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  1. Miles in Japan with Sam Rivers

    It's well known that MIles was after Wayne for several years...and he was right. Wayne was the perfect sax player (and composer) for Miles' quintet. Given that, I think River's was probably the most interesting and best suited of the pre-Wayne players in the quintet. Not to knock the other guys... there were some formidable players, but Rivers combined the mastery, the writing skills, and the modern cutting edge sensibilities that the others didn't, and Wayne would use to make the quintet one of the greatest bands ever.... bigtiny
  2. mort lindsey

    Also Merv Griffin's bandeader for years. I never saw too much of the NY based show, but in LA, he had a great band that included Jack Sheldon, Plas Johnson, and a bunch of other LA heavies.... bigtiny
  3. What Artist/LP/CD Got You Hooked On Jazz

    There were other factors too....the above mentioned band director got me into jazz band, sent me to my first live jazz concert (Stan Kenton 1972), which just killed me, and basically introduced me to the world of jazz. The next year, I moved onto high school and got a new band director -- he had played bass for Duke Ellington for six years and taught a host of young players including Stanley Clarke and Jon Lee. His name is John Lamb. After the jump start I'd gotten the previous year, hanging out with Mr. Lamb and hearing stories about playing with Ellington and life on the road.....well, I was a goner, let's put it that way =:-) bigtiny
  4. What Artist/LP/CD Got You Hooked On Jazz

    As a young trumpet player in the early 70's who knew NOTHING about jazz, two things happened: -my new band director played Maynard Ferguson's 'MF Horn II' for me -my mother, bless her heart, who knew nothing about jazz, knew that I played trumpet and was getting interested in it (via the Maynard incident above) so she bought me an album from her Columbia Record Club subscription -- Freddie Hubbard's 'First Light', still one of my favorite albums. Yeah, it's 'produced', but the production and playing are excellent and Freddie just plays his ass off on it. bigtiny
  5. Lloyd Brevett RIP

    I was playing in a soukous band in Florida and before a show one day, our sound man was playing this crazy music through the pa before our set. It was definitely Carribean flavored music, then right in the middle of the tune, a tenor player starts soloing like Coleman Hawkins! That was my introduction to the Skatalites. I was fortunate enough to see them live a couple of years later and they were great! Alas, the core members (original members) of the group are getting on in years.... bigtiny
  6. Sometime around 1979-80 I saw a concert and clinic by a quartet led by Jimmy Owens. Personnel (if I remember correctly) was Owens - trumpet and flugel Kenny Barron - piano Buster Williams - bass Billy Hart -drums I seem to remember it having really kicked ass! bigtiny
  7. Great Bands You Saw Live

    Wow, there have been so many over the years. I'll just list a few: -Stan Kenton 1972 - first time I'd ever heard a jazz band or a live band or a big band. They were awesome.... -Maynard Ferguson - I saw him several times in the late 70s. Yeah he played some wanky fusoid stuff, but man, he ALWAYS had a cranking' band, and balance the crap with some great arrangements. -Weather Report - several times. Probably the best show was the tour for Heavy Weather. -Ornette and Prime Time -I've seen them several times. Excellent energy and they were LOUD! =:-) -Wayne Shjorter quartet- awesome band and Wayne is one of my favorite musicians -Frank Zappa - I was lucky to catch one of the first shows of his last tour before they got to Europe and he disbanded. 5 horns and 7 or 8 other guys -- the music was a combination of Zappa's work and other classics and went from Thing Fish to Stolen Moments to L'Histoire du Soldat. It was scarily well done. Buena Vista Social Club - the whole big band plus 4 or 5 people out front singing and playing. Bad ass cuban music and I don't think anybody on stage was under 60. Miles Davis - at Kix. I had never seen Miles and thought I wouldn't when he retired. When the Kix shows were announced I bought tickets for the second set on Saturday, but I was first there at the beginning of the first show. I fully expected Miles to blow a note or two and spend most of the night banging on an organ and scowling. When the first show started there was a tractor trailer in front and the doors swung open to reveal Teo Macero inside what was a mobile studio. They had the monitors on pretty loud so I heard the first show and saw the second one....and I was amazed -- Miles was playing his ass off! Peter Gabriel - the 'Up' tour. I had been wanting to see him for years and I was NOT disappointed. Best/most interestingly staged show I've every seen. And I really dig the music. bigtiny
  8. Joel DiBartolo

    This must be the same Joel DiBartolo who played in one of the early Chuck Mangione groups (while still in Rochester) and later with the Tonight Show band, right? Excellent player.... bigtiny
  9. Joseph Jarman Seriously Ill

    Yeah, likewise. It's a drag when you hear someone's in serious shape then hear nothing until the obituary. I'm glad to hear that he sounds better than expected....I hope he recovers fully. I can't wait to hear what he does next.... bigtiny
  10. Remastered Woody Shaw

    I have the Mosaic set, but I caved and ordered this one too. I couldn't resist hearing some of the additional 'Stepping Stones' material. I've always suspected there was more stuff from those gigs lying around, and even with this release I'm betting there's still more. I want to hear it, and I don't care if he's playing standards or not....the Woody Shaw quintet of that time (Shaw, Jefferson, Onaje , Houston, and Lewis) was a nasty, scary, inspiring thing.... bigtiny
  11. YOUR Top three all-time jazz vocalists

    Nonetheless, I wouldn't call Elis Regina a jazz singer. Leny Andrade, yes. I knew that was the one I'd get dinged on...and it had to be YOU! =:-) bigtiny
  12. YOUR Top three all-time jazz vocalists

    I hate trying to pick 'x' number of favorites, and three is just impossible! I'll do 10, not in any particular order. Oh, and I reserve the right to call who I want a 'jazz' singer!!! =:-) Anita O'day Betty Carter Ella Fitzgerald Mel Torme Frank Sinatra Nat Cole Jon Hendriks Sarah Vaughn Elis Regina Billie Holiday bigtiny
  13. Joe Farrell

    I LOVE Airto's kit work. He's just got this really organic feel that knocks me out. What a great natural musician..... bigtiny
  14. Sam Rivers RIP

    I'd add Pete Levin to that list.... bigtiny
  15. Joe Farrell

    The CD is hard to find and often very expensive. The original CTI LP is probably easier to find. It was also reissued in a cheaper-looking edition under the title "Song of the Wind" (one of the tunes on the album and one of Chick Corea's more haunting compositions, here done as a piano-oboe duet). What's funny is that it's actually mostly a quintet album . You won't regretting getting it, but IMO Farrell never sounded better than on the two first RTF albums. (BTW, the Fender Rhodes as an instrument never sounded better than on 'Light as a Feather'!) But the albums with Elvin Jones are nice as well. Yeah not only does the Rhodes sound great, Corea's performance on LAAF is exemplery. Plus it's a textbook example of how to comp behind soloists. Period. bigtiny