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  1. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    I require dining out followed by a show before proceeding to "de-tangle those luscious locks".
  2. Chico Hamilton on Crown

    However, with Crown you get outstanding audio fidelity from top quality vinyl. And at such an affordable price, who needs inner sleeves?
  3. Tina Brooks

    I've sold my Mosaic box and since bought the individual CDs and Music Matters' 33 of Jackie's Bag'. The Mosaic re-mastering sounded tepid, the CDs are much better, esp. the XRCD of 'Back To the Tracks'.
  4. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Thanks guys, for steering me from the P2, as I need both automatic return and 45 rpm features (yes, for Music Matters).
  5. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Like you, I've been considering ordering a P2 online, with no prior opportunity to examine it. Here's my naive question: Is the P2 automatic -- will the tone arm return to its post upon reaching the record's trail-out grooves? Thank you.
  6. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    The JH 'Blue Note Years' box is well-chosen. It takes me nearly everywhere Joe went with other BN artists, incl. his own tracks. Great for when I'm cooking or painting and my hands are too goopy for vinyl.
  7. On 'Lighthouse': I've gone from the double LP to the 3-CD set and, fully pleased, will apply the brakes.
  8. RE: cut-out bins at lower-end stores (Woolworth's, etc.) -- my success increased by knowing which day of the week the rack jobber came to re-fill. I'd run over after school every Wednesday and pick-up mono Verves for 57cents (with punch holes on the lower left cover front). The only Blue Note among my Woolworth grabs was Sam Rivers' 'A New Conception' and I had no idea who he was. (Yes, I've still got it.)
  9. TCM website change

    About TCM's programming: they book certain popular movies week after week, perhaps to match the movie titles pasted on their Wine Club bottles. And 'Noir Alley' host Eddie Muller ran 'Gilda' two shows ago. In this watered-down trend, 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' might be next.
  10. Liner note bingo

    George T. Simon often waxed on with elite phrases like this.
  11. From the Record Collection of William J. McKnight

    Given the surge in collector demand for this Prado classic, the heirs to the McKnight estate may be contacting you shortly.
  12. The 'new normal' might be for all customers to drive to Secaucus' USPS "for curbside pick-up".
  13. As for the jazz audience in Athens, GA, it's a case of perpetual quarantine.
  14. Frank Zappa

    The prospect of these '70 leftovers fills me with inertia.
  15. Shrinkwrap On or Off?

    There's a young woman from Sweden who weighs in on this subject: