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  1. I am a consumer, so I like the Ludwig Van’ Ninth in a consumer way: the second movement after the first and the choral after the third.
  2. Politic a part, I tend to think that boundaries, (producers, budgets, clients, market, ecc,) usually saved ART from self indulgent egotistic artists.
  3. Tal Farlow – The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow Japan
  4. Great tune, can’t say it for the Martini Charlie Haden’s Always Says Goodbye is a noir tribute to noir movies
  5. Duke Pearson’s After The Rain is a perfect noir theme. Sorry I am unable to post the link from my cell.
  6. Yep, I bought a dozen of Jamal original pressings for almost nothing compared to BN, Prestige Riverside, ecc. . Argo’s Jazztett was ridiculous cheap as well.
  7. It's 98 °F around here, I thought Isaac Hayes fits well the mood.
  8. The sets I find hard to digest are the sets with dozens of alt takes, false starts, etc, one after the other. I have the Parker's Complete Savoy on vinyl, and the Dial on separate records, that is too much for me, I understand the importance for scholars, but "I am just a guy who play records" cit.. The Bud Powell Verve are on cd, but I am too lazy to program them.
  9. Funny, I just bought this one in a Japanese realease, not yet listened.
  10. Roy Du Nann can made sounds good even a police siren.
  11. Following the expensive suggestion of Sidewinder, I grabbed this set. Very happy about it.
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