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  1. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    Totally agree, back then in record shop I overlooked lots of records because of the cover.
  2. Help with Italiano

    I think jazz was considered a true form of art (not "pop" music) since the late fifties over here, though not as much as in France, so I think we might have a good radio archive. The fact we couldn't promote it is another (sad) story.
  3. Help with Italiano

    It's correct, broadcasted from the largest concert hall of the Milan Conservatory of Music, wich has two halls. Here's the link the picture show the hall after the 2001 restoration. It always had an excellent acoustic if memory serves me well based on the few times I attended a concert there.
  4. SACD players

    yep, we audiophiles should organize ourself, I mean mocking an overweight person is "bodyshaming", why mocking an oversound person isn't "audioshaming"? Clear discrimination here imo. WE ARE AUDIOPHILE AND WE ARE PROUD!
  5. SACD players

    I do not have a SACD player BUT I tried one Linn, now out of production, some years ago and it was excellent. I think that the best SACD players are stereo only aimed to "audiophile", at least is my thinking.
  6. Covid vaccination: poll

    It seems to me that the biggest error about AZ vaccine is that EU governments, for whatever reasons, overtaked the Scientific Authorities, EMA, etc.. Now if I'd have a scientific board I'd listen to it rather then headlines or the fears of my voters. It is also true that the relation AZ/EU hasn't been great because the affair of the supposed doses hijacked to UK and the cutting of supplies for EU. The quoted above NYT article is mainly correct IMMV.
  7. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Unless one wants spare the gym fee...
  8. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    The only suggestion I have is do not listen to boring music, so you will be awake at the end of the side.
  9. All 3 Mosaic Commodore sets on Ebay

    I saw that medium price for a single volume is around 150 $ on discogs so it was a bargain anyway. For me a little too big bargain in these times if you understand what I mean 😁
  10. All 3 Mosaic Commodore sets on Ebay

    Of course not, I meant the total, more then 100 of taxes and 40 shipping if I remember well, so I passed
  11. All 3 Mosaic Commodore sets on Ebay

    It was few bucks less then 500, so I passed.
  12. All 3 Mosaic Commodore sets on Ebay

    I am tempted, thanks Chuck!
  13. First heard of him on Peanuts, Lucy maked fun of Snoopy about Aaron beating Ruth HR records before him.
  14. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    In Italy Prime membership is less then 50 € per year. I did a small research: in Italy Prime sellers may ship through Amazon logistic, and they are charged somthing like 3/4 € for normal size item, or may ship by their own and they have to fullfill the Prime standard: speed, trackability, ecc..
  15. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    I am curious how a seller may ship for free with prime, any clue?