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  1. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    Hi Felser, yeah I grew up in Springfield Delaware County for the first 31 years of my life. Took the 101 trolly all the time to get into the city, of course connecting at 69th street to the El. But yeah, I see you are in KoP. I used to work at Lockheed Martin over their back in the day. In Florida nowadays. I like the warm air much, much more.
  2. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    Thanks so much. I will be building on my ideas, I have a lot of them. Some get away from me, some stick around. My hope is always that the best ones are with me when it is time to play.
  3. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    Cool, very cool. But where is here? I don't see a link.
  4. the 69th Street Terminal (jazz quartet style)

    Thank you man! Yes, I give you permission to move this to the appropriate location, and if you would not mind please let me know where it is so that I know where to be posting my music in the future. Regards, Brian
  5. Hi, my name is Brian and I am brand new here. I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I love jazz, always have and I am producing an album (for myself), it is called "The Jazz Abstract Project". As an introduction to this album, I am posting the first instrumental here for you to hear and for you to provide your feedback. My jazz music is not traditional, it is much more free-form, but I find that interesting. It is exciting to me to see where the music takes me, because I never really know from the start. It has to begin somewhere, and then build on it. I personally am playing all the instruments (bass, piano, drums) with the exception of the horns. I got those from somebody online. I am looking forward to producing the entire album. If just for myself that is cool, but if I get others to dig it too then even better. I think you will find it interesting. Thank you and I look forward to sharing with you here.