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  1. If you don't complete the deal, I am interested in buying the set. PM coming. Thanks.
  2. FS $3 jazz lps

    Got mine too--about half way through listening Thanks again!
  3. Better Jazz lps, set price

    PM sent on Navarro & Dameron (with questions) Adams 10 to 4 Adderley Rogers Thanks, Perry
  4. Complete Collections?

    Yes, I love all that is Frank. I found "Four Horns and a Lush Life" on Bethlehem in a vinyl shop on a recent trip. I didn't know of that one before. Anyone have a Booker Little discography. I'm a completist on this one!
  5. February sale

    PM sent on Burning Spear: Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost. Thanks.
  6. Estate Sale CDs

    Yikes, I don't have that total volume, but I do have Ikea 880 CD shelving units (2 of them) that are overfilled with CDs in the ultra-thin plastic sleeves sold by bags unlimited that probably doubles the capacity at least.
  7. FS: Jazz lps - $2.00 each

    Received my batch in excellent shape, well packed. Thanks again!
  8. Estate Sale CDs

    I received mine in fine shape, but now I'm overflowing with CDs. Thanks again.
  9. Here is the list of things I have available. I've tried to keep little-known artists off of the list, with the exception of a couple of European artists deserving of wider recognition.

    I am willing to take offers or discount orders of 8 or more CDs.

    If shipping is required, $2 for the first CD and 50 cents for each additional title should be sufficient for first ...

  10. Estate Sale CDs

    PM sent on Thelonious Monk, The Columbia Years
  11. FS: Jazz lps - $2.00 each

    PM sent on: Albam Jazz Workshop Brubeck Bossa Nova Kirk Introducing Shank Live at the Haig Thanks.

    PM sent on the Holman Russo LP set.
  13. Consolidated listings

    PM sent on Hutcherson/land boogaloo Joe Jones golson. thanks....