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  1. Now reading...

  2. "The Juneteenth Jazz Jamboree"

    ... and whaddaya know, now it’s a federal holiday! The Juneteenth Jazz Jamboree
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The 2007 Connoisseur CD reissue that adds almost all of Foster's unreleased followup from nine months later:
  4. Erroll Garner - Liberation In Swing

    Mack Avenue is one of my favorite modern-day jazz labels, and the recent run of Octave Garner reissues has been well-done—also helpful, I think, for promoting Garner’s legacy and giving him his due as an artist. (Not to mention Sony’s expanded version of Concert By The Sea that came out in 2015.) This new box set seems aimed at a very well-heeled connoisseur set of customers, so I’m happy to stick with the Telarc compilation—especially since the “standard” version—still at a boutique price!—doesn’t even include CDs.
  5. Erroll Garner - Liberation In Swing

    Yep. This is the Telarc box (basically just the 6 CDs in a slipcase) that I picked up new 12 years ago for about $20: Iirc, wasn’t Mosaic looking at possibly doing a Garner Columbia set at one point but couldn’t come to terms with the estate?
  6. I was just making a goofy joke alluding to the mythical Buddy Bolden cylinder—and yes, invoking “I Remember Britt” as well (nice Harold Mabern tune that Steve Slagle covers on his newest release, actually).
  7. “West Coast Manne: Shelly Manne In The 1950s”

    We re-aired West Coast Manne this past week, and it remains archived for online listening.
  8. Erroll Garner - Liberation In Swing

    Yes, we’ve gotten promos at the station of all of the individual CDs and they’re nicely done. I’ve held off on buying them because I have the old 6-CD set that collected all of this material; I picked it up for a song a few years ago and haven’t felt the need to upgrade to the new editions yet. If the “standard” box set included the CDs, I’d definitely be tempted to pick it up, though probably not at the full $150 list price. But definitely not shelling out such a sum for downloads and a handful of LPs. I’ll be content to either stay with my old set or acquire the individual reissues here and there. Glad at least to see Garner garnering some attention. (Thanks, folks, I’m here all week—try the hi-res downloads!) Yesterday was his centennial.
  9. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    Glasnow blames UCL injury on MLB’s sticky-substance crackdown ... much as the pitcher-batter dynamic has tilted too much in favor of the pitchers, this sudden lurch from one extreme to the other in the middle of a season, with a clumsy heavy-handedness worthy of Manfred’s maladroit leadership in general, does seem f’d up from the pitchers’ POV.
  10. Will this box set include the legendary Lee Morgan cylinder “I Remember Buddy”?
  11. Erroll Garner - Liberation In Swing

    The primary music format for the “standard” $150 set is downloads, plus several LPs. Pass. 👎
  12. Now reading...

    On some sort of artist-in-city kick:
  13. So...Doug Hawkins Did Good Work!, Eh?

    Cuscuna mentioned him in some sort of 2004 interview (in context of RVG, though): Business picks up
  14. Capricorn Climber

    What venue?