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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Novotny is/was fantastic. I never met him or saw him live, but I have a number of vintage LPs: RAU, Three Motions, and the related outfit Masters of Unorthodox Jazz (which Novotny was not part of, far out stuff) and would love to hear the recording with Greene.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    that's fair -- I am not one of those to insist free players are on a higher level. It's music I love very much but I also love straight ahead jazz, trad, swing, and whatever else. There's room for everybody.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Well, every time something bubbles up about free players not being able to play changes or read music, I feel like it has to be trotted out -- like an abstract visual artist has to be Michelangelo in their drawing ability. Sure, some foundation can help, but why do what Michelangelo did? Why play like Bird did, or why sight-read Stravinsky when that's not what your music requires? Or, perhaps a musician can do this but prefers to play free music -- then let them do it. A sampling of the musicians on that boxed set, many of whom were excellent readers/composers/players in a wide range of settings: Steve Lacy, Bobby Few, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Rutherford, Misha Mengelberg, Willem Breuker, Irène Schweizer, Vinko Globokar, Albert Mangelsdorff, Fred van Hove, Johnny Dyani... and then there are people like Brötzmann and Frank Wright, Alan Silva, and others, who may not be able to read microscopic fly shit on paper but are tremendous musicians in other ways.
  4. The Cookers

    yeah, Dusty usually carries Gearbox LPs. They aren't hard to get in the US. Looking forward to hearing this.
  5. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Crazy list of places that shut down. Some in Williamsburg I knew well and some of those closed not because of the pandemic, but because of other primary factors.
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    excellent set. The book is amazing.
  7. JR Monterose Is Alive In Amsterdam

    yeah, I mean YMMV after De Perikels but...
  8. Bobby Bradford

    Wow. HBBB!
  9. JR Monterose Is Alive In Amsterdam

    Have both on LP and they're fantastic. Jazz in Paradiso was part of a Dulfer CD box that EMI Holland did some years ago; I never had that, but it looked pretty all-encompassing. I feel like all of those Catfish LPs should have standalone reissues. They're indispensable.
  10. Albert Ayler

    definitely English subtitles where needed, otherwise none.
  11. Juni Booth (1948 - 2021)

    He was around 18 when he first recorded with Sonny Simmons and Marzette Watts for ESP. A talented guy.
  12. Juni Booth (1948 - 2021)

    Sad loss. Saw him play at the Vision Festival with Billy Bang and Frank Lowe, that was a treat. Pretty sure it wasn't the only occasion but that concert really sticks out.
  13. Albert Ayler

    saw it upon US release in Austin many years ago -- the Alamo Drafthouse had "Music Mondays," which were either $2 or $5, and this was one of their screenings. Pretty fantastic although I agree that Mary Maria got short shrift. Somebody needs to write a book on jazz in Scandinavia with a bent on American influences like Ayler, Shepp, Taylor, Cherry, Pettiford...
  14. Oregon - 1974

    There's an interview with the band in either DownBeat or Coda from around that time and it is pretty interesting. Sadly, the music never lived up to what they were talking about (for me).
  15. Dutch Jazz: Theo Loevendie Three

    Yeah, the Consort albums -- Mandela on Catfish (an EMI subsidiary for which Hans Dulfer did A&R) and Chess! on BASF -- are both wonderful. The Nederlans Jazzarchief reissued both on one CD. The LPs are not difficult to find and should be under $100. There's also an excellent Antibes live date floating around the internet that lines up perfectly with Mandela, and is even more rambunctious. not listed on Discogs is a Japanese CBS/Sony pressing of Stairs! from the late '60s.