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  1. How did you turntable/stylus handle the "Plantation Bag" torture test?
  2. What music did you buy today?

    Kenny Werner - Church On Mars (Newvelle Records). I got in my first of two individual LPs ordered from Newvelle Records. Expensive as hell ($65 each) but very nice pressings of music that isn't available elsewhere (yet).
  3. The Tone Poet series is being curated by Don Was and Joe Harley and they have not limited it to the Blue Note catalog. There have been Solid State ("Now He Sings, Now He Sobs"), Pacific Jazz ("Katanga", "Chet Baker Sings" & "New Bottle, Old Wine") and United Artists ("Money Jungle") releases sprinkled in there.
  4. Not that it means that they are right about this, but the denizens of the Hoffman forums are saying that the new Tone Poet reissue of this sounds very good. Several of them are claiming that it's the best-sounding Tone Poet yet. I would take that with a grain of salt because they always seem to elevate each new release above the previous one and because I don't see how the sound could top that Kenny Burrell Tone Poet, which sounds pretty damn good.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jack Wilson - Merge (Chiaroscuro Records). This is a really good record that was recommended to me many years ago by Sonnymax. I was lucky to have caught Wilkins on one of his rare visits to the Boston area.
  6. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    Was it set to Automatic? If that's the case, it must've switched to the Speaker setting when you were playing back your music. Good catch. You'll just have to remember this if you ever want to listen via the phone's speakers.
  7. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    I think if Cuscuna knew that answer, we'd have alternate takes now.
  8. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Cuscuna once told me that he searched the tape archive and never found the session tapes for the "Leeway" recording date. He said that all that's in the vault is the LP-sequenced master tape. He even said something along the lines that it was one of the biggest disappointments after he got access to the tape vaults.
  9. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    10 Lee Morgan dates to be reissued on SHM-CD in August:,UCCQ-9574,UCCQ-9575,UCCQ-9576,UCCQ-9577,UCCQ-9578,UCCQ-9579,UCCQ-9580,UCCQ-9581,UCCQ-9582 Do any of these have extra never-before-released tracks?
  10. I phone 11 -- sound breaking up

    If you lower the volume on the iPhone, does the sound still break up but at a lower volume or does it stop? Sometimes, media players on phones default to a "line out" level, which is typically full volume. Full volume could be distorting the playback via your earbuds.
  11. I wonder if the autograph is genuine? Plus it's mono and there are a lot of mono fetishists out there. The mono aspect of this one doesn't make much sense as it's just a fold down of the stereo recording. I suppose if money were no object this would seem like a cool purchase if only for that autograph. Too bad my name isn't Bill.
  12. I still think it's absolute garbage that they now know that the initial release was messed up but rather than send us this new cut free or offer some sort of discount for those of us who spent the money up front, they come out with the corrected version, give it a new subtitle and stand there with their hands out. Screw them. I don't care if this sounds like Monk is in the room with me, I ain't buying this.
  13. No turntable can "handle" marauding toddlers. A toddler grabs your TT arm with a record on there and your options are: stylus is toast, record is toast or both are toast. FWiW, I just bought a turntable for my secondary listening space where I needed it to be able to on a shelf - so no traditional cover. I bought a Denon DP-400 (~$500): I swapped out the stock cartridge for an Ortofon 3M Black (~$750) and I have a very nice sounding turntable. With this funky cover in place, it's safe from my dog's tail, but a toddler could still reach into that opening where the stylus resides. BTW - that cover doubles as a cover stand, It actually works well:
  14. Inexpensive decent direct drive turntables are a bit of a rare breed these days. Depending on your budget, there are a couple of Technics direct drive TTs and Cambridge Audio's Alva TT is a nice-looking option... except that it has a non-defeatable phono preamp. There is an inexpensive Pioneer direct drive built for DJs, but I don't have any idea about its quality. Other than these few options, the major players have mostly gone belt drive. No Pro-Ject or Rega direct drive TTs. VPI makes a direct drive TT but it's $15,000. Have fun with that. You'll have one poster will post something as an absolute and then the rest of the posters will take sides and gang up on anyone who doesn't agree with them. Belt drive vs direct drive is like "Tastes great/Less Filling" for those people. And don't even get me started about some of their recommended accessories. There are a lot of snake oil advocates over there.
  15. It might take that long to get them to cut this material onto Edison cylinders.