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  1. a dream come of my biggest influence on geetar has visiting switzerland tonight ......i vent and saw PAT MARTINO playing live! YEEEEEHAAAWW! Not a front row seat, but anyway....i was there!

    Pat needed a warmup in the beginning of the show, on the first two tracks were a bit behind the beat, but after a while...well he was awesome! I was in heaven for two hours.

    Drummer was ok, rock solid, bass player was too quiet (as always), piano was too loud and the player was a bit boring, well it's damn hard to play an interesting solo playing alongside with Pat. Overall, the sound engineer messed it all up, too much muddy lows and low-mids, well to much highs on the piano

    it would me much better when Pat join forces with an organist (Joey?) in my opinion.....

    i made some picts for ya (comin' soon)

    best wishes & take care :cool:


  2. There are a million guitarists out there... and probably a million drummers, too! :D

    You should take up nose-flute or accordian. Not enough of those around and you could work like crazy!

    LOL....nose-flute would be my choise then..... :g

    mmh, just for my case: any drumming guitarists in here? :blush:


    btw. great avatar jim. is this your wurli? red looks so supa funkee! :excited:

  3. @ Joe: i guess its gonna be March until i can send you some cool thing cause i'm relocate right now, found a new job five months ago but 150miles away (by train) 17hours a day NOT at home, almost no time ... :( .....i'll be back soon!

    but i have two things on hand:

    its a jam-track over one of my ideas for a song (its just a demo-take 40bars looped) drummer-skills are super-tiny, sorry bout those crappy fill-ins.....anyway (demo of an intro!)

    i guess you know this one.....that would be a cool track for our intercotinental geetar-show.....i'll finish it (make it a little faster), promise! :rolleyes:

    Sorry....but sometimes i wish i had 34hours a day!

    all the best & until soon!


  4. Like it! Keep 'em coming!

    In fact, why don't you send me something to jam on and we'll post it here: continent hopping dueling guitar madness! :g

    Great idea!!!! :wub: ....

    i'll work out something.......send it to you soon!

    Thank you very much!


    all the best & greetz


  5. mmh.....and what is the point? I listen to music and sometimes i catch their stories....sometimes not...and sometimes it put me into some special mood.....its this worth to analize whats going on on that point....i guess not!

    Trane tells the story in another way than Miles, but i like 'em both cause it sounded like to different stories to me! .....i like those spontaneous moments in life and music! :cool:

  6. i'm REALLY impressed by his new record, i was not a fan before but now......i guess i would join his audience if i comes to my town! I knew that he can play guitar nicely! But this is the real sounds like the real deal! I'm with Jim, i dosent matter for me what going on behind the sounds great in the front and i LOVE the album!



  7. Yes well, if in fact I practiced "a lot", then perhaps I could consider practicing "a lot less".  :blink:

    take the blue-version.....more medium, light tension.....

    seriously....NO Gripmaster! :P

    ...i'm practicing not that much....i know, shame shame....about 1/2 - 1h per day.... :w:mellow:

  8. What i'm thinking while playing?

    1. "What the heck i'm doing here on stage? What kind of stick with strings i'm holding here and why......."


    2. "where is my organissimo-cd?" :g

    3 1/ i'm thinking of "not to thinking anything about thinking".... :P

    i don't play don't take it too serious ;)