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  1. Joni Mitchell and the growing canon of "new standards"

    Like this from 2000-2001, in which Madlib plays versions of Wonder tracks. Here is a review.
  2. That is, has been and will forever be my favorite Prince album. Ever since it came out.
  3. That's what I'm going to do tonight. And thanks for reminding me. That was my intention, but I'd already lost the point. I.e. didn't remember what I wanted to play.
  4. Tito Puente in the 1940' and 1950's

    Yes, I visit one in my hometown regularly. Jazzmessengers, which is the only jazz-specialized store left. And they're very well sorted. They always store the latest jazz releases.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This is, as you say, the double CD:
  6. Tito Puente in the 1940' and 1950's

    Yes, but that was a lot of years ago. Now it resembles more the first.
  7. I'm playing this again and enjoying it mightily. There was a mention of Panart's role in the liners of the comp on Cuban music from the 70s and 80s, I mentioned here. Which described the development of Cuban music from the 30s onward.
  8. Remember those PD jazz boxes?

    It's still in existence in many parts of the world.
  9. That's the one I have and want very much (prior to this) to reread soon. I wanted to point out that I also consider this a very good book on bossa nova.
  10. Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca

    I don't know that. But now looking at the other cover I'm starting to feel as if I had that too. Transamazonica definitely sounds familiar, but I thought it was by somebody else. I've just checked: I don't have the first example right now. But I'm almost sure I had it before.
  11. Mosaic website

    Aaaah, I see.
  12. Remember those PD jazz boxes?

    Yes, that's also my point of view.
  13. Mosaic website

    That is the second great achievement of the site. But were all these discographies not available somewhere before?