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  1. (click on the video section)
  2. Laser rot, anyone?

  3. Cool Item: Bellari Rolls VP129

    All-tube? They should explain how this work with a single Dual-Triode..... well, its still a cool looks great!
  4. Beer Recommendations

    the one and only.....
  5. Happy birthday Kenny Weir!

    Viel Glück zum Geburtstag wünsche ich Dir!
  6. Happy Birthday J Larsen

    Dir von mir zum Geburtstag alles Gute!
  7. Goofy stuff on the web
  8. Happy birthday EKE BBB!

    Ich wünsche Dir zu Deinem Geburtstag viel Glück! Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz!
  9. Overlooked Guitarists

    i have Kreisberg's nine stories guitarist! my heroes are: Dave Stryker & Will Bernard mmh, overlooking guitarists? I don't think so.....more overlooking triangle-players.....where is the overlooking triangle-player-thread!
  10. Michael Brecker's health

    OMG when i talked to my friend Harald in April 05, he said its just something with his back........ and about his "younger" years....i have the shadows & lights video show from joni mitchell with Michael blowing the sax......great stuff! i also love his collaboration with Harald -_- ....all the best to Michael!
  11. Some Help

    Hey Kat! if the amp is brand new...take it back to the store and ask for a new one.... did you check the guitar-cable, try various ones.....sorry for asking something stupid, but i had a lot of customers asking me about problems, and thats one of my first answers! if not....tell me the type, brand, everything you got on it (fx-loop, whatever)...i'll write you a "first-check-list" what you can try before we have to open and check what could be wrong....(don't forget....110Volts even more....around 300 - 500 carefull) i'll help you as much as possible....(its my day-job) all the best Paco
  12. Trio Mundo

    Highly recommanded to all Dave Stryker fans and all others too! Its on repeat on my iPod now..... i give 10 stars of 10..... my album of the year! check them out! greetz Paco
  13. Your audio equipment?

    My HIFI-stuff Revox G-36 All-tube reel stereo-tape-recorder (1963) Pioneer PL-518 Turntable (mmh...1979/80 or newer) B&O Beovox 3000 Speakers (1969!!!) Onkyo TX-7830 Receiver (1991) works perfect! i'm working on a selfdesigned SRPP RIAA Preamp..... -_-
  14. Goofy stuff on the web
  15. Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman

    wow! ...i always wondering where they found all those tapes, movies etc.....
  16. Drummers..........

    you mean karaoke btw. i know a drummer who is just 17.....but he can play....wwooohooo, very very good! this guy have more soul behind his drumkit than most older guys.... age dosen't matter.....its up on what you wanna say.......
  17. SS1's A100 Organ Question Thread

    take out everything inside the organ (tubes, generator, drawbars....everything) and you got a nice place for your turntable, records, maybe the whole stereo-system or four 36 pack of arrowhead water....
  18. The guitar corner

    thanks for the link, bro! i love those free-dvds coming with the (movie) magazines.....and if there is any gee-tar dvd, then it's twice as great.....
  19. This is one of the funniest quotes ever on this board. ← ooh...yes, i was laughing my a$$ off....
  20. Goofy stuff on the web

    LOOOOL Great!!!
  21. Bought a Yamaha i88X (firewire)

    looks cool.....i have the motu should check this out too
  22. BS - you should be grateful someone thinks enough to try for a profit off the disc. ← absolutly true!
  23. 10 Organ Records You Must Own To Post Here

    u-oh....mmh ........i'm not worthy..... but i like her very much, can i stay?
  24. Ignore Function

    ignore-function....mmh? i like you all!

    is there any chanches to hear it from archive or so?