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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Hmmm...will have to listen more closely then, but will need better speakers than these laptop ones.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Interesting. Streaming now and it's got a strong lounge music vibe going, meaning to me it's background music. Unobtrusive, mellow and not very interesting if listened to closely. Melvoin is new for me in regard to an organ player.
  3. what are you drinking right now?

    Love La Chouffe. Can't find it lately here on the East Coast but one of the best imported beers I've ever had.
  4. First: Then: Now playing this, and it's simply incredible:
  5. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    If an artist inserts their political beliefs into a work then the critical reactions are going to address politics. I haven't listened to this and don't really plan to despite enjoying some of VM's previous work as the song titles are hammed up and cheesy, not something that attracts me musically. He's not above cheese even in that back catalog as Common One's Satisfied is stilted as hell. If I want to hear a VM album I'll just put on VF, St Dom's or TH.
  6. BFT 206 is LIVE

    I thought of Hutch too, and maybe it's him but kind of seems like the player doesn't use space like Hutch typically does.
  7. BFT 206 is LIVE

    Well from the discogs listing that alto soloist is Phil Woods, and I thought it was a spectacular solo. Absolutely 180 degrees different for me lol. So Ray Crawford on guitar. Nice playing.
  8. First it was: And this was just complete weak sauce for me this morning. Like a toothless Fela album with some cheesy production. So on to: "Let the Sun Shine In" is such a great song. And so after this it was: Disc 4, called "Rare Rockers"
  9. BFT 206 is LIVE

    1 - I'm not well versed enough to pinpoint the origin of this style, but I'd say it sounds like something from around the Mediterranean. The percussion stands out, as does whatever stringed instrument is being played. Love the groove too. Seems to be on the BFTs I've done so far that Abdul-Malik is typically involved in recordings like this and maybe he's here too but I don't know. I just dig the song. 2 - The composition sounds Burton-esque. I'm going to guess Gary Burton on the vibes. Dig the sax playing as well. Nice tune. 3 - 2 guitars and a bass is what I'm hearing. No guesses. Beautiful track. 4 - Intro is badass. Bass sounds great. Sounds like a Blue Note date or at least a composition from one of those stable artists...I don't think it's Green on guitar. Maybe Burrell? 5 - This sax player is great. And is that a harpsichord? Wow...I've only heard Tyner jam on that instrument like this before but it doesn't sound like him. Wild. 6 - I was going to say Miles for the trumpet and maybe Evans on piano but the bass is sounding like something from the 70s, so that's out the window. Bass player is jamming though. Sax comes in for the first time about half way through which is interesting. No ideas on who this is. The last half of the song picks up and is really nice. 7 - At first I wanted to say Rypdal but I'm not so sure. The opening synths are great on headphones. Hell, they're great throughout the track. Really like this song. 8 - Ellington's band? It's a track I've heard before but can't remember the name. Great stuff. Excellent trombone playing for sure. My favorite track of this BFT. 9 - Evans? Tune is so familiar but I can't name it.
  10. Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

    Ingenuity like this only comes from extreme duress and desperation. Well done!
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Via Disc 1 of the Carter/Bradford Mosaic Select. Wonderful music.
  12. Great album with bonus cuts...only issue is the clipped version of Slavemaster but other than that, top notch reissue.