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  1. Miles Davis "Lost" 1991 Paris concert

    Still wondering what's the story with Sleepy Night Records.
  2. Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong!

    I prefer when his birthday was July 4th. Still, happy birthday, Louie!
  3. Tony Scott

    Interesting discussion. Amazon has offered the download of the full day session for $3.99 for awhile now, and I've been tempted: https://www.amazon.com/York-Tony-Scott-Bill-Evans/dp/B076X5Y7T2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Tony+Scott+a+day+in+new+york&qid=1628026587&s=dmusic&sr=1-1
  4. Issues with my stereo

    Very useful explanation; thanks, bresna. I’ve never liked listening to headphones at high volumes. Even as a teen, I never liked the feeling of high pressure directly against my eardrums (I still prefer listening to music with the speakers behind me), so it seems this setup wouldn’t do much for me.
  5. Welcome to BFT #209

    #3 is a beautiful track. Everyone's playing is top notch, and they interact so well. The trumpeter's tone is beautiful. The guitarist's phrasing sounds familiar, but I can't place anyone.
  6. Happy Birthday, Kenny Burrell

    The Wall St Journal just published an excellent appreciation of Burrell's career.
  7. Welcome to BFT #209

    I liked this BFT a lot. I own two of the tracks: #5 is Joey Baron's "Bit O' Water," from his album We'll Soon Find Out. Great band: Arthur Blythe, Ron Carter, Bill Frisell. Track 13 is John Scofield's "Lazy," from his album Groove Elation. His run of Blue Note albums was so good. Just a guess: #7 sounds like The Great Jazz Trio doing Monk's "Think Of One."
  8. Steve Khan - Subtext

    Release date October 1: Guitarist Steve Khan, one of the leading jazz guitarists of his generation, continues his explorations of the wondrous traditions of Latin music. Joining him are guest artists Rob Mounsey (keyboards and orchestrations), Randy Brecker (fluegelhorn), Gil Goldstein (accordion) and Mariana Ingold (vocals). Together with Khan's core group - Ruben Rodrguez (bass), Bobby Allende (conga), Marc Quinones (timbal) and Dennis Chambers (drums) - they perform Steve's arrangements of compositions by Ornette Coleman, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Greg Osby and Thelonious Monk. Also included is the gorgeous ballad, "Never Let Me Go" plus two originals from Khan and a Cumbia driven Vallenato (Colombian traditional folk style) epic collaboration between Steve and Mariana Ingold. Steve uses his own compositions and enticing re-arrangements of jazz and Latin standards to amplify the rhythmic ingenuity, textural creativity and technical brilliance for which he's already well known. TRACK LIST: 1. Bird Food (Comida Para Pajaros) 2. Blue Subtext (Subtexto En Azul) 3. Baraka Sasa 4. Infant Eyes (Ojos De Nino) 5. Heard (Escuchado) 6. Never Let Me Go (Nunca Me Dejes Ir) 7. Cada Gota De Mar 8. Hackensack 9. Bait and Switch (Gato Por Liebre)
  9. HighNote/Savant New Releases

    Release date August 27: Denise Donatelli digs deep into the songs of Burt Bacharach on this, her fifth recording for Savant Records. The music of the immensely popular and prolific composer is well suited for this Grammy finalist who has performed in a wide variety of venues from clubs such as Catalina's, Herb Alpert's Vibrato Grill, and Mezzrow to the stage of the Municipal Opera in Prague, Czech Republic. Bacharach's sumptuous melodies sound more seductive than ever imbued with a dark moodiness which spotlights the luminous quality of the lyrics from the pens of Elvis Costello, Daniel Tashian, Bob Hilliard and, of course, Hal David. Donatelli gives us nine beautifully-recorded tracks highlighting the impressionistic and often ethereal arrangements of arranger, bassist and producer, the renowned Larry Klein. "Larry's idea," Donatelli says, "was to reimagine Bacharach's music in such a minimalistic way... to reframe them in a way that examines the very essence of the songs." Denise Donatelli and her colleagues bring unique insight into the musical legacy of one of the great American composers who helped define the course of popular music. Time was when a jazz trio without a piano or guitar was a rare occurrence. But once Sonny Rollins went chordless at the Vanguard the die was cast and, though the instrumentation is still not exactly thick on the ground, it is an important subset in the list of saxophone-fronted jazz groups. For the last three years tenor saxophonist Nicole Glover has embraced this format with her regular band featuring colleagues Daniel Duke (bass) and Nic Cacioppo (drums). Here, for her first album with the group and her Savant Records debut, she has attracted the attention of keyboard great George Cables, who appears on four tracks of the recording. Michael J, West points out in the album's liner notes that to Glover, "Cables represents the continuum of the music, it's past, present and future; she wanted that wisdom and energy to manifest itself and inform the band's work." In the trio numbers, mostly originals, the musicians display a unity of thought that goes far beyond the notes, one that takes the freedom of a chordless ensemble and runs with it. Their music is full of strength and power, challenging but communicative with a sly sense of playfulness peeking out occasionally all providing a memorable musical experience that is at once high-spirited and deeply felt.
  10. Cellar Live New Releases

    Release date October 15: An unearthed treasure of a recording from one of Canada's most beloved vocalists and educators, this 2001 studio recording was never released, and is Shannon Gunn's posthumous debut. Shannon tragically passed from cancer in 2020, leaving the music community with a massive void. Shannon inspired hundreds if not thousands of musicians to dedicate their lives to jazz music and her loss was felt by the entire jazz industry. This release comes out just over a year after her passing. The album is a true discovery, brought to the label from Shannon's husband Brian Dickenson. It features a dream team band of multi-Juno Award winners Renee Rosnes on piano, Neil Swainson on bass, Billy Drummond on drums, Brad Turner on trumpet, Pat Labarbera on saxophone and Rock Lazar on percussion and was Produced and arranged by 5-Time Juno Award winning jazz legend Renee Rosnes.
  11. The Astonishing Mickey Fields was probably 3/24/68, since it's listed in the Left Bank history as "Groove Holmes trio, guest Mickey Fields." Would make sense that the LP came out under Fields name, as Holmes was probably under contract. IIRC, this is the only date that lists both Holmes and Fields. http://www.organissimo.org/forum/index.php?/topic/82143-left-bank-releases-upcoming/&do=findComment&comment=1705901
  12. 4-21-68 JOE HENDERSON, tenor sax; WYNTON KELLY, piano; PAUL CHAMBERS, bass; JIMMY COBB, drums Release: Joe Henderson - Four! (Verve)
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Very possibly so, which I suppose is a good thing in most circumstances.
  14. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Huh. Thanks for the tip. It still doesn't work with Safari on my Mac, but it does work with Brave. I'm glad they're not gone.