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  1. Any comic book fans in here?

    Eightball is the only comic I read.
  2. Laser rot, anyone?

    Vinyl is actually pretty strong by comparison...barring any enviromnetal or structural dammage, that is. Shellac, though, is the ultimate workhorse, in terms of stability. One of the worst media is actually DAT. The shelf-life on those can sometimes be little more than a decade. I find that, despite much of our collection being 1/4" open reel tape, the DATs are in at least as much danger, as far as degradation is concerned.
  3. Laser rot, anyone?

    I don't know if I'd use the word "common", but this is a known problem in the library/archives field. For this reason, archival masters (if stored on optical discs) are often commited to gold CD-Rs; the thought being that gold is closer to inert than aluminum and, thus, will take a great deal longer to react with the other substances among the disc: the plastic (Polycarbonate), the binder (adhesive), etc. Also, in the event of a colored disc, any dyes or pigments that might be involved as well. Some links: The NIST guide from 2003 includes a pretty good introcuction to the many components, layers, and competing substances among varying optical disc media. There's also this site. I can't speak to its legitimacy, but it did inspire this article in 2004 so... To Chuck's point, here's a list of comercially issued CDs known to exhibit bronzing. And like he said, all are European. A Google search for "CD rot" will bring up a lot of hits...but read them at your own risk.
  4. Where to start with Frank Zappa?

    Freak Out is the only one I could possibly listen to anymore. I don't like a lot of screwball antics in my music. (The Rutles excluded, of course.)
  5. *** DVD CORNER ***

    Which Diary? Luis Bunuel's (with Jeanne Moreau) or Jean Renoir's (with Paulette Godard)? Love Jeanne Moreau in the Bunuel... ← This one is the Bunuel. I cheated and watched the first few minutes last night before bed. (You're right. I had forgotten about Moreau!) This is maybe my favorite Bunuel...and certainly some of my favorite editing.
  6. Turns out, it's Orson Welles!
  7. *** DVD CORNER ***

    Just got an unopened copy of the Diary of a Chaimbermaid Criterion...for something like six(!) bucks on ebay. Just arrived yesterday, so I'll be watching it again soon... That Simpsons packaging is atrocious, by the way. Yeesh...
  8. Modern Rock - what do you like???

    Been listening to the new Smog with some regularity. I tend to forget about him for intervals of two or three years at a time, and then catch up with everything in one feel swoop. Same with Low, whose new record, The Great Destoyer, I'm also enjoying.
  9. Restaurant Music

    No, but close. I once heard Corky's Debt to His Father by Mayo Thompson (of the Red Crayola) at a coffee shop.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Sunny Murray - Sunshine

    Interesting that no one has mentioned Face to Face, one of my faves. The (by now, only sort of) recent Castle reissue includes some amazing non-album bonus tracks such as "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" and "This is Where I Belong"; the latter being, in my opinion, among the very best Kinks tunes of all time.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom
  13. Why I Stay Pissed

    While you're at it, maybe you can convince the Story of Texas museum in Austin to include Ornette on its Texan musician "wall of fame". No offesne to Red Garland, of course, but I would argue that, among the two of them, only one unquestionably revolutionized an Amercian artform...
  14. Looks like just another monkey film ...

    I figured Jack Black was going to provide comic relief in this one. Strange to see him play it straight...relatively speaking. I doubt I will see this film however, as if often the case, I am going to vote [yes] on Naomi Watts. Terrible CGI dinosaurs, by the way. Yeesh...
  15. The mother lode...

    So I've been collecting vintage posters from the 1968 Summer Olympics for going on a couple years now. Marksmanship and basketball, for example, are on my living room wall as I type; while yachting, cycling, field hockey and [a couple more that I'm forgetting] are in the queue for framing. (The soccer poster continually fetches more than I'm willing to dump on any one item...owing mostly to the fact the the player looks like he's doing capoiera. Translation: it looks really damned cool.) Anyway, I just stumbled upon this just now. I had no idea that every poster was colllected in one box, to say nothing for the books. Were this closer to the $300-350 range, I would have already pulled the trigger. Alas... Brandon
  16. The mother lode...

    "Roster" or "poster"? You'll have no trouble finding images of the medal ceremony. They're all over the place. In fact, if you mirror my saved eBay search [mexico olympic poster], you'll get several. This one dude always has six or seven of them up and any one time. A roster on the other hand...I dunno. When I get the time I'll see what I can dig up.
  17. The mother lode...

    No no no no... I was just saying is all. [That phrase never really comes off right when typed out.] I didn't mean that to sound overly personal. I'm in a coffee shop in the Haight right now, editing interview questions. The music is terrible and very loud and perhaps I allowed that to affect my skills as a verbal tactician. In any case, my bad. Sorry. Anyway, glad to see another proponent of the well-worn automobile. My last car was a 1992 Isuzu truck with next to no paint, a drivers side window that was taped up, and no air conditioning (in Austin, TX!). Okay, I gotta get out of here before commit any more ill-advised thoughts to (virtual) paper...
  18. The mother lode...

    ...while other Amercians choose their battles, Chuck. I, for example, don't own a car...or a Mosaic.
  19. ebay madness re: vinyl

    anyone in the market for some 45s...?
  20. September 2005 RVGs

    That's very funny... EDIT: Come to think about it, that's how I feel about CDs in general.
  21. Yo La Tengo

    Don't sleep on Painful. My favorite by Jersey mile...
  22. September 2005 RVGs

    Again, this board does not account for the majority of the jazz buying public in the United States. It is a representation of it, yes. But there are a great many people in this country who are wholly unaware of the many concurrent reissue series in other nations. I think sometimes we forget that the "average joe" is quite a bit less informed about these types of things than your typical Organissimo member. I see the typical US jazz CD buyer not as someone who discusses discographical errors on Internet message boards, but rather people with a more, shall we say, passive interest in the music. It's important to mention that I'm not exactly losing sleep over this or anything. I just think it's worth pointing out is all...
  23. September 2005 RVGs

    Thanks again for posting one of these lists. Very kind of you to share this information with the rest of us. As for the above, I know I've said it before but, the argument you present really only holds water if we assume that a significant percentage of the U.S. jazz buying public actively seeks out Spanish(?!) Blue Note reissues. I'm just not sure that's the case...
  24. Mulholland Drive

    ← That's too bad...
  25. The Jazz Composer's Orchestra / Michael Mantler

    Great record, though I never actually heard it until about two years ago. Consequently, I never really thought much about Larry Coryell until about two years ago. Love the controlled feedback here. Thanks for the (accidental) suggestion. I'm going to put it on right now...