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  1. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    It’s not often that obituary writers actually break news, but Matt Schudel has done so today in the Washington Post by reporting that the great Fuller, contrary to received wisdom, was born in 1932 rather than 1934. Fuller’s daughter confirmed the earlier year to Schudel after she looked at his passport records and other similar documentary sources. In “Jazz from Detroit,” I have Curtis' birthday in 1934 per not only all the standard reference books and liner notes from his early recordings but also, curiously, his own confirmation when I double-checked it with him the last time I interviewed him at length in 2012. Birthdays can be particularly slippery "facts," and the reference books are wrong in an alarming number of cases. With someone like Curtis, whose early years are hazy because of his rough childhood, the ease with which incorrect information can enter the bloodstream of popular media and even scholarly books is the kind of thing that keeps historians and fact-obsessed journalists up at night. Curtis was never particularly consistent or concerned with the veracity of dates he might give in interviews, so sorting out the timeline is a challenge. I have no doubt that all the things he said happened to him or that he experienced are true, but as to WHEN they happened, well ... That's when you have to do as much research as you can to corroborate, crosscheck the data, pray you find multiple documentary sources, weigh and synthesize the evidence, etc. You can be SO careful yet still make mistakes. It's maddening, but accuracy is everything. Curtis' birthday never seemed in doubt, yet here we are. When my book goes into another printing or appears in paperback, I'll be able to get it right. (Of course, due diligence will require I check the information myself with the daughter.) In any case, the jazz world owes Mr. Schudel a hearty “thank you” for setting the record straight.
  2. Nelson's Stolen Moments

    FWIW, the Lord discography now lists 241 entries for "Stolen Moments." Virtually all of those are surely the Oliver Nelson tune and not some other tune with the same title. All 241 may well be the Nelson tune but without looking at each entry I can't be totally sure. Coda: I always assumed that Blues and the Abstract Truth (2/23/61) marked the debut of the song but, in fact, it's first appearance is on the Lockjaw's Train Whistle (9/20/60)
  3. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    If you amortize that additional $20 over the rest of your life, it's not that much. Let's say you've got 30 more years, that's 66 cents a year for Passing Ships in (perhaps) breathtaking analog.Of course, I'm not saying this is necessarily THE record on which to break the bank, and I certainly understand the slippery slope issue. But having said that, if you're really feeling it ... you're the one who always says Carpe Diem!
  4. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    It's possible that they've stuck with CDs for the Blue Note material because BN won't license the material for LP. After all, BN is deeply involved with vinyl via its own high-end reissue program (Tone Poet) and "mid-priced" program (Blue Note 80/Classic). I suspect they don't what to undercut their own efforts by licensing LP writes to others.
  5. Under-appreciated Pianists: Hugh Lawson/Richard Wyands

    Thanks for the heads up. This Lawson session in 1977 ("Prime Time") was his long overdue debut as a leader. He only made three recordings as a leader. The other two are "Colour" (Soul Note) from 1983 and "Casablanca" (Somethin' Else) from 1989.
  6. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    These are the 17 released LPs recorded in the '60s. With the other sundry Morgan sessions, plus alternates, that would a HUGE set -- at least 11 CDs I think, maybe as many as 13 or 14? Hard to imagine the company taking that kind of risk, though if you could sell a 9-CD Mobley box, I would think you could sell the Morgan. Lee-way The Sidewinder Search for the New Land Tom Cat The Rumproller The Gigolo Cornbread Infinity DelightfuLee Charisma The Rajah Standards Sonic Boom The Procrastinator The Sixth Sense Taru Caramba
  7. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    Coda: Just dropping in here to note that you don't invest thousands in an audio chain to play "a" $30 dollar record, you invest to thousands to play a whole fucking basement full of them. Carry on ...
  8. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    Look, if we don’t continue to buy music we’ve bought multiple times in multiple formats over the last 40 years for just marginal gains at best, then the terrorists win.
  9. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    Thanks for your input. For the record, I had several on CD but sold those to finance other things when I realized I was doubling down on LPs ...
  10. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    Recommendation sought: Leaving everything else aside and focusing just on the sound-quality claims for this set, should I get this yes or no considering the following facts about what I have on LP. 1. I have original New York stereo pressings of "Inner Urge" and "Mode for Joe" -- both in VG+ or better condition. 2. I have the recent BN 80/Classic reissues of "In 'n Out" and "Page One." 3. I have a 1980s DMM of "Our Thing" (hangs head in shame), but am hopeful that in due time that will get reissued in the ongoing BN Classic in due time. Now turning from the sound quality, one additional recommendation sought based on content of the set and this fact: I have none of these records on CD, so I do not own the four alternate takes that have come out previously; but I have listened to these alternates on streaming services. . Whaddya think? Yes.
  11. Oh My....Is There A Tape?

    Whoa. Where did you find this discography entry? If the material is listed as unissued, then clearly a tape exists.
  12. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Got it. Thanks.
  13. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    FWIW, I count nearly 25 session for Lewis before 1990.
  14. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Good call on Wettling. I overlooked him, but he's got 342 credits. I'll correct. Thanks.
  15. Most-Recorded Jazz Drummers

    Actually he's 62. I'm correcting ...