Brignola eats up the changes on "Sister Sadie"

    Lovely recording. Nick allegedly approved of this release but not the later release of "Things Ain't What They Used To Be: Last Set at Sweet Basil", which was issued after Nick's death. Reservoir's owner thought that music was worthy of release. As I recall, Nick also plays soprano on at least one cut on the album. BTW- it is "Rich", not "Rick" Syracuse and Mike "Holober", not "Holobar".
  8. Billy Bang recommendations sought

    according to Dusty Groove, will be available on cd at same release date:
  9. Freddie Redd (1928-2021)

    Regarding "The Box Office", check out the credits under "Music" and then "Songs". Under "Music", there is a long list of notable jazz musicians included in a big band and a quartet. If you scroll through the movie, there is at least one brief scene with a big band and then a quartet, which crashes through a wall. That quartet includes Teddy Edwards, Philly Joe Jones and Freddie Redd. Josef Bogdanovich was the producer, writer and director of this film. It appears to be the only movie he was involved in. Apparently, Bogdanovich was a scion of the family that created and ran the Star-Kist Tuna company. Internet research indicates that after the movie, he became involved in the reggae music industry.
  10. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    FYI-The March issue of Point of Departure has a Bill Shoemaker article reviewing Hemphill's legacy, reprints Coda Magazine interviews with Hemphill and includes an interview of Marty Ehrlich, the curator of the box set in which he touches on that work.
  12. Lou Ottens RIP

    Lou who?:
  13. Mark Whitecage

    It is being reported on facebook that Mark Whitecage has died. Seems to have started with a post by Don Minasi.
  14. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    For felser: domestic cd release