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  1. NBA playoffs thread

    Now Carmelo has joined the Lakers.
  2. 2021 @CFL season

    Season Previews ***** Week 1 picks ***** Power Rankings ***** The Ticats will produce their own radio show for CHML and the internet - five hours each gameday! ***** The league has announced a cancellation policy in case of covid problems. ***** The league and the union have agreed to amen the collective bargaining agreement for this year. ***** TSN's Top 50 Players. Speedy Banks is #1. *** Today's view count is 171,012.
  3. 2021 @CFL season

    Let's see if we can get caught up with the headlines. Edmonton cut Kenny Stafford in a surprise move. ***** Chuck McMann has died at 70. RIP. I saw him play for the Als in the '78 and '79 Grey Cup Finals. ***** The Elks unveiled this year's green jersey. Not much change, ***** James Wilder, Jr., has come out of retirement to join the Elks. ***** The Als cut Naaman Roosevelt. ***** Doug Falconer has died at 69. RIP. ***** Lin-J Shell has died at only 39. RIP. ***** Sid Spiegel, one of the Als' owners, has died. RIP. It looks to me like he was the money behind the new ownership group, so there may be problems ahead for the Als. ***** Sask's Friday opener is sold out. ***** The Redblacks revealed this year's uniforms. ***** I was reminded this week that Trevor Harris is 35, and one of the oldest players in the league. ***** Calvin McCarty has returned from retirement to sign with Calgary. ***** Sask's Tim Williams tore his Achilles tendon. That makes five for the Riders. ***** The Argos cut Terrell Sinkfield. ***** The final training camp cuts have been made. ***** Power Rankings! ***** Season previews. ***** All caught up! Today's view count is 170,962.
  4. 2021 @CFL season

    Season Previews League CFL Beat: Your 2021 Season Overview – [DOOR FLIES OPEN] CFL Beat: East Division Preview – [DOOR FLIES OPEN] CFL Beat: West Division Preview – [DOOR FLIES OPEN] ***** 7/29 checking down ***** Top 50 current players ***** This week's Thursday and Friday games will be on ESPN. The western Saturday game will be on ESPNEWS. ***** Today's view count is 170, 911.
  5. NBA playoffs thread

    I don't understand the NBA's salary cap. Washington has traded Russell Westbrook to the LA Lakers. Why are the Lakers allowed to have so many big stars every year?
  6. 2021 @CFL season

    Let's go back to July 8, and see how many headlines we can find. Michael Soles has died of ALS at only 54. RIP. ***** An extraordinary number of guys are suffering torn Achilles tendons, which means they will probably be out for the year. The Riders lost four guys on one day! ***** More retirements. ***** Former Chicago receiver Cam Meredith is trying to make the Bombers roster. He was good for the Bears until he hurt his ACL. ***** Denver spent its 2016 first round pick on QB Paxton Lynch. He is now trying to make the Riders roster. ***** Damon Allen will be an assistant coach with Las Vegas this year. ***** This year's wildfires are causing air-quality problems for the camps of BC, Edmonton and Winnipeg. ***** Gossip! ***** In a surprise move, Toronto traded DB Alden Darby to Winnipeg. ***** Derek Dennis has walked back from his decision to retire, but he doesn't to honor the contract he signed with Edmonton. He wants the Elks to trade or release him. ***** Tyler Crapigna immediately signed with Winnipeg (who need to replace the recently retired Justin Medlock) upon being let go by Montreal. ***** Checking Down July 10 July 16 July 22 ***** Here is the running tally of the guys who have been let go. ***** That takes us through July 20 plus a little extra, More soon. Today's view count is 170,845.
  7. Dusty Hill, RIP

    Dusty Hill, the bass player of ZZ Top, has died at 72. RIP. ZZ Top legend Dusty Hill dead at 72: 'You will be missed greatly, amigo' (
  8. 2021 @CFL season

    Opening Day is coming up - August 5. I expect to see some good season previews, which I will post promptly while I catch up with the other news. League Calgary Winnipeg Montreal BC Sask Hamilton Toronto Ottawa Edmonton ***** More soon. Today's view count is 170,774.
  9. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Michael, I don't know anything about it. It looks good for the price, doesn't it? AFAIK, Sony still routinely overcharges for their merchandise. But this is so heavily discounted, it might be a good buy.
  10. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System (Pair) - Black - $73.00 Five years ago this pair went for $219. Today it is half off.
  11. 2021 @CFL season

    Time to catch up! Mike Reilly has asked to be called Michael. His mother died, and she never liked the name Mike. ***** More retirements. ***** The season previews are starting to roll in! Saskatchewan Hamilton Winnipeg Edmonton BC Calgary Montreal Toronto Ottawa ***** The Argos have hired Rich Stubler as an "advisor." I love Stubler, but is he there to breathe down the necks of the coaches? ***** The league has ended its discussions with the XFL, thank goodness. ***** Gossip! ***** That takes us through July 7. More soon. Today's view count is 169,408.
  12. Kimbrough

    Thanks Kevin!
  13. Kimbrough

    Are CDs available?
  14. Bargain Audio Equipment

    BT20A Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Mini Hi-Fi Class D Integrated Amp 2.0 CH for Home Speakers 100W x 2 with Bass and Treble Control TPA3116 (with Power Supply) - $67.99 ($22.00/24% off)
  15. New Art Pepper releases from Laurie Pepper

    Episode Sixteen