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  1. Jaime Foxx as Ray Charles

    is it worth to watch? i'm a bit me out!
  2. Happy Birthday, Noj!

    Haaaaaaapppy Birthday!!! all the best Paco
  3. Wesbed's Birthday

    Happy happy, merry merry.... all the best Paco
  4. THE LITTLE KEETAR RAG! greeetz & houba! Paco
  5. The Marsupilami-Thread

  6. The Computer Blues

    yeeeees...the mac mini is not over-prized! yeeeees...macs have their problems too! yeeeees.....i have MAC and i'm very happy! Since 3 years i got that G3-Powerbook (500Mhz) and it works and works and works.....on OS9.2 my advice....get a Internet-connection for your Hammond-Organ.... B-)
  7. The Marsupilami-Thread

    Gaston & marsupilami or paco & marsupilami ?
  8. The Marsupilami-Thread

    this thread shouldn't die! @ couw: thats the right spirit! LOL
  9. 2/3 - Happy Birthdays!

    Happy related birthday hope it was a good one! B-) greeetz paco & mr. houba!
  10. Valentine's Day

  11. Happy Birthday Big Wheel!

    Happy Birthday! all the best for the fest! greetz paco & marsupilami
  12. IT'S A BOY!!!!

    congrats from switzerland! did he say something yet.....maybe "houba"
  13. What does everybody collect besides music?

    pictures & movies of nuclear explosions! ....and everything of Marsupilami (comic-books, picts, books, plush figures.....everything!) @ 7/4: send them back...
  14. Hey guys I'm new.

    diis thread iss sou fönney....ROFL, es war so lustig, ich musste mir den Bauch halten vor lachen.....Organissimo rocks! btw: i'm 26 but i'm feeling like 56....and in my mind i'm 23 still believing in marsupilami makes me 10yrs younger! ...i play some gee-tarrrr too -_- remind me on a cool joke: "Mommy Mommy, when i grew up i wanna be a guitar player!"....Now Johnny, you can't be both!"
  15. SS1's A100 Organ Question Thread

    don't trust the guitar player ...hahaha! no seriously...can you send me a recording of that noise.... hum can have some reason: - wrong bias on the power-tubes (if they have gird-bias!) - non balanced heating-voltage - ground problems - old tubes sometimes have those symptomes too... or..its maybe a problem with leakage (old filter caps need to be replaced)...does it sounds like every note is pressed on very low volume when you not play any note? i'm not a hammond-organist, got very tiny key-knowledge...but i fixed a few leslies and two organs in my past all the service-manuals over here...if ya need something let me know... btw....i wished i had won anything....but didn't yet! all the best & again, have fun with your spend your money on the right thing...congrats! Paco btw...Jim: i love your avatar...this is really cool, you started playing right after your birth, didn't you?
  16. SS1's A100 Organ Question Thread

    if you need technical assistance...
  17. The Lurker's Thread

    Marsupilami was a lurker too
  18. Welcome, Chandra!!!

    don't worry Chandra! They are harmless and cool peps! I guess they had some differences with my good friend Dan about near two years ago...don't worry, time after time.... -_- I always like your quote by saying "there are always two sides of a story"
  19. Welcome, Chandra!!!

    Welcome Chandra! Glad you joined here...its a great place, lot of cool peps! And lot of great music too Yes...we know us from another board! @JSngry: ...don't worry! greetz & all the best from Paco & Marsupilami
  20. The Lurker's Thread

    welcome dude60001 (just my toughts) ...i guess we know us from another board! Hahaha welcome chandra! I like Norah too... -_- ....who not? all the best from paco & marsupilami
  21. The Marsupilami-Thread

  22. The Marsupilami-Thread

    B-) welcome my friend! this should explain something ->Houba! (look at the 2nd pict from the left in the 2nd row..)
  23. Ephraim Kishon, RIP

    RIP! i had read almost all his books in my childhood.....i love him! -_-