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  1. Bob Koester RIP

    What a legacy. RIP.
  2. Annette Peacock

    Dual Unity is heavy. I like Improvisie, used to jam it a fair amount. Pretty spaced out.
  3. Annette Peacock

    Dual Unity and the America LP also get a fair amount of spin around here, although in a very different vein than her rock records.
  4. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    RIP. Never saw him live but the recordings are to be cherished.
  5. Annette Peacock

    there's a second pressing with the same cover art but minus most of the text... even more perplexing. I'm sure it went straight to the remainder bins.
  6. Annette Peacock

    Yeah, Bowie's favorite record was apparently Daevid Allen's Banana Moon so there you go... I'm The One is good too, but Revenge is just next level. Too bad her name is not more prominent on the cover, though. Paul who?
  7. Annette Peacock

    Revenge is my favorite LP of hers, though some of the later ones have kind of slipped through the cracks for me. I should probably reinvestigate things like X-Dreams.
  8. Spiritual jazz

    Yep. And even in 2012 it was cheaper to get into on the used record market than now. Sheesh!
  9. Japanese Jazz

    yeah, I actually have that one on vinyl -- great album indeed.
  10. Japanese Jazz

    those Aketagawa LPs are rare. I only have the first one, and a pair of albums he did for Offbeat. Takayanagi is a fave. Abe is indeed music for special occasions. Message to Chicago, Water Weed, The Masterpiece... all essential Toyozumi LPs. 2 to 10 Saxophone Adventure has eluded me in its original form but a reissue is in the works. Great stuff.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    missing "I have an original pressing" or "I reissued that."
  12. Spirit Free - 'plays Starship' (dandy obscure 1971 LP, by Las Vegas group)

    Yeah, a friend of mine did this reissue. It's cool -- they probably overestimated demand because it didn't sell at all upon reissue. I'm sure stock is still pretty full. The Boscoe CD he put out, on the other hand, did quite well. This is the kind of stuff that the early/mid-00s reissue scene was known for, and Numero/Asterisk was part of that in a big way. I miss the days of really nice CD reissues with good liner notes. They're fewer and farther between right now.
  13. I've never seen it on CD, but I have it on LP and it's super. Inter-Session is great as well.
  14. yes, it was issued on Debut as Spirits and on Freedom as Witches & Devils.
  15. Who did Larry Young play with...

    amazing thread I missed the first time around.