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  1. Mingus live after "Changes 1/2" (1976,77)

    Saw him several times, but 2 stand out: at the Village Gate, maybe 1965, the band was Jimmy Owens, Charles McPherson, Julius Watkins, Howard Johnson and Danny Richmond - memorable, Jimmy Owens’ lip is probably still sore; and 1972, at one of those midnight Radio City extravaganzas which were part of the Newport Festival for a couple of years - a bunch of people - Cat Anderson, Buddy Tate, Owens and McPherson, Milt Buckner....Mingus played a long solo at the end of this slow blues number, unbelievable, George Wein ran onto the stage and hugged him. (The performance was recorded, it showed up on one of those Cobblestone albums from that year’s festival.)
  2. Kenny Burrell 90; Verve & BN Japan reissues

    Very good, but typical of the Verve productions of the day, mixing straight-ahead quartet material with big band tracks. (A big band version of “Chitlins Con Carne” was apparently left on the “Asphalt” cutting room floor.)Burrell was recording for Verve, Cadet and even Prestige at the same time! I’ve always thought “Tender Gender” was as good as anything he recorded in that period.
  3. There won’t be careers like his in the 21st century. One of the villains on the old Blue Note board (along with Norah Jones and a few others), which seems pretty ridiculous now.
  4. From the mid-‘90’s - the Estrada Brothers, “Get Out Of My Way” (Milestone).
  5. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Jazz Crusaders, “Talk That Talk” (the small group tracks showed up on the Mosaic box), Ernie Watts first album (“Planet Earth,” World Pacific - one track showed up on one of those Blue Note anthologies ) and Hank Marr’s “Live at Club 502,” King, with Rusty Bryant and Wilbert Longmire (‘Greasy Spoon” occasionally shows up on one of those “jazz ‘45/hits” anthologies).
  6. That’s it. The Mosaic Jazz Crusaders box turned up an alternate take.
  7. “The Thing” seems to me as close to Sidewinder as anything by the Jazz Crusaders.
  8. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Shirley Scott’s “Everybody Loves a Lover” (Impulse), although a several of the tracks showed up on the CD issue of Stanley Turrentine, “Let It Go.” Recorded around the same time (and with pretty much the same personnel) as “Blue Flames” and Turrentine’s “Hustlin’”.
  9. I’ve always been disappointed that Michael Cuscuna omitted the “obligatory funky first tune” (David Burn’s “Buster Brown”) from the second Blue Note Frank Foster session (the rest issued with “Manhattan Fever”) - those tunes were often the reason anyone bought the album. (And, of course, Foster supplied maybe one of the only such tunes ever on Impulse - “Raunchy Rita,” also on a Prestige session.)
  10. Louis Armstrong Hot 5 and Hot 7

    Anything new in this earlier discussion? Does it still come down to the Columbia box and JSP?
  11. It seems you have your list under control! Hope you’ll share it someday. (It might be interesting to come up with a list of “Sidewinder” clones on OTHER labels - things like “Greasy Kid’s Stuff,” “Mean Greens,” “Money in the Pocket”...).
  12. Red Norvo 1937 Bands

    Thanks! Just what I’m looking for. (Any opinions on the band?)
  13. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Has Dick Grove’s “Little Bird Suite “ (Pacific Jazz) ever resurfaced? I recall being underwhelmed at the time, but think maybe I underestimated it.