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  1. Red Garland on Prestige

    Synchronicity and all that jazz--I logged into the board just now to post that I was listening to this album, in honor of Red's birthday. It's a sentimental favorite, because I'm pretty sure it's the first Garland I ever bought, after the album cover hooked me as a young record-store clerk. It sounds awfully damn good all these years later, too:
  2. Spiritual jazz

    Apologies if I overlooked prior mention of it while perusing this thread, but anybody interested in this genre, however we define it, should definitely check out Jazzman’s ongoing Spiritual Jazz series (I know a number of other board members follow or are aware of these releases). The two most recent volumes focus on modern-day artists.
  3. "Rookie Of The Year: Curtis Fuller '57" on Night Lights

    Up in memory: Rookie Of The Year: Curtis Fuller ‘57
  4. Native American Jazz

    Great topic, Pim. I've had this on the Night Lights drawing board for a number of years now, but have never gotten around to doing a show. Looking at possibly putting together one this year for November, which is Native American Heritage Month.
  5. "Ellington Ending: Duke Ellington 1967-73"

    Up again in honor of Ellington’s birthday today: Ellington Ending: Duke Ellington 1967-73
  6. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    One of the best jazz budget sets ever:
  7. Name Three People...

    Manchester representing!
  8. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    Garrett Whitlock, and you'll be happy to know that Yankee fans continue to suffer heartburn over the organization's failure to protect him. As for the AL East, I feel as if the pre-season conversations I had with several friends and fellow MLB fans are holding true--that the division will be a bloodbath, with the Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees all capable of finishing with anywhere from 80 to 95 wins. (And yes, I know the consensus is that Boston's playing over their heads, but I always felt that Cora's return, among other things, would enable them to outperform expectations. And JD has certainly regained his pre-2020 form.)
  9. This past week’s Night Lights show explores pianist Bill Evans’ brief but significant stay with Miles Davis’ group in 1958-59, including some non-Kind Of Blue live and studio recordings: Kind Of Two: Miles Davis And Bill Evans
  10. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    Madison Bumgarner’s 7-inning no-hitter If 7-inning doubleheader games are here to stay (having been retained by MLB after being introduced during last year’s pandemic-shortened season), then the 1991 statistical rule/definition, made when there were no such games, needs to be updated. Pitchers who throw all 7 innings and/or don’t give up a run are being officially credited with complete games and shutouts; why suddenly change that when it comes to defining a no-hitter? To me, the logic comes from the game reaching its intended length (as opposed to a weather-shortened game that was supposed to go 9 innings, or 7 in the case of a doubleheader).