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  1. iTunes question

    okay, it seems i was confusing sound check with normalization. on the other hand, when you say that the sound check fucntion is "supposed to make all of the songs play at the same volume level," isn't that sorta what normalization is for..? just want to make sure i'm understanding you correctly... thanks again, Brandon
  2. Trippy acid jazz?

    shit man, that "Rated X" jam is downright frightening. (in the good way, of course...)
  3. iTunes question

    yeah, the 'sound check' function is supposed to act as some kind of automatic mastering mechanism...but really only does so much. as we all know, if there's a loud pop on something (a LP burn, for example), that *pop* becomes the loudest peak on that particular file. consequently, you never get a true median level to be compared with the others in your library. that i understand. one hopes that leaving it on wouldn't bring your entire output level down wholesale though, y'know... the 'sound enhancer' fucntion is still something of a mystery to me. mostly because i never looked up what it meant. (my fault.) i'll try posting on some geeky Apple boards to see what others say. will report back here with whatever i find out... thanks guys, Brandon
  4. attn: Cassavetes box set owners...

    just wrote Jon Mulvaney about it. i'll tell you what he says when he replies. thanks for double-checking for me, by the way. Brandon
  5. okay, now that i have your attention... can somebody please pop the Opening Night disc in and see of you get double-vision beginning at around 29:05. this a common/known error? thanks, Brandon
  6. Filmmaker Gordon Parks Dies at 93

    no mention yet of A Choice of Weapons. mandatory reading for any American, i think... thanks for making Kansas proud, Gordon. - Brandon
  7. Wax Poetics #15

    thanks for the good word, guys. the interview itself seems like ages ago by now... enough so that, by the time i finally had a copy in my hands, i felt like i was reading someone else's work! anyway, seeing everything come to life after such a long wait is well worth the effort. great shots and amazing stories indeed. thanks again to brownie for his cooperation and kind spirit..! cheers, Brandon [shane, i accepted the Stanford job in autumn of '04. you're right though... i was in DC before that.]
  8. Classic music on vinyl

    Artist: Charles Ives / Carl Ruggles Title: Three Places In New England / Sun-treader Genre: Classical Type: LP Label: Deutsche Grammophon Catalog ID: 2530 048 Country: USA
  9. Wax Poetics #15

    Yikes! Bad start: my opening question was rephrased without hearing about it first. For one, you have to imagine i would never preface the term New Thing with "so-called". (Bummer...) other than that everything's pretty much 100% straight up. luckily that mistake was at my expense and not anyone else's...
  10. Wax Poetics #15

    Got my copies in the mail today, actually. Layout looks great! ...though it seems to me they may have attributed one too many shots to Silva's Luna Surface session. (If this is the case I need to know because no one should make assumptions like that without consulting the contributors first.) Surprising that, with so many Dusty Groove addicts here, more of you haven't hopped on the WP train yet...they seem to share the same audience. Very good publication, in my opinion...
  11. *** DVD CORNER ***

    just watched this last week. best thing i've seen in years...
  12. Gimme Indie Rock!

    is this directed toward me? if so, no. do tell... secondly: interesting, your take on the Animal Collective. Sung Tongs was really godamned good. acidic enough to burn your retinas yet definitively NY. as psychedelic records go, i'll say that's the most wildly original thing since Mercury Rev Boces. and i don't particularly like Mercury Rev, by the way...i just want to give credit where its due. (let's be honest, Boces is a seriously f*cked up record, man.) back to AC: i'm embarrased to say that i already wish they we're "like they used to be"...and it's only been two years since ST. like you say, though, they're still figuring out who they are, then again, they also seem to change their approach every two weeks. personally, i prefer the acoustic stuff with the Carl Wilson overdubs. (any Joe Electroharmonix can run guitars through 900 effects. f*ck that.) your Sun City Girls point is well taken. they obviously get a lot from those dudes but i think i prefer the SCG more in theory than in practice. much of it -- the show i saw in SF last year, for example -- seems awfuly hokey to me. the Rick Bishop solo guit stuf i love but the SCG can come across as -- and i hate to use the dreaded "W" word -- wacky. (let's face it, there's really nothing worse than wacky music...) -- B
  13. Gimme Indie Rock!

  14. Who here lives in Austin?

    C, a used LP shop opened up shortly before i moved called Sound on Sound. it's on North Loop and, yes, also named after one of Tim's old band's songs. anyway, it's alright. beats the hell out of Waterloo. that town, for all its music this-and-that, is pretty dry as far as used LP are concerned. nothin'..
  15. SUN RA on SNL video

    a friend and i watched the Beefheart performance on SNL last weekend, as i had recently rummaged through my old VHS tapes. there's a link to an admittedly poor dub here. quite a performance, really. one has to feel for the poor innocent souls who thought they were *just going to see a comedy show* because that's some seriously unsettling shit right there...
  16. Sun Ra and Disney

    that's a fun record. also features a great version of the seven dwarves' "Heigh Ho" by Tom Waits.
  17. RIP Wilson Pickett

    awful news. Pickett was my favorite Stax vocalist.
  18. Most bizzare band names of all time.

    One of many un-used band names listed in the recent Guided By Voices bio: Richard Flavor and the Flavors (featuring Robert Flavor)
  19. Talking Heads individual remasters

    100%! (apologies for any confusion.) -- B
  20. Talking Heads individual remasters

    yeah, not so much. i see used LP copies all the time for less than ten bucks...making it not unlike John Cale & Terry Riley's Church of Anthrax in that both records are too abstract to win over fans of the pop side of the collabo (TH/Cale) yet, at the same time, not quite abstract enough for the "experimental" (Eno/Riley) camp.
  21. Happy Birthday, Clifford Thornton!

    Good talkin' yesterday, as always. Glad to hear things are going well, happy b-day, and don't forget to hit Jim Jim's once the heat returns to Austin. It's a lifesaver... talk soon, buddy. -- Brandon
  22. David Axelrod

    listen, i'm not arguing that DA saved music or anything. all the same, i hardly think he "stinks". by this are you saying that he ruined more sessions than he aided? i'm curious why you feel this way... also, i believe it's worth mentioning that most folks deep into the Axelrod funk camp are there for the beats and not the solos. in fact, i'd be willing to argue that MOST fans of the funky Axelrod dates are there for the beats and not the solos. (this makes you neither right nor wrong, of course. just an observation.) the same can probably be said for Ozzie as well, i think...