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  1. my fav records

    Hi everybody! i'm new in here...from switzerland....far away from your place! ;-) just posting some of my favorites.... Vienna born guitarist "Karl Ratzer"...i love two great recordings from him...."all the way" & "Saturn returning"...together with Organ/Piano-Wizzard "Dan Wall"..... John Hart Trio "Scenes from a song"...should i say more about him? just great! Danny Gatton "Redneck Jazz".....well, one of my favorites of all the time.....this guy is awesome Eddie Loiss Trio (one of my fav organ-players beside Don Patterson & Miss Trudy Pitts) Pat Martino....most of em! Dave Stryker's "Stardust" and "the Greeting".....both i love so much!!! Wayne Krantz "2 drinks minimum"......this guy is awesome.....great guitarplayer! Great of the very few fusion-players who can celebrate a melodie by not touching the smooth-playground.....very cool! I love his music..... Ross Martin "Volley".....great fusion of country and jazz....! Will Bernard's "Motherbug" don't know Michel Blumstein.....well, you missed a lot of groove.....they are kicking!!!....or play a wired mixture of music Nick Drake "Riverman".....great songwriter..... Norah Jones "feels like home" does on a natural way...i love her wurlitzerpiano-sound! Jimmy Raney "visits Paris Vol.2"......he's cool, his music gave me a introduction to jazz-based-playin.....his son Doug is also a great player...i have a record with him together with his father.... Mc Coy fav pianist.....great musician! so....... .......i know i'm a strange guy...hope you like me....! greeeeetz Paco
  2. the funky d-move groove have fun.....ok, i'm a horrible organ player....... i can play just a few chords, but well....hmmm, well......
  3. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    a dream come of my biggest influence on geetar has visiting switzerland tonight ......i vent and saw PAT MARTINO playing live! YEEEEEHAAAWW! Not a front row seat, but anyway....i was there! Pat needed a warmup in the beginning of the show, on the first two tracks were a bit behind the beat, but after a while...well he was awesome! I was in heaven for two hours. Drummer was ok, rock solid, bass player was too quiet (as always), piano was too loud and the player was a bit boring, well it's damn hard to play an interesting solo playing alongside with Pat. Overall, the sound engineer messed it all up, too much muddy lows and low-mids, well to much highs on the piano it would me much better when Pat join forces with an organist (Joey?) in my opinion..... i made some picts for ya (comin' soon) best wishes & take care Paco
  4. Some HTML and MP3 all the best & greeetz Paco
  5. Gonna be a drummer now!

    something like that smooth sound? no...i DONT like Kenny G....but nice try! i guess i have to try the nose-flute now!
  6. Gonna be a drummer now!

    Paco goes drums! read more (sorry german only, maybe Google-translation does the job for ya) (MP3s of my first drumtracks inside!) Guitar...of corse, i'm not selling my beloved guitars! No way greeetz Paco
  7. Gonna be a drummer now!

    I agree with that! Heck, become the world's first jazz-alpenhornist! lol on that too....there is already an artist in germany doing jazz with alpenhorn....really crazy stuff!
  8. Gonna be a drummer now!

    LOL....nose-flute would be my choise then..... mmh, just for my case: any drumming guitarists in here? btw. great avatar jim. is this your wurli? red looks so supa funkee!
  9. For Joe...

    Ted used Fender Super Twin Reverbs in 1977, 180Watts per unit.......everything louder than everything else
  10. Goofy stuff on the web
  11. Are you self taught or do you have/had a teacher?

    Nah.. not correct, but close! 2.) has to be 567.92 reading?
  12. Visit my creepy cheap meep, beeb website!

    @ Joe: i guess its gonna be March until i can send you some cool thing cause i'm relocate right now, found a new job five months ago but 150miles away (by train) 17hours a day NOT at home, almost no time ... .....i'll be back soon! but i have two things on hand: its a jam-track over one of my ideas for a song (its just a demo-take 40bars looped) drummer-skills are super-tiny, sorry bout those crappy fill-ins.....anyway (demo of an intro!) i guess you know this one.....that would be a cool track for our intercotinental geetar-show.....i'll finish it (make it a little faster), promise! Sorry....but sometimes i wish i had 34hours a day! all the best & until soon! Paco
  13. paco's flying geetar circus is back in town...
  14. Visit my creepy cheap meep, beeb website!

    Great idea!!!! .... i'll work out something.......send it to you soon! Thank you very much! all the best & greetz Paco
  15. have fun.....its damn good stuff! Listen to "God Confused us CD1 & CD2"
  16. Visit my creepy cheap meep, beeb website!

    i know its a shitty website...i'll do a better one.... anyway some little organ, clavinet & drums idea.... here:
  17. organissimo wants to play in YOUR TOWN

    Marian's Jazzroom - Bern / Switzerland or in my new town (i'm moving in two months) Birdseye Jazz Club - Basel / Switzerland would be great if you'll find some time someday
  18. Visual Explorations of Jazz Improvisations

    mmh.....and what is the point? I listen to music and sometimes i catch their stories....sometimes not...and sometimes it put me into some special mood.....its this worth to analize whats going on on that point....i guess not! Trane tells the story in another way than Miles, but i like 'em both cause it sounded like to different stories to me! .....i like those spontaneous moments in life and music!
  19. 2005 Holiday Tunes for you!

    Damn....Organissimo rocks!!!! Wooohooo!!!! Thanks a lot! You guys are the best!!!! much love greeetz Paco
  20. The guitar corner
  21. The guitar corner
  22. John Mayer Blues

    i'm REALLY impressed by his new record, i was not a fan before but now......i guess i would join his audience if i comes to my town! I knew that he can play guitar nicely! But this is the real sounds like the real deal! I'm with Jim, i dosent matter for me what going on behind the sounds great in the front and i LOVE the album! 1+++
  23. sense of life

  24. sense of life

    (j/k) hihihi
  25. Practicing. How many hours a day?

    take the blue-version.....more medium, light tension..... seriously....NO Gripmaster! ...i'm practicing not that much....i know, shame shame....about 1/2 - 1h per day....