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  1. Frank Zappa

    then why comment? or even click on the thread?
  2. Larry McMurtry

    Lonesome Dove and its prequel and sequels, All My Friends are Going To Be Strangers, Roads
  3. Covid vaccination: poll

    I received my second shot of the Moderna/NIH vaccine on 2/22/2021, and felt no side effects until the following day, which were mild. Felt like the early stages of a cold, but without the sore throat. Completely gone by the next day. I'm ready for any follow-up booster for any of the variants, if any are authorized later in the year.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I don't understand this statement. The clinical trials were conducted in various populations around the world. Whatever variants or level of infection are in the community is what they had to work with. There was no "lack of representativity" or rush job. The Moderna and Pfizer trials took place starting in July 2020; the Astra Zeneca started later, and in different population centers.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Just to add to the discussion on vaccine efficacies, it should be pointed out that these rates were determined during clinical trials, so they depend greatly on the communities in which they were tested. I think it was the Johnson&Johnson vaccine that was tested in groups that had much more of the variant discovered in South Africa, which is suspected of being more virulent than the others, and it still demonstrated an efficacy in the upper 70s, which is fantastic for a coronavirus vaccine. It was also tested during the highest increases in cases, so there was tremendous pressure on the population from the virus, and it still managed to prevent hospitalizations from severe cases. It's possible that this one, and the Astra Zeneca, are closer in efficacy rates to the Moderna and Pfizer, if they were tested in identical populations. I would recommend to anyone to get whichever one is available.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    I received my first shot on Monday, due to my employment (not age). No issues at all, just soreness at the injection site as with a flu shot.
  7. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    I've been really enjoying a lot of the recent ECM titles. I just wish I had time and money to explore more of what's been released over the past few years, but I've particularly liked these: Andy Sheppard- Movements in Colour Marilyn Crispell and David Rothenburg- One Dark Night I Left My Silent House Ketil Bjornstad- La Notte Marcin Wasilewski- January Sinikka Langeland- Starflowers, The half-finished heaven Markku Ounaskari, Samuli Mikkonen, Per Jørgensen- Kuara Misha Alperin- Her First Dance Anouar Brahem- The Astounding Eyes of Rita
  8. Google Play Music - the end. Alternatives?

    Almost. I use an Android phone, and the BubbleUPNP app is only for Android. My set up allows for both in-home streaming to my stereo system, and also over the internet streaming to the app on my phone, thus replacing the functionality lost from Google Music. Additionally, this set up also allows me to stream full high-res FLAC files.
  9. Google Play Music - the end. Alternatives?

    this is what i have. My music is on a network drive, and I have a raspberry pi that acts as the DLNA server, using JRiver. I can then use that to play music to my stereo system or to my phone. It works great and was much easier to set up than I was expecting. I don't like the JRiver app though, so I have a second raspberry pi that hosts the BubbleUPNP Server, which offers a much better mobile app.
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I think they (or maybe I read it elsewhere) even break it down by county in some of these Trump-won states, with the rise in cases correlating closely with margin of Trump vote.
  11. RIP Stanley Crouch

    a "blues duel". Wow, I must have missed that.
  12. I have this book. Larry is correct, lots of pictures. There might be an essay or two, if I can find the box where I have some of my books I'll take a look. Chuck, I think I actually asked you about this book around 15 or so years ago!
  13. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    yes, that very well could make a bad problem much worse
  14. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    This appears to be unlikely. The leading candidates for vaccines currently are focused on the spike protein, which doesn't seem to be mutating much at all. Since this is a RNA virus, it will mutate more than a DNA virus would, but so far the mutations haven't been linked to lethality or COVID19 severity. What is concerning though is how the antibodies produced in some people who have been infected and recovered seem to be fading in just a few months (similar to other coronaviruses). This might mean booster vaccines could be necessary.
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    It baffling to me. Not only have they politicized the pandemic overall, this particular drug (I think a lot of this comes from Rudy Guiliani and Fox News), the weather (by drawing over a hurricane forecast map with a Sharpie), and now legitimate scientific research. In response to prompting from OAN, the president directed the NIH/NIAID extramural funding director to immediately pull the research grants for studying bat viruses, because part of that research is in collaboration with the Wuhan virology lab. Very important science especially at this time, but because of politics, it must be stopped right away. Outrageous!