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  1. Since isn't my mother language, sometimes I use italian common saying that in english could have a different meaning .
  2. I was not referring to you, specifically.
  3. Italian pasta is considered a whole recipe in itself, not a side like rice or cracker or whatever you like. Actually all pasta recipes use to be "mantecata" that means pasta and sauce should be join before putting in a plate. We drain pasta just before the cooking point and let it reach with the sauce, often we add a table spoon of the pasta water, rich of starch in order to reach the best amalgam. Religious beliefs as I told.
  4. Inches of suet a part, not my cup of grease, though there are traditional italian recipes with pork suet that I love and eat, what I can not accept it's spaghetti with it. Muslims and Jews don't eat pork, Hindus don't eat beef, Italians don't eat spaghetti with chili. Religious beliefs are protected by the first amendment.
  5. Guess I'll strictly stay on his musical recipes.
  6. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Yes, but not a "serious" one. Over here mafia bought lots of big restaurants an bars that clean in one night all the BN catalogue. I see it just a mild way to evade taxes. When police raids mobs premises, they found old paintings, sports cars and gold rolex, but no True Blue.
  7. Yes, reccomended. Italian National Broadcasting, RAI, should have lots of recorded staff, both visual and aural, but unfortunately the archives looks like the one in the last sequence of Riders Of The Lost Ark. I agree. Piccioni and Umiliani with Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and Riz Ortolani are THE music of italian cinema. I am not fond of soundtracks but they are immediately recognizabe after ten minutes of movies.
  8. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Yes, we got the sequel’ title too.
  9. What Are You Watching

    I agree with Ophuls, but really a tough one.
  10. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Very Interesting. The Blue Note Money Laudering, sounds good for a crime novel. Blue Money is a good title.
  11. Not an expert about soundtracks, Teasing The Korean has much more knownledge then me. As usually happened the most successfully scores depends on the success of the movies. I think the most "jazzy" scores of Piccioni and Umiliani should be searched in the now forgotten italian b-movies, originals records are expensive and hard to find, but I think some were reissued in late years. All of their works as composers is excellent, I think they were an italian version of Lalo Schifrin, if the comparison might help. something like this: https://youtu.be/_rIgxZ4pEME
  12. Sorry TTK I was typing on the phone but you beat me.
  13. In Italy Jazz composers and players were high in demand for soundtracks in the late fifties and sixties The most famous were Piero Umiliani e Piero Piccioni.
  14. You’re welcome. It might be considered that most of the jazz critics were marxist in Europe, so the perspective of scholars were often sociological rather than musical. It considered the history of jazz and black music in general as the struggle and emancipation of black people in a capitalist society. In this way it’s logical that the free movement of the sixties was considered the highest “form” of music.
  15. As far I remember, was a teenager then, european Free Jazz had a strong political characterization, like everything back then. So Free Jazz was anticapitalist, anticolonialist, anti-borgeois, in one word far far left. As Big Beat Steeve pointed out, every music form was considered "reactionary" in itself, as form was considered the product of capitalist society, a unfair thing. More or less : Musicians of the world, unite, you have not to lose than your chords and scales.