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  1. Spinning Herbie Hancock "The Prisoner". Tone Poet version. LWayne
  2. Laid off today - now what?

    Would consult with your financial advisor before considering any “lump sum distribution” from work. Particularly if it is a pension. LWayne
  3. Laid off today - now what?

    John Sorry to hear this. I have not been laid off, but have changed jobs frequently over last 10 years after having had my "dream job". I am 62 and realize that I would be a target during any corporate downsizing. Personally, I feel as ambitious as ever, and would want to "retire" only by my own choice. Retire in quotes is deliberate, because I have been a consultant a couple of times over the last 10 years and enjoyed it very much. The money was equivalent/ better to what I was making as a corporate employee and I did not have the sense of connection with the company which I found to be very liberating and allow me to focus on end product without any concern for politics. Start to network, call vendors, suppliers, customers that you supported and think highly of you. You will be surprised at their understanding. Let me know if you want to talk. I am here. Best Regards, LWayne
  4. Really enjoying this after the first spin. Particularly the first CD-Milford Graves and Wadada Leo Smith duo. MIlford's drumming is a force of nature, as always. Thumbs up! LWayne
  5. Khan Jamal: Infinity

    Seems to be sold out now. LWayne
  6. I finally found the Japanese CD through Dusty Groove after having it on my "notify" section for years. It is very hard to find. LWayne
  7. Mario Pavone (1940-2021)

    RIP Mario. Really enjoyed his recordings although I wish I would have seen him in concert. LWayne
  8. What a lineup.

    Would have sprung for the $3.50 tickets! LWayne
  9. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Very unfortunate. The legends are dying out. Glad I have fond memories of hearing him live. LWayne
  10. Contacted her through Facebook and was not enamored with response. Finally promised to replace the defective LP, when I just wanted a new gatefold, but I have yet to receive a replacement by mail. Will give benefit of the doubt, but hardly stellar customer service. Very wary of this label. LWayne
  11. Any contacts at Omnivore Recordings that I can contact. Bought the LP, but the cardboard sleeve has a tear. The email form on the Omnivore Recordings website goes to an independent fulfillment center that is useless. No offer to provide a new jacket, just advice to return to the brick and mortar store where I purchased. I had previous problems with cardboard gatefold covers with Resonance Records for a Record Store Day release, and they replaced it immediately.. Doubt the fulfillment center will contact Omnivore as they promised. It has been two weeks. No to take matters into my own hands. Like the recording a lot. Just wish there was better quality control and that missing notion called customer service. LWayne
  12. Great/Amazing Debut Recordings

    And a very current example from last year Immanuel Wilkins "Omega" And another enjoyable debut from last year Micah Thomas "Tide"
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Good point. Re-released commercially through ECM. My number two is their number one...
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Listening to my favorite ECM album!
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Really enjoying this CD. Maybe the best for this trio. Looking forward to the vinyl release for the live tracks. Rare for me to buy both CD and vinyl of same release, but justified! LWayne