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  1. Organissimo opening for Joey DeFrancesco

    i'm always too late hope you guys had a blast! Congrats to Organissimo!!!!
  2. Metheny plays for 150,000!

    LOL....that was cool
  3. Dr. Robert Moog is ill.

    i never had the pleasure to met him....but i "met" this inventions and play on them or have the pleasure to repair them (Polymoog, MicroMoog, Prodigy, Mini-Moog)...... i do care..... thank you 7/4 for the link!
  4. Yeeehaw!!! ...its mine....yuppieee!

    a friend gave me his old revox reel-tape-recorder as a gift! It's a Revox G36 all-tube stereo tape-recorder! ...and now, take a look inside: its sounds awesome!!!
  5. New iPod!!! or
  6. Saying goodbye to tubes!

    thats better than lifetime! Ever tought about the definition of "lifetime warranty"......"as long as it lives" ...
  7. Taking tubes too far

    not for your battery.....
  8. playing electric bass

    mmh....whats about playing upright-guitar? (j/k)
  9. Why do most music store employees play crap???

    because they sell crap! buy both organissimo cds and you got enough good music for the rest of your life!
  10. Synthetic Grooves: mp3s online

    i like it! Great work, very cool! all the best from switzerland! Paco
  11. Synth Rhodes, Wurly...

    wait..... what's about a sample-rhodes/wurli on a powerbook? (listen to RSP73 and the WEB) almost like the real sounds awesome! and some goodie for those who need something for here for a 76MB free Rhodes! -_-

    ZUM GEBURTSTAG WÜNSCHE ICH DIR ALLES GUTE JIM!!! greetz from switzerland Paco
  13. I Have A Band Like Organissimo

    well that's the usual place for organs! *cover....and run fast as hell!*
  14. Who here has been on a record?

    WOW!!!! ...i wish to say "had the pleasure to saw/heard Coltrane blowin' live...."'re almost 40yrs older than me....
  15. son's new gear

    Scott Henderson?
  16. son's new gear

    very very cool...i wished to have such great gear when i was 11 yrs old....woohoo! Congrats to your son! It reminds me on times (10yrs ago) when i was 16yrs old playing in a school-rock-band (see movie-clip).....i finally had enough money for a fender strat, a small 15W Ampeg amplifier (from the 70s...solid state, no tubes) and a cool overdrive-pedal......i worked 3 yrs to get all the stuff together Click here! (QUICKTIME REQUIRED!) greetz Paco
  17. The guitar corner

  18. Happy Birthday, Ralphie Boy

    Viel Glück zum Geburtstag Ralphie Boy!
  19. Happy birthday, David Ayers!

    Viel Glück zum Geburtstag David!
  20. The guitar corner

    those 60days going fast, huh? btw. did someone listen to the "new" live DoCD from Scott Henderson.....boah, killer tone, killer playin'....well i have a few of his records (Dog Party, Well 2 the bone, Rocket Sience...) and i knew most of the songs...but he is burning the house down....Hendrix-2000!!!!..... John Humphrey plays the bass, Kirk Covington plays the drums and did the vocal-parts live.....
  21. Transcriptions -- share them here hi res-pict link seems not working: direct links: there are some more.....Now's the time by Parker, a couple of Rufus Ried's basslines transcriped from Jamey Aebersold Playalong Cds.... and a unfinished solo transcription from Pat Metheny early 80s recording "Rejoycing" (my fav of Pat!) .....i need to find them....waaaaah...big chaos in my basement!
  22. Transcriptions -- share them here

    i got a few old (from 1999) transcriptions i made..... at this time i was part of a jazz-program at the local music-school in my town, took my first non-selftaugthed lessons .....well, i leave it a half year later....with lot of frustration b/c they seems to not believing me in "loving this music" ...i couldn't really play it, but i hear it....mmh, strange explaination....i know here are: - Brio (not finished.....) by Joe Pass with the Count Basie Septett (2 pages) - Doug Raney's Solo on Four (by a 80s recording...i couldn't remember....i guess it was a live record...........also not finished....just the first 30 bars... - Grantstand by Grant Green....(not finished) they have some mistakes...or i marked some points with a "?" ...... anyway...i never touched them i just listen many many times...and try to play it by listen to music only.... hi res picts can be found here Houba! greeetz Paco
  23. The guitar corner

    wow.....beautiful guitar!...... for a dinosaur-rider ibanez is the gibson of the next millenium
  24. The guitar corner

    347 here! .....i'll shut up myself now and go practicing ....... -_- ...hope that works