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  1. I can think of very few "improvising" musicians of this or any other generation or genre who would be this willing to let it get there on its own terms, not when the terms are this clear and the bar so high. Especially not in front of a bigass hall-full of paying customers. I don't know if this is "great jazz", but it sure as hell is a great example of really improvising. And check out Alan Dawson, just riding it along leaving that canvas totally open for anything Lee wants to play. And dig how when Dawson kinda lights him up during the fours, Lee lights him back up in return. That's a Sonny Stitt move right there, but Lee Konitz is the anti-Sonny Stitt. Yet and still, warriors gonna warrior, no matter what their battle. And then, off he schlubs, noun as verb, motion in poetry. Music is about music up to a point, but after that point, it's about character, period.
  2. I decided to put this here instead of in the main ECM thread because I'm guessing the interest will be more general - but in January, ECM will be releasing a 2013 live recording of a quintet with Jack, Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell, Henry Threadgill and Richard Larry Gray as a 50th anniversary tribute to the AACM (with compositions by Jack, Muhal, Roscoe, Henry as well as some collective improv). It's live so some of Manfred Eicher's more controversial production choices should be less less disruptive, I'm guessing.
  3. An 18 minute portion of our 6/15 performance at Joe Milazzo's "Crepuscule With Nellie" book reading, self-recorded on a real recorder and converted to mp3. Not without the occasional audio flaw, but much better than the cell phone recordings we've been able to offer in the past. Free to all to either stream or download. Tunes are: Cao-Cao HoundSo, How Was Lunch?Goin' Inta' TOWN In Tha' Morenin'Jim Sangrey - Tenor Carl Hillman - Bass Andrew Griffith - Drums An extra note of thinks to Joe & all the folks at Pandora's Box for providing this opportunity. The Margo Jones Theater is a great sounding room, and the audience in it was about as good as anybody could want.
  4. Our Spanish friends ? (depends on your point of view I guess) have released these live titles: 1) THE COMPLETE 1966 GENEVA CONCERT + 2 BONUS (CD)- Thelonius Monk 2) AT THE CHICAGO JAZZ FESTIVAL 1987 (CD)- DEXTER GORDON AND BOBBY HUTCHERSON jazz-festival-1987 3) THE COMPLETE STORYVILLE BROADCASTS (CD)- DAVE BRUBECK AND PAUL DESMOND storyville-broadcasts Has anyone heard or purchased these ? How are the performances/recording quality? I need good- great sound, otherwise it bothers me on my system. Thanks for the input, Jeff
  5. To be issued as a 3-cd set:
  6. Hi folks, i have just received the last record from Tommy flanagan. I was amazed cause some of the content haven't been issued before like the medley and the tribute to bill evans. You can check it out here: [link removed] Have a nice day.