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  1. Awesome! Thank you.
  2. Any feelings towards the first two symphonies?
  3. I realize this is probably a big reach here but I'm looking for someone who possibly owns this recording on the Olympia label and is willing to part with it. I have a beat-up copy which was burned some years back and is pretty much unlistenable. I would love to get the original recording. $30 is the going rate. PM me if interested. FWIW, I have posted this also on Good Music Guide the classical music forum. Hoping somebody comes through.
  4. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    I saw that myself earlier. I thought I'd take a chance and post here on the forum in hope that maybe somebody Stateside might be willing to make a deal.
  5. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Portland actually. When the state had the press conference a couple weeks back they mentioned a bunch of openings at the Civic Center which is why I ended up there. I would have much preferred going to Sanford. Probably a lot less of a parking hassle.
  6. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Got the first Pfizer shot a little over a week ago. 2'nd shot on April 14. No problems with first shot although slight achiness in left shoulder. Just want to get this done at this point. Hopefully we'll have some sense of normality here in Maine when tourist season is in full force by July.
  7. Anyone willing to part with this release? Preferably the RVG release. Thanks. PM me!
  8. Chet Baker in Tokyo

    Thanks Lon for the input. Placed the order a short time ago. I've always heard good things about this recording.
  9. Chet Baker in Tokyo

    I've been interested in this release for quite some time. My question is I see it released on the Evidence label and I also see a Japanese version which sells for a lesser price. Is there any difference in quality? Should I be seeking out the Evidence version although it sells for somewhat higher price? Thanks.
  10. If you guys are really interested in knowing the condition of a particular set, it's well worth placing a phone call. The sales person I dealt with was very helpful. Not rude or short with me. I took him for his word and placed the order. Supposedly Monday I'll be receiving my order. I could always post my impressions then.
  11. I'm really excited. I've been after the set for quite some time but not willing to pay the steep prices that go on eBay these days. I seen that set go for at least 500 and that would be on the low end.