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  1. Name Three People...

    The Dead End Kids Our Gang Chico & The Man
  2. Percy France Memorial Website

    Anyone in Switzerland help a brother out? I am dying to know if that link is the entire show and includes more performances or not ... (where's the begging smilie when you need one?)
  3. Definitely a cool cat who is missed.
  4. BFT 207 - Link & Discussion

    You both bring skills that most of us wish we had, and in wider range than most of us could ever aspire to. Even if Thom sometimes talks himself out of an ID or ... just .... can't ... quite ... get the track out of the recesses of his still-young mind.
  5. Percy France Memorial Website

    ARGH - I just looked up "Atlantic City" its the same track as on youtube. OTOH, here's a link to "Karussel from November 9 1987" - the broadcast date. If this is the whole show I might be in bidness. https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/karussell/video/karussell-vom-09-11-1987?urn=urn:srf:video:5aba7e6e-040f-48e1-9787-0fa04251b469
  6. Percy France Memorial Website

    I think I just need some help from someone a Suisse: https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/karussell/video/wild-bill-davis?urn=urn:srf:video:9e55de65-d64b-4e3b-8aeb-7e3daf036d97 A google search brought me to that page, it says "unavailable outside of Switzerland" but the screen grab on Google is clearly a track, Atlantic City, from the same set. Looks like November 1987 production/broadcast, too. Is it possible the rest of the tracks are on that site too? Can someone with access please help? Thanks in advance!! Of course, with my luck that could be the same tune as what we already have, but length is 3:31 so probably not? Edit to add: Further searching suggests this might have been from a program, International Carousel Organ Festival.
  7. Percy France Memorial Website

    I don't know if that Jazz Detective is that interested in my obsessions but I think that the more people who click on the youtube video the more likely it is the uploader realizes he has something people want and he'll upload the rest of the show. So can anyone else help me astroturf this guy into giving me the rest of it? It's already his second most played upload and by tomorrow, I'll have it at #1 with a bullet.
  8. Percy France Memorial Website

    I saw that CD and ended up finding a download on Amazon IIRC, it's quite nice. At the time I had no idea that Percy gigged with Wild Bill or that the whole recording could have been France instead of Clifford (and you are right on the group, BTW). Anyway gonna have to keep fingers in a permanently locked state to hope that the uploader has more tracks or the whole TV show to share at some point. I thought I had a connection to Swiss TV but am told that the video can't be accessed.
  9. Percy France Memorial Website

    So here is a screen grab from the end of the video ... am I right that this would be a broadcast from the German-language Swiss TV? That would make further sense in the context of being in Bern for the Festival. I know that there were club dates by the Price trio alone, maybe Percy lined this up while he was off. Thanks.
  10. Not thinking of Burns specifically ... other "popular music" writers who take a shot at a jazz book or bio that just betrays their ignorance.
  11. +1 (And if he has no serious prior knowledge of jazz I'd be even more disinclined. Those are the kinds of books that perpetuate a lot of horseshit.)
  12. Percy France Memorial Website

    And just like that, I went to youtube to check the stats on my uploads and discovered new totally unknown Percy France video! Credits at end indicate 1987 production, weird video effects for that era but on the other hand I know he went to Switzerland for the Bern Festival that year as part of the Sammy Price Two-Tenor Boogie. This is so cool, time to edit the web page.
  13. Percy France Memorial Website

    Hadn't thought of those specifically ... I have used FB friends with wider reach, especially into jazz community, to drive the word thru FB. I have to wonder how many would jump up to join a page dedicated to a guy who had one CD as a leader that hardly had distribution, and three LPs during his career (not counting Doggett LPs that were never exclusively France on tenor). Anyway, my current thought about promotion is regular uploads to a Percy France channel on youtube. I've put up two tracks a year or so ago, one a complete ballad performance and the other a compilation of audio book clips. Both are at nearly 200 hits overall, I think. Regular uploads of partial, or sometimes complete tracks from the voluminous holdings with a link to the page in the comments might drive some traffic. I also think a youtube presence could be the best way to get contact from a family member.
  14. Percy France Memorial Website

    I heard back from Michael and he promises a plug on the email/Gazette soon. Will be interesting as visits are down to single digits per day so with no planned promotional effort at the moment, I'll see the effect of the Gazette in pretty stark terms.
  15. Liner notes to "Harold Land, Westward Bound!"

    None of our heroes (well virtually none) were regarded as without fault at the time their careers were in full swing. But Weeds isn't writing back then, he's writing in 2021, and with 60 years of hindsight does anyone think Hawes wasn't talented? In researching for my Percy France website I found so many reviews of great albums that didn't just denigrate players we adore, but also said things like "with so many recordings to choose from, this one just doesn't make the cut," and that in the context of what a lot of people would call stone-cold classics.