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  1. Happy Birthday! Come back to the Big O!

  2. Richard Pryor Has Left Us

    Please pass the potatoes.
  3. Happy Birthday, Jim S.

    Jim, Happy Birthday!!
  4. Coltrane At The Half Note

    Then they can get me too. I've tripped/contemplated/grooved Trane all kinds of ways.
  5. Happy Birthday, Brandon Burke!
  6. Dogon A.D.

    I love Dogon A.D. to death! I enjoy it often. I transferred my Arista LP to CDR, along with the wonderful track from the same session that was, for some reason, released on Coon Bid'ness called "The Hard Blues". I wonder how the MP3s sound compared to my somewhat flawed original?...
  7. Vitamins....

    No real reason. Does the flaxseed aid your regularity?
  8. Richard Pryor Has Left Us

    Richard Pryor was an important part of my growing up. He was echoed through my L. A. neighborhood and on the schoolyards as his album, "That Nigger's Crazy" came out, even more than Bill Cosby had been. I saw all of his movies for many years. He was one of the funniest entertainers ever and very hip, in-touch, and sometimes even inspirational. "Rest In Peace", Richard Pryor
  9. Another birthday? Congratulations, ghost!
  10. Happy birthday Dmitry!

    Happy Birthday, Dmitry!
  11. Nero 5 came with my drive. I liked it so much that I bought Nero 6 Ultra. Don't think I'll need Nero 7 at this point.
  12. How's the weather?

  13. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I thought that it was one of the best ever ! Great way to end a season!
  14. Jazz DVDs

    Randy Weston "Live in St Lucia" 2002 Randy Weston - piano Alex Blake - bass Neil Clarke - percussion Talib Kibwe - flute, alto saxophone Benny Powell - trombone
  15. Ornette on Tenor

    Charles Brackeen - "Rhythm X" (Strata East) Edward Blackwell(d),Charles Brackeen(ts),Don Cherry(tp),Charlie Haden(b)